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Choice COLLECTION of several

Curious Pieces in PROS E and VERSE:
That were handed about in MANUSCRIPT

and PRINT,
During the Stay of the Court at WINDSOR-CASTLE

last Summer.
Most of them never before Printed.

V I Z:
Ruth the Quaker, her Rebuke to The disappointed Maid.
the Craftsman, and her Exhor- The Maiden's Husband.
tarion to Peace and Unity, in The Batchelor's Wife.
an Epistle, to a certain Great An Epigram on

Miss Kitty
Lord Himamay. to Mr. F -x, The IV indfor Ballad.
written a: Florence.

An Epigram on Stephen Duck, by
Verses upon a mistake that hap Mr.P

pen'd in administring a Clyfter Cloe's Precaution.

to a Lady of Quality at Windfor. Verses to a young Lady, who
The Duck drown'd in Parnassus; receiy’a a Kifs as an Affiont at
or, the Goose Triumphant, an a late City Visit.
admirable Poem,

The White Foke, the Tune play'd
A King ar Arms disärm'd at before the King's Guard at
Law, a Baliad.

Windsor Castle
Blafphediy as Old as the Crea- The Sportive Lambs.
tion, a Satyr.

William and Dorothy of Dátcher.
The Epom Beauties.

An Epistle from John Hooper, alias
Some Account of a Booby of Ketch, Citizen and Cordwinder

Quality lately exported beyond of London to Col. Chymis.

Sea on his Travels.
Together with numbers of other very curious Things, not

mentioned in the TITLE.

Printed for A. MOOR E, near St. Paul's; and sold by the
Booksellers of London and Westminster. 1731.

(Price Oçe Shilling.)

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R----th the Quaker of Little H-Il-nd House

near K--nsi---ton, to a Great Man at Great Ch--sea, sendeth Greeting.

Friend R-,


E regard not the Sayings of the Man cf.

Craft, nor the Reproaches he casteth upon

thee for the Leagues thou haft

made with Foreign Nations; for behold, « his Heart is set on unrighteous Things; his Mouth “ speaketh Vanity; he hath sharpen'd his Tongue like a “ Serpent, and Adders Poison is under his Lip: yea, he “ taketh delight in scoffing and uncovering the naked“ ness of his own Land, wherefore heed we him not.

C We know thou has’t many Enemies who are evil“ hearted unto thee, because they bear not Office under < our Lord the King, and have no Authority over his « People. Wherefore are their Revilings, against thee

many, insomuch, that Multitudes of the scum of the « People are fed thereby; so art thou the means of « Comfort to those that hunger.

AR-B-LLA, a Daughter of the House of Church-l, « dwelled a long time with me, and I was greatly



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