Revolutionary Tales, by Wm. GILMORE SIMMS, Esq. New and Re

vised Editions, with Illustrations by Darley. The Partisan; A Romance of the Revolution. 12mo,

cloth. Price $1 25.
Mellichampe; A Legend of the Santee. 12mo, cloth.

Price $1 25.
Katharine Walton; or, The Rebel of Dorchester. 12mo,

cloth. Price $1 25.
The Scout; or, The Black Riders of the Congaree.

12mo, cloth. Price $1 25. Woodcraft; or, The Hawks about the Dovecote. 12mo,

cloth. Price $1 25.
The Forayers; or, The Raid of the Dog-Days. A New

Revolutionary Romance. 12mo, cloth. Price $1 25.
Entaw. A New Revolutionary Romance. 12mo, cloth.

Price $1 25.

Simms's Border Romances of the South, New and Revised Editions,

with Illustrations by Darley. Uniform with Simms's REVOLUTIONARY

I. Guy Rivers. A Tale of Georgia. 12mo, cloth.

Price $1 25.
II. Richard Hurdis. A Tale of Alabama. 12mo, cloth.

Price $1 25.
III. Border Beagles. A Tale of Mississippi. 12mo, cloth.

Price $1 25.
IV. Charlemont. A Tale of Kentucky. 12mo, cloth.

Price $1 25.
V. Beauchampe; or, The Kentucky Tragedy. 12mo,

cloth. Price $1 25.
VI. Confession; or, The Blind Heart. 12mo, cloth.
Price $1 25.

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The Yemassee; A Romance of South Carolina. By

Wm. GILMORE SIMMs, Esq. 12mo, cloth. Price $1 25.
Sonthward, Ho! a Spell of Sunshine. By Wm. Gil-

MORE Simms, Esq. 12mo, cloth. Price $1 25.



The Noctes Ambrosianæ. By Professor Wilson, J. G.

LOCKHART, JAMES Hogy, and Dr. Maginx. Edited, with Memoirs and

Noter, oy Dr. R. SHELTON MACKENZIE. In 5 volumes. Price $5 00. The Odoherty Papers; forming the first portion of the

Miscellaneous Writings of the late Dr. Maging. With an Originsi Memoir, and copious Notes, by Dr. R. Suelton MACKENZIE. 2 os

Price $200. The Shakespeare Papers, and the Homeric Ballads;

forming Vol. III. of the Miscellaneous Writings of the late Dr. MAGINY.

Edited by Dr. R. SUELTON MACKENZIE. (In Press.] Bits of Blarney. By Dr. R. SHELTON MACKENZIE

Editor of “Sheil's Sketches of the Irish Bar,” “Noctes Ambrosians," &c. 12mo, cloth. Price $1 00. Table Traits. By Dr. DORAN, Author of “Habits and

Men,” &c. 12mo, cloth. $1 25. Habits and Men. By Dr. Doran, Author of "Table

Traits,” “The Queens of England under the House of Hanover.” 12mo. Price $1 00. Calavar; The Knight of the Conquest. A Romance of

Mexico. By the late Dr. Robert MonTGOMERY BIRD, Author at “Nick of the Woods;" with Illustrations by Darley. 12mo, cloth Prix

$1 25. Nick of the Woods, or the Jibbenainosay. A Tale of Kentucky. By the late Dr. ROBERT MontgoMERY BIRD, Author of Calavar,"

;" The Infidel,” &c. New and Revised Edition, with Iliastra tions by Darley. 12mo, cloth. Price $1 25. The Pretty Plate; A New and Beantiful Juvenile. BF

John VINCENT. Illustrated by Darley. 1 vol., 16mo, cloth, gilt. Pose

50 cents; extra gilt edges, 75 cents. Vasconselos. A Romance of the New World. By

FRANK COOPER. 12mo, cloth. Price $1 25.
A Stray Yankee in Texas. By Philip Paxton.

Illustrations by Darley. Second Edition. 12mo, cloth. Price $1 25. The Wonderful Adventures of Capt. Priest. By PHILIP

Paxton. With Illustrations by Darley. i2mo, cloth. Price si 00. Western Characters; being Types of Border Life in the

Western States. By J. L. M'Connel, Author of “ Talbot and Verone* “The Glenns,” &c., &c With Six Illustrations by Darley. 12mo, cab.

