The Influence of Tropical Climates More Especially the Climate of India on European Constitutions: The Principal Effects and Diseases Thereby Induced, Their Prevention Or Removal, and the Means of Preserving Health in Hot Climates : Rendered Obvious to Europeans of Every Capacity, 160. kiadás

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J. Callow, 1815 - 534 oldal
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337. oldal - Ah me! for aught that ever I could read. Could ever hear by tale or history, The course of true love never did run smooth: But, either it was different in blood; Her.
449. oldal - Boy, let yon liquid ruby flow, And bid thy pensive heart be glad, Whate'er the frowning zealots say : Tell them, their Eden cannot show A stream so clear as Rocnabad, A bower so sweet as Mosellay.
111. oldal - ... of our patients, treated on this plan, relapsed as soon' as the effects of the mercury had worn off, and this after three, and, in a few instances, four successive administrations, so as to excite ptyalism.
162. oldal - Vice Is a monster of such frightful mien. That to be hated, needs but to be seen; But seen too oft, familiar with her face, We first endure, then pity, then embrace.
28. oldal - I have tried limejuice, hair-powder, and a variety of external applications, with little or no benefit ; in short, the only means which I ever saw productive of any good effect in mitigating its violence, till the constitution got assimilated to the climate, were light clothing, temperance in eating and drinking, avoiding all exercise in the heat of the day, open bowels, and last, not least, a determined resolution to resist with stoical apathy its first attacks.
475. oldal - There is," says Dr. Moseley," " in the inhabitants of hot climates, unless present sickness has an absolute control over the body, a promptitude and bias to pleasure, and an alienation from serious thought and deep reflection. The brilliancy of the skies, and the beauty of the atmosphere, conspire to 'influence the nerves against philosophy and her frigid tenets, and forbid their practice among the children of the sun.
50. oldal - Violent fevers, called there nedad, make the principal figure in this fatal list, and generally terminate the third day in death. If the patient survives till the fifth day, he very often recovers by drinking water only, and throwing a quantity of cold water upon him, even in his bed, where he is permitted to lie without attempting to make him dry, or change his bed, till another deluge adds to the first.
424. oldal - European dress — particularly uniform, on almost all public occasions, and in all formal parties, under a burning sky, is not one of the least miseries of a tropical life ! It is true, that this ceremony is often waved, in the more social circles that gather round the supper-table, where the light, cool, and elegant vesture of the East, supersedes the cumbrous garb of northern climates.
234. oldal - The patient often complains of being unable to pass his stools> from a want of power in the abdominal muscles. There is an acrid, burning sensation of the stomach, and soreness of the throat, extending along the whole course of the oesophagus, in attempting to swallow ; eyes, as if suffused with blood ; skin a dirty yellow ; parts round the neck, and places pressed upon in bed, of a livid colour.
472. oldal - few, very few instances could be adduced, of any serious indisposition having attended it ; while, on the other hand, it is confessed by all who have adopted it, that the greatest refreshment has ever resulted ; enabling them to rise early, divested of that most distressing lassitude, attendant upon sleeping in an apartment absolutely communicating a febrile sensation, and peculiarly oppressive to the lungs."— East-India Vetch- Mecum.

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