No. 25 South Sixth Street, Philadelphia, Call the special attention of Literary Men and Librarians to the STANDARD, ELEGANT, AND VALUABLE WORKS,




A New History of the Conquest of Mexico.

BY R. A. WILSON. This is an actual History of that remarkable event, - THE CORTEZ CONQUEST OF MEXICO. Judge Wilson proposes to do for Prescott what Prescott, with the aid of modern researches, was enabled to do for Robertson. He deems that the late Mr. Prescott has been too ready to receive the fables and traditions of the Indians as History, and is sustained in this position by the Hon. Lewis Cass, the late Albert Gallatin, Rosseau St. Hilaire, the Author of the History of Spain, and others. The author effectually destroys some of the fine theories upon which Prescott's History of the Conquest of Mexico is founded, -proving conclusively that the monkish chronicles are not reliable; that the so-called " picture writings," and alleged annals, are cunning fictions.

The work also presents the author's matured thoughts in reference to the ancient civilization on this continent, and arrays facts and collateral evidence to prove, beyond a cavil, that every vestige is of Egyptian or Phænician origin. No subject can be more interesting, or will excite greater admiration, than to settle those questions hitherto held in doubt as to the origin of those wandering tribes which peopled this continent for ages before Colunibus discovered it, the remains and monuments of which still remain among us.

The work will undoubtedly recommend itself to a large class of readers on each side of the Atlantic, by its patient research, its large mass of curious and interesting facts, its ingenuous arguments, and its lucid, graphic, and attractive style.

Cloth, $ 2.50; sheep, $ 3.00; half calf, $ 3.50.


Palestine, Past and Present.

BY REV. HENRY S. OSBORN. This work presents an epitome of the History of Palestine, to the present day. It is the most important, instructive, and superbly illustrated work ever issued from the American press.

Cloth, $ 3.50 ; sheep, $ 4; half calf, 84.50 ; Turkey gilt, $5; super Turkey antique, $ 5.50.

.“The City of the Great King."

BY DR. J. T. BARCLAY, MISSIONARY TO JERUSALEM. " The most accurate and reliable account of Modern Jerusalem yet given in the English Language." - Bibliotheca Sacra.

"A volume full of original information throughout..... The amount of new detail with regard to Jerusalem and its vicinity is greater than that of any other volume that has been published.”-North British Review.

Prices same as “ Palestine, Past and Present."

The above works are uniform in size and style, and are indispensable works for reference and for the library. Every person who makes any pretension to literature, every well-selected public or private library, every preacher, lawyer, and teacher, should possess copies of these works.

We will send them post-paid to any part of the United States, Territories, and British Provinces, on the receipt of the retail price.

JAMES CHALLEN & SON, 25 South Sixth Street, Phila.
SHELDON & CO., 115 Nassau Street, N. Y.
CROSBY, NICHOLS, & CO., 117 Washington Street, Boston.

WHEELER & WILSON'S Medal Family Sewing Machine.


The wide-spread reputation of this Machine is eminently due to its peculiar merits, which are acknowledged by the best judges to surpass all others in the requisites for family use. It has become a domestic institution, and is justly looked upon as a household economy. In all the finer qualities of family sewing, on silk, linen, cotton, and broadcloth, in hemming, stitching, quilting, gathering, and all the innumerable ends to which female needlework is applied, the



confessedly occupies a position of pre-eminence. Those who have not hitherto availed themselves of the advantages of this machine are invited to examine its operation, and obtain specimens of its work, at the sales-room.

In order to place it within the reach of all, it is now offered at REDUCED PRICES, and a new style at FIFTY DOLLARS.

No. 228 Washington Street, Corner of Summer Street, Boston,


WHIPPLE & BLACK’S Daguerreotype, Crystallotype,



96 Washington Street, Boston. J. A. Whipple.

J. W. Black.

PHOTOGRAPHS made from the smallest Daguerreotypes, on paper or canvas, lifesize, finished in crayon or in oil-colors, being the only sure way of obtaining perfect portrait LIKENESSES from small, indistinct Daguerreotypes.

AMBROTYPES taken and secured, by an improved method. DAGUERREOTYPES executed, in every variety, in Gold Medallions, Lockets, Union, Velvet, Morocco, and Pearl Cases. Single Portraits, or in Groupings.


The New England Mutual Life Insurance Co.,

OFFICE, no. 14 STATE STREET, Boston,


And increasing, for the benefit of Members, present and future.

