The Canons of the said Council contain no less than one hundred and twenty-four Anathemas : and the last recorded sentence of the presiding Legate was, Anathema to all Heretics : to which the Council unanimously responded, ANATHEMA, ANATHEMA. How different the injunction of St. Paul !—“ Bless, and curse not.” Rom. xii. 14.

Note B, p. 387. Denique, ut ipsi Ecclesiæ Catholicæ omnino unanimes conformesque simus ; si quid, quod oculis nostris apparet album, nigrum illa esse definierit, debemus itidem, quod nigrum sit, pronuntiare. Ignatius Loyola. Exercitia Spiritualia, p. 141. Antwerp, 1635.

“In short, that we may be altogether of one mind, and strictly conformable to the true Catholic Church; if she shall define anything to be black which to our eyes appears white, we are bound in like manner to pronounce it black.

Si Papa erraret præcipiendo vitia, vel prohibendo virtutes, teneretur ecclesia credere vitia esse bona, et virtutes malas, nisi vellet conscientiam peccare. Bellarm. de Rom. Pont. tom. i. lib. iv. c. 5, p. 212. Coloniæ, 1628.

“ If the Pope should err by enjoining vices and forbidding virtues, the Church would be bound to believe vices to be good, and virtues to be evil, unless she would be willing to sin against conscience."

Note C, p. 389. Hæc una Ecclesia errare non potest in fidei ac morum disciplinâ tradendâ. Catech. ad Parochos, p. 117. Lugduni, 1579.


Page 28, line 9, for Apostles' read Nicene.

70, 2, for Paroch. read Par.



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