treatise, according to his account of the matter, these exercises are recommended as a more certain remedy for the gout than either black or white hellebore, or even the eau médicinale. But, besides the cure of the Gout, it is also alleged, that Hippocrates recommends Goffing, Bowling, and Swimming, as infallible prophylactics, both for blue devils and dull care. It cannot therefore seem wonderful to the learned reader, that the recommendation of these exercises should have claimed the particular attention of faithful sons of Æsculapius.

But as Apollo was the God of Song as well as of Physic, the children of Æsculapius could not think of celebrating his games without music. An annual prize, therefore, was instituted for the most laughable Macaronic Poem, either in English, in Latin, or in a mixture of both, which should be produced at the convention. This, like the prizes at the Olympic Games, has called forth strenuous competition, and given birth to many productions, which are carefully preserved in the minutes of the Club. Of these a few are now printed in this collection.

Besides original effusions, it was also thought to be highly worthy of the celebrators of the Ludi Apollinares,

preserve some ancient poems, particularly in the Macaronic style, which, notwithstanding their excellence, were, to use a Bookseller's phrase, out of print. With this view, in the year 1801, under their direction, a fasciculus was published, containing some choice morsels, particularly translations into modern Latin, of some truly laughable Poems in the ancient Scotish language, a language now hardly understood even in the metropolis of Caledonia.

As the impression which was then printed has been sold off, and as they are desirous of affording to the rising generation some innocent amusement, they have given directions for reprinting what they formerly published. But, by going again to the press, they aim also at a more important object. Their last publication was the means of bringing forth an admirable translation of an inimitable Scotish Poem, The Wife of Auchtermuchty, which will be found in the present selection. They are not without hopes, that this publication may lead to some similar effusions of genius; and if any Scholars at the Rector's class in the High School, some of whom have of late given excellent proofs of poetic genius, shall transmit to the Scriba Pratorius, before the 1st of August next, a Macaronic or Latin Poem, in praise of the Ludi Apollinares, an honorary medal, with a suitable inscription, will be conferred, as the reward of Genius and Industry, upon him whose poem is judged to be the best.

The Theme proposed is, De Ludis Apollinaribus, Carmen Seculare.

Edinburgh, January 1, 1813.






De GULIELMO DRUMMONDO non est quod multis agam. Virum

celeberrimum fuisse testantur opera : Carmioa dico, tam sacra, Edinburgi anno 1630, quàm profana ibidem anno 1616 edita. Præsertim autem Historia Rerum Scoticarum, quam ab anno 1423 ad annum 1542

deduxerat, Si hæc placeant bene erit ; si non, srus xanas Moriones enim æque morantur scommata et plausus. Utere, fruere, Lector, et Salve.

E. Gibson, Episcopus Oxoniensis.


Oxonii, e Theatro Sheldoniano.

Anno Dom. 1691.

58 es (2

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