The whole safely and advantageously invested. The business conducted exclusively for the benefit of the persons insured. The greatest risk taken on a life, $ 15,000. Surplus distributed among the members every ofth year, from December 1, 1843 ; settled by cash or by addition to policy. The distribution of December, 1853, amounted to thirty per cent of the premium paid in the last five years. Premiums may be paid quarterly or semiannually, when desired, and amounts not too small.

Forms of application and pamphlets of the Company, and its Reports, to be had of its agents, or at the office of the Company, or forwarded by mail, if written for, post-paid.





BENJAMIN F. STEVENS, Secretary. John Homans, M.D., Consulting Physician.



117 Washington Street, Boston.

Payson, Dunton, and Scribner's Combined System of Rapid Penmanship. In eleven parts. With copies at the bead of each page.

A series of Copy-Books better known and more extensively used than any other published. Its merits have secured its introduction into all the States of the Union, and it is well

known to Teachers as the most popular series in the country. Payson, Dunton, and Scribner's Chirographic Chart. Comprising the Ele

ments of the Letters, with full directions for their formation and combination. Illustrated by Polygrams on an entirely new plan. The whole on a large sheet, executed in the most beautiful manner. Price, on paper or cloth, 75 cents ; mounted, $ 1.50.

The Publishers request an examination of this Chart; the most complete and elegant ever designed Hanaford and Payson's Book-keeping. Adapted to Payson, Dunton, and Scrib

ner's Penmanship. Three editions. Book-keeping by Single Entry For Common Schools. Price 40 cents. Sets of

Blanks, Price 25 cents.

Teachers who have examined and use this, agree that it is the work destined to go into almost universal use in our Common Schools where the study is taught. Book-keeping by Single and Double Entry. For Schools and Academies.

Price, 75 cents. Blanks, 33 cents,

This work has met with a hearty reception, and has been introduced into schools of various

grades in all parts of the country, where it has given universal satisfaction. Book-keeping by Single and Double Entry. For High Schools and Academies,

In Press.

These works are designed to follow the System of Penmanship so well known and so deservedly popular tbroughout the United States. They combine instruction in both Bookkeeping and Penmanship, the exercises being fac-similes of the beautiful style of writing taught in the Copy-Books. The Chart, Copy-Books, and Book-keeping, form a series more

full and complete than any ever before published. Elements of Map-Drawing. With Plans for sketching Maps by Triangulation, and im

proved Methods of Projection. Designed for Schools and Academies. With six Plates. By C. S. CARTEE, A.M., Principal of Harvard School, Charlestown. 8vo. Price, 25 cents.

A well-known teacher of Drawing, B. F. NUTTING, Esq., says: “A further examination of the Elements of Map-Drawing confirms my opinion of its value as a school-book. The preparatory exercises are excellent, and the method of triangulation cannot fail to effect two important objects always to be had in view in drawing: 1st. To form a habit of considering the relation or bearing of parts. 2d. To fix the forms indelibly in the mind. Nothing so effectually promotes these two things as a system of sketching or blocking out' general forms

before any attention is given to detail.” Tower's Elements. First Lessons in Language ; or Elements of English Grammar. By

DAVID B. TOWER, A.M., and BENJ. F. TWEED, A.M. Price, 35 cents. Gradual Lessons in Grammar; or, Guide to the Construction of the English Language,

by the Analysis and Composition of Sentences. By DAVID B. TOWER, A.M. Price, 56 cts. A Grammar of Composition; or, Gradual Exercises in writing the English Language.

By DAVID B. TOWER, A.M., and BENJ. F. TWEED, A.M. Price, 67 cents.

Probably no works upon the subject have received greater praise than these of Messrs. Tower and Tweed. The publishers have been favored with the opinions of teachers and committees in all parts of the country, and also with those of the school journals and newspapers, and the testimony is universal in their favor. Tower's " Elements” is used throughout the

Boston public schools, and is extensively used in many parts of the United States. Tower's Algebra. Intellectual Algebra ; or, Oral Exercises in Algebra for Common Schools.

12mo. Price, 42 cents. A Practical Guide to English Pronunciation. By EDWARD J. STEARNS, A M.

18mo. Price, 30 cents.
Tower's Gradual Series of Readers.
The Gradual Speller and Complete Enunciator. Price, 17 cents.
Exercises in Articulation. By DAVID B. TOWER, A.M. Price, 12 cents.