Price $1 25. The Master-Builder; or, Life at a Trade. By Day Kel

LOGG LEE. I vol., 12mo. Price $1 00. Merrimack; or, Life at the Loom. By Day KELLOGG

LEE. 1 vol., 12mo. Price $1 00




The Works of Edgar Allan Poe. Complete in three vol.

With a Portrait a Memoir by James Russell Lowell; and an Introductory Essay by N P. Willis. Edited by Rufus W. GRISWOLD

12mo. Price $3 50. The Cavaliers of England; or, The Times of the Revolu

tions of 1642 and 1688. By HENRY WILLIAM HERBERT. 1 vol., 12mo.

Price $1 25. Knights of England, France, and Scotland. By HENRY

WILLIAM HERBERT. 1 vol., 12mo. Price $1 25. The Chevaliers of France, from the Crusaders to the

Mareschals of Louis XIV. By HENRY WILLIAM HERBERT. Author of “ The Cavaliers of England,” “ Cromweld,” “ The Brothers," &c., &c.

I vol., 12mo. Price $1 25. Marmaduke Wyvil; An Historical Romance of 1651.

By HENRY WILLIAM HERBERT, Author of “The Cavaliers of England,” &c., &c. Fourteenth Edition. Revised and Corrected. Price $1 25. The Forest. By J. V. HUNTINGTON, Author of “ Lady

Alice," “ Alban,” &c. 1 vol., 12mo. Second Edition. Price $1 25. Alban; or, The History of a Young Puritan. By J.

V. HUNTINGTON. 2 vols., 12mo, cloth. Price $2 00. Isa: a Pilgrimage. By CAROLINE CHESEBRO'. 1 vol.,

12mo, cloth. Price $1 00. The Children of Light. By CAROLINE CHESEBRO', Author

of " Isa, a Pilgrimage,” “Dream-Land by Daylight,” &c., &c. 12mo,

cloth. Price $1 00. Dream-Land by Daylight: A Panorama of Romance.

By CAROLINE CHESEBRO'. Illustrated by Darley. 1 vol., 12mo. Price

$1 25. Clovernook; or, Recollections of Our Neighborhood in

the West. By ALICE CAREY. Illustrated by Darley. First and Second

Series. Fourth Edition. 2 vols. 12mo. Price $2 00. Hagar; A Story of To-Day. By ALICE CAREY, Author

of “ Clovernook,""" Lyra, and Other Poems," &c. 1 vol., 12mo. Price

$1 00. Cap-Sheaf, a Fresh Bundle. By LEWIS MYRTLE. 1 vol.,

12mo, cloth. Price $1 00. The Youth of Jefferson; or, A Chronicle of College

Scrapes at Williamsburg, Va., 1764. Cloth. Price 75 cents. Tales and Traditions of Hungary. By THERESA PUSZKY.

With a Portrait of the Author. 1 vol. Price $1 25. The Lion Skin and the Lover Hunt. By CHARLES DE

BERNARD. 12mo. Price $1 00. Easy Warren and his Cotemporaries: Sketched for

Hỳme Circles By William TURNER COGGESHALL. Price $1 00.



You Have heard of Ther: being Sketches of Statesmen

and Politicians, Painters, Composers; Instrumentalists and Vocalists, As thors and Authoresses. By Q. With Portraits on Steel of Horace Ver

net and Julia Grisi. 12mo, cloth. Price $1 00. Satire and Satirists. By James Hannay. 12ino, cloth.

Price 75 cénts.
Full Proof of the Ministry. By the Rev. John N. NOR-

12mo, cloth. Price 75 cents. Dickens's Little Folks, in a Series of 18mo Volumes, with fllustrations,


Neatly Bound in Cloth. Price 38 cents. 1. Little Nell.

4. Florence Dombey. 2. Oliver and the Jew Fagin. 5. Smike. 3. Little Paul.

6. The Child Wife. This is a series of volumes which has been undertaken with a view to supply the want of a class of books for children, of a vigorous, manly tone, combined with a plain and concise mode of narration. The writings of Charles Dickens have been selected as the basis of the scheme, on account of the well-known excellence of his portrayal of children, and the interests connected with children-qualities which have given his volumes their strongest hold on the hearts of parents. With this view the career of LITTLE Nell and ber GRANDFATHER, OLIVER, LITTLE Paul, FLORENCE DOMBEY, SMikE, and the Child-WIFE, have been detached from the large mass of matter with which they were originally connected, and presented, in the author's own las guage, to a new class of readers, to whom the little volume will, we dean not, be as attractive as the larger originals have so long proved to the general public.

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