William III

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33. oldal - That king James the Second, having endeavoured to subvert the Constitution of the Kingdom, by breaking the original Contract between king and people, and, by the advice of Jesuits, and other wicked persons, having violated the fundamental Laws, and having withdrawn himself out of the Kingdom, has abdicated the Government, and that the Throne is thereby become vacant.
37. oldal - ... and for default of such issue, to the Princess Anne of Denmark and the heirs of her body; and for default of such issue, to the heirs of the body of the said Prince of Orange.
37. oldal - Lords Spiritual and Temporal and Commons assembled at Westminster do Resolve That William and Mary Prince and Princess of Orange be and be declared King and Queen of England...
99. oldal - England," say these ministers, " it would be want of duty not to give your Majesty this clear account : that there is a deadness and want of spirit in the nation universally, so as not at all to be disposed to the thought of entering into a new war ; and that they seem to be tired out with taxes to a degree beyond what was discerned, till it appeared upon the occasion of the late elections. This is the truth of the fact, upon which your Majesty will determine what resolutions are proper to be taken.
37. oldal - ... the said Prince and Princess, during their lives and the life of the survivor of them, and that the sole and full exercise of the regal power be only in and executed by the said Prince of Orange...
80. oldal - King's affliction for her death was as great as it was just ; it was greater than those who knew him best thought his temper capable of: he went beyond all bounds in it : during her sickness he was in an agony that amazed us all, fainting often, and breaking out into most violent lamentations...
101. oldal - It is not possible to be touched more sensibly than I am, at my not being able to do more for the poor refugee officers, who have served me with so much zeal and fidelity. Assuredly, on all sides, my patience is put to the trial. I am going to breathe a little beyond sea, in order to come back as soon as possible...
100. oldal - His majesty is pleased to let the House know. that the necessary preparations are made for transporting the guards who came with him into England ; and that he intends to send them away immediately, unless, out of consideration to him, the House be disposed to find a way for continuing them longer in his service, which his majesty would take very kindly.
33. oldal - ... after above a million of men had perished by the war, and twice that number been reduced to misery; after whole provinces had been depopulated, whole countries subdued, and the victors themselves almost crushed by the trophies they had gained.

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