Analysis of aspects. Analysis of elements

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Longmans, Green and Company, 1878

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53. oldal - THE baby new to earth and sky, What time his tender palm is prest Against the circle of the breast, Has never thought that " this is I :" But as he grows he gathers much, And learns the use of "I," and "me," And finds "I am not what I see, And other than the things I touch.
63. oldal - Homo, naturae minister et interpres, tantum facit et intelligit, quantum de naturae ordine re vel mente observaverit; nee amplius scit aut potest...
64. oldal - While, under its objective aspect, Psychology is to be classed as one of the concrete sciences which successively decrease in scope as they increase in speciality; under its subjective aspect, Psychology is a totally unique science, independent of, and antithetically opposed to, all other sciences whatever.
415. oldal - I think no statement could have been made more opposite to the undoubted facts of the case, that mathematical analysis is constantly invoking the aid of new principles, new ideas, and new methods, not capable of being defined by...
23. oldal - It is a dull and obtuse mind, that must divide in order to distinguish ; but it is a still worse, that distinguishes in order to divide.
70. oldal - Each feeling, as we here define it, is any portion of consciousness •which occupies a place sufficiently large to give it a perceivable individuality...
71. oldal - Obviously if it is indistinguishable from an adjacent portion of consciousness, it forms one with that portion — is not an individual feeling, but part of one. And obviously if it does not occupy in consciousness an appreciable area, or an appreciable duration, it cannot be known as a feeling.
354. oldal - In .every induction we proceed from truths which we knew, to truths which we did not know; from facts certified by observation, to facts which we have not observed, and even to facts not capable of being now observed; future facts, for example; but which we do not hesitate to believe on the sole evidence of the induction itself.
191. oldal - ... a Power manifested. Here, as before, it has become clear that while the nature of this Power cannot be known — while we lack the faculty of framing even the dimmest conception of it, yet its universal presence is the absolute fact without which there can be no relative facts.
245. oldal - The uniting principle among our internal perceptions is as unintelligible as that among external objects, and is not known to us any other way than by experience.

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