Reaping the whirlwind, by mrs. Mackenzie Daniels, 3. kötet

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306. oldal - A work which every owner of a horse will do well to consult." — Morning Herald. " Every man who is about purchasing a horse, whether it be hunter, riding horse, lady's palfrey, or cart horse, will do well to make himself acquainted with the contents of this book.
306. oldal - In addition to the immense mass of practical and useful information with which this work abounds, there is a refreshing buoyancy and dash about the style, which makes it as attractive and fascinating as the pages of the renowned Nimrod himself.
312. oldal - ROWLANDS' ODONTO, or PEARL DENTIFRICE, compounded of the choicest and most recherche ingredients of the Oriental Herbal, and of inestimable value in Preserving and Beautifying the Teeth, Strengthening the Gums, and in giving a Pleasing Fragrance to the Breath.
305. oldal - This new publication may be added to a series of works which honorably characterize the present age, infusing a knowledge of things into a branch of learning which too often consisted of a knowledge of mere words, and furnishing the general student with information which was once exclusively confined to the professed arehuBologist. As a last commendation to this elegant book, let us add that it touches on no point that can exclude it from the hands of youth.
309. oldal - Furniture, as well as of 100 Bedsteads, and Prices of every description of Bedding Sent Free by Post. HEAL & SON, BEDSTEAD, BEDDING, AND BED ROOM FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS 196, TOTTENHAM COURT 1:0 4 LI.
308. oldal - The same classical feeling which has given a harmony even to the most fanciful of his ' Imaginary Conversations,' and moulded the thoughts of an English poet in the lines of Greek simplicity and beauty, is to be found here, as delicately marked as ever Few artists of modern times have taken a larger range, or have carried out a clearly conceived purpose with a steadier hand. When Mr. Landor is gone, we shall have lost at once the founder...
299. oldal - Father Stirling has a moral and social rather than theological purpose. The author's aim being to show by the attractive machinery of a well-told story, the evils of celibacy, which are forcibly illustrated in the type of the amiable Clement Stirling.
310. oldal - Town or Country at a moment's notice. The most reasonable Prices are charged, and the wear of every Article Guaranteed. THE LONDON GENERAL MOURNING WAREHOUSE, 2i7 & 218, REGENT STREET, (NEXT THE CIRCUS.) JAY'S.
306. oldal - Sporting Magazine. XXXIII. In 1 vol., price 5s. HINTS TO HORSEMEN, SHOWING HOW TO MAKE MONEY BY HORSES. BY HARRY HIEOVER. "When Harry Hieoyer gives hints to Horseman, he does not mean by that term riders exclusively, but owners, breeders, buyers, sellers, and admirers of horses. To teach such men how to make money is to impart no valuless instruction to a large class of mankind. The advice is frankly given, and if no benefit result, it will not be for the want of good counsel.

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