The Surprize. -
A Dialogue sung on the Stage, between an el

derly Shepherd, and a very young Nymph. On one who died discovering her Kindness. 71 On LUCINDA's Death.

73 To a Lady retiring into a Monastery.

75 The Vision. Written during a Sea-Voyage;

when sent to command the Forces for the Relief of Tangier.

78 HELEN to Paris, from Ovid.

89 Part of the Story of ORPHEUS. Being a

Translation out of the Fourth Book of VIR-

103 An Esay on Satire.

III An Esay on Poetry.

I 27 Ode on BRUTUS.

146 The Rapture.

171 On Mr. Hobbs and his Writings.

I 80 Written over a Gate.

184 The Miracle, 1707. Ode on the Death of HENRY PURCELL, set to Misick.

186 On the Loss of an only Son, ROBERT, Marquiss of NORMANBY.

189 On Mr. Pope and his Poems. Stanza's.

194 The Election of a Poet Laureat in 1719. On the Times. On the Duke of YORK banish'd to Brussels. 206 On the Deity: The Tragedy of JULIUS CÆSAR, alter'd, 211 The Death of Marcus BRUTUS.


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N those cold Climates, where

the Sun appears

Unwillingly, and hides his

Face in Tears;

A dismal Vale lies in a de

sart Isle, On which indulgent Heav'n did never smile.

B 2


There a thick Grove of aged Cypress Trees,
Which none without an awful Horror fees,
Into its wither'd Arms, depriv'd of Leaves,
Whole Flocks of ill-presaging Birds receives.
Poisons are all the Plants that Soil will bear,
And Winter is the only Season there.
Millions of Graves o'erspread the spacious Field,
And Springs of Blood a thousand Rivers yield;
Whose Streams, oppress’d with Carcasses and Bones,
Inftead of gentle Murmurs, pour forth Groans.

Within this Vale a fanious Temple stands,
Old as the World itself, which it commands;

Round is its Figure; and four Iron Gates
Divide Mankind, by Order of the Fates.

Thither in Crouds come to onc common Grave

The Young, the Old, the Monarch, and the Slave.
Old Age and Pains, those Evils Man deplores,
Are rigid Kecpers of th’eternal Doors;
All clad in mournful Blacks, which sadly load
The sacred Walls of this obfcure Abode :

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