Oxford, Brief Historical and Descriptive Notes

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Seeley and Company, Limited, 1890 - 282 oldal

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167. oldal - His Latin and Greek stood him in little stead ; he was to give an account only of the state of his soul ; . whether he was of the number of the elect ; what was the occasion of...
94. oldal - And there we found one Mr. Greenfield, a gentleman of Buckinghamshire, gathering up part of the same book leaves, as he said, therewith to make him sewers or blawnshers, to keep the deer within his wood, thereby to have the better cry with his hounds...
168. oldal - The whole examination was summed up with one short question, namely, whether he was prepared for death ? The boy, who had been bred up by honest parents, was frighted out of his wits at the solemnity of the proceeding, and by the last dreadful interrogatory ; so that, upon making his escape out of this house of mourning, he could never be brought a second time to the examination, as not being able to go through the terrors of it.
199. oldal - To the University of Oxford I acknowledge no obligation; and she will as cheerfully renounce me for a son as I am willing to disclaim her for a mother.
50. oldal - The crowns of some chaplains, viz. all the skin so far as the tonsure went, these diabolical imps flayed off in scorn of their clergy.
167. oldal - ... till at length the head of the college came out to him, from an inner room, with half a dozen night-caps upon his head, and religious horror in his countenance. The young man trembled ; but his fears increased, when, instead of being asked what progress he had made in learning, he was examined how he abounded in grace.
208. oldal - ... coats, greasy sun-burnt heads of hair, clouted shoes, yarn stockings, flapping hats, with silver hat-bands, and long muslin neckcloths run with red at the bottom.
224. oldal - I proposed, as they had closed the casements, and as the shutters were on the outside, to fire a volley. It was thought a good trick, and accordingly I went into my bedroom and fired. Soon the president sent up a servant to inform me that Mr. Leeds had complained of a gun being fired from the room in which I entertained my company, but he could not tell by whom ; so that he insisted on knowing from me, and making me liable to the punishment.

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