Punetuation. By JOHN WILSON. 16mo. Price, $1.00.
The Elements of Punctuation. By JOHN WILSON. Price, 50 cents.
French Translation Self-taught. By GUILLAUME H. TALBOT. 12mo. Price, sl.
Gleanings from the Poets. For Home and School. vol. 12mo. Price, $1.00.
The School Hymn-Book. For Normal, High, and Grammar Schools. Price, 373 cents.
The School Exhibition Book. 12mo. Price, 25 cents.
The American School Hymn-Book. Eightieth thousand. 32mo. Price, 20 cents.
The School Journal. 4to. Price, 20 cents.

* * Committees and Teachers may be assured that the high encomiums bestowed upon all the above by competent persons, who have tested them fully, warrant the publishers in claiming for all these books the highest rank in the deparunents of education to which they severally belong.

Copies furnished for examination, post-paid, at two thirds the advertised price.



TOWER'S COMMON-SCHOOL GRAMMAR; With Models of Clausal, Phrasal, and Verbal Analysis, and Parsing; gradually develop

ing the Construction of the English Sentence. "By DAVID B. TOWER, A.M., Author of " Gradual Lessons in Grammar” and “ Sequel," " Elements of Grammar," “ Grammar of Composition," " Oral Algebra,” “ Readers,” etc. 12mo. pp. 140.

PUBLISHERS' PREFACE. The ELEMENTS OF GRAMMAR, OR FIRST LESSONS IN LANGUAGE, so favorably received, so strongly commended, and so extensively used, at the very start, has already increased in circulation and popularity, till, it is said, no text-book on this subject is so successful, or gives such universal satisfaction.

Out of this popular use of the ELEMENTS has grown an urgent demand for another Grammar, on the same plan, more full in particulars, and more extended in application, to meet the wants of advanced pupils, and to complete a preparatory course to Composition.

In complying with this request, urged from every quarter, we have thought it best to have such a text-book prepared as would meet the expressed wish of teachers on this point, and at the same time furnish a preliminary course.

The book, then, is intended as a School Grammar, complete in itself; yet so far a further development and continuance of the plan adopted in the ELEMENTS, that it will most advantageously follow that book. The GRADUAL LESSONS IN GRAMMAR, which was the first System of Analysis published in this country, has been highly praised by the most prominent educators; but it is not on the plan of the ELEMENTS, and therefore does not well follow it. Hence the call for a new book.

These Grammars, with the GRAMMAR OF COMPOSITION, make a full course in the study of written language, and in the application of the principles of grammar to Composition. School committees and teachers are invited to examine them.

*** Copies sent by mail, post-paid, on receipt of nine three-cent postage-stamps.

For Teachers and Parents, now ready: The Teacher's Assistant; or, Hints and Methods in School Discipline and Instruc

tion. Being a Series of Familiar Letters to one entering upon the Teacher's Work. By CHARLES NORTHEND, A. M., Author of “The Teacher and Parent,' &c. 12mo. Price, $ 1.00.

The author of the above has been so long known as a successful laborer in the cause of education, that a new work from his pen must command the attention of all who are interested in the education of the young, whether in the family or the school.

C., N., & Co. will soon publish

A New Volume of Sermons by Dr. Huntington. Christian Believing and Living. A Series of Discourses by Rev. FREDERIC D. HUNTINGTON, D.D., Plummer Professor in the University at Cambridge. 1 vol. 12mo.

Mr. King's Elegant Work on the White Mountains. The White Hills; their Legends, Landscape, and Poetry. By Rev. T. Starr King.

Illustrated with Sixty Exquisite Engravings on Wood, by ANDREW, from Drawings by WHEELOCK. One Volume, small quarto, printed in most elegant style, on tinted paper.

A Volume of Sermons by Rev. C. T. Brooks. The Religion of Christ; being Fragments of an Argument and Appeal for the

Unitarianism of the Gospel. By Rev. CHARLES T. BROOKS, of Newport, R. I. 1 vol. 12mo.

OLD NOS. NORTH AMERICAN REVIEW WANTED. Wanted Nos. 3, 4, 5, 6, 13, 14, 15, 22, of the North American Review, for which One Dollar a number will be paid. Also Nos. 119, 120, 124, 130, for which fifty cents a number will be paid. The numbers can be sent by mail, or otherwise.



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