The Windsor medley: being a choice collection of several curious pieces in prose and verse

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59. oldal - Who God doth late and early pray, More of his grace than gifts to lend, And entertains the harmless day, With a religious book or friend. This man is freed from servile bands Of hope to rise, or fear to fall ; Lord of himself, though not of lands, And having nothing, yet hath all.
7. oldal - GENTEEL in personage, Conduct, and equipage, Noble by heritage, Generous and free: Brave, not romantic; Learned, not pedantic; Frolic, not frantic; This must he be. Honor maintaining, Meanness disdaining, Still entertaining, Engaging and new. Neat, but not finical; Sage, but not cynical; Never tyrannical, But ever true. Henry Carey [ ? -1743] "PHILLADA FLOUTS ME': O WHAT a plague is love!
5. oldal - The weary fteps of mis'ry to attend, To fhare diftrefs, and make a wretch thy friend. If o'er the mountain's fnowy height we ftray, Where Carthage firft explor'd the vent'rous way ; Or through the tainted air of Rome's parch'd plains, Where Want refides, and...
5. oldal - Thou know'ft to comfort, footh, or entertain, Joy of my health, and cordial of my pain. When life feem'd failing on her lateft ftage, And fell difeafe anticipated age, When wafting ficknefs and affliftive pain, By Efculapius...
59. oldal - Whofe Paffions not his Mafters are, Whofe Soul is ftill prepar'd for Death ; Unty'd unto the World with Care Of Princes Love, or Vulgar Breath : Who hath his Life from Rumours freed, Whofe Confcience is his ftrong Retreat ; Whofe ftate can neither Flatterers...
6. oldal - Walpole's felf, directing Europe's fate ; Still let him load Ambition's thorny fhrine, Fame be his portion, and contentment mine. But if the gods, finifter ftill, deny To live in Ickworth, let me there but die; Thy hand to clofe my eyes in death's long night, Thy image to attract their lateft fight: Then to the grave attend thy poet's herfe, And love his mem'ry as you lov'd his verfe.
6. oldal - Nature's favourite bleffings flow, And all the feafons all their fweets beftow; There might I trifle carelefly away The milder evening of life's clouded day, From bus'nefs and the world's intrufion free, With books, with love, with beauty, and with thee ; No farther want, no wifh yet unpoflefs'd Could e'er difturb this unambitious breaft.
24. oldal - Against such atchievements what beauty could fence ? Or who would have thought it was all but pretence ? — His pain to relieve, and fulfil his desire, The lady agreed to join hands with the squire. The squire, in a fret that the jest went so far, Considered with speed how to put in a bar. His words bound not him, since hers did not confine her : And that is plain law, because Miss is a minor.
8. oldal - I obeyed, and from the wound Imbib'd both sweet and smart ; The honey on my lips I found, The sting went through my heart.
56. oldal - Up to the Lord he pray'd, That he would please to grant Encrease To that same Man and Maid: And that the Husbandman might dress Full well the Vine his Wife ; And like a vine she still might twine About him all her life. Sack Posset then he gave them both, And said, with lifted Eyes, Blest of the Lord ! with one Accord Begin your Enterprise. The Bridegroom then drew near his Spouse T' apply Prolifick Balm; : hey strove in mutual Love, The Parson sung a Psalm.

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