Oxford and Her Colleges: A View from the Radcliffe Library

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Macmillan, 1893 - 99 oldal

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44. oldal - What! my lord, shall we build houses, and provide livelihoods for a company of monks, whose end and fall we ourselves may live to see ? No, no, it is more meet a great deal, that We should have care to provide for the increase of learning, and for such as who by their learning shall do good to the church and commonwealth.
61. oldal - ... yet such an excessive humility, as if he had known nothing, that they frequently resorted and dwelt with him, as in a college situated in a purer air ; so that his house was a university in a less volume ; whither they came not so much for repose as study ; and to examine and refine those grosser propositions, which laziness and consent made current in vulgar conversation.
67. oldal - God's wonderful blessing, the goodness and richness of that soil could not be made barren by all that stupidity and negligence. It choked the weeds and would not suffer the poisonous seeds, which were sown with industry enough, to spring up ; but after several tyrannical governments, mutually succeeding each other and with the same malice and perverseness endeavouring to extinguish all good literature and allegiance, it yielded a harvest of extraordinary good and sound knowledge in all parts of learning,...
39. oldal - College of the Blessed Mary and All Saints of Lincoln' was designed as a small body of theologians dedicated to defending ' the mysteries of the sacred page against those ignorant laics who profaned with swinish snouts its most holy...
68. oldal - Before the warr wee had scholars that made a thorough search in scholasticall and polemicall divinity, in humane authors, and naturall philosophy. But now scholars studie these things not more than what is just necessary to carry them throug the exercises of their respective colleges and the Universitie.
2. oldal - SMITH There is in Oxford much that is not as old as it looks. The buildings of the Bodleian Library, University College, Oriel, Exeter, and some others, medieval or half medieval in their style, are Stuart in date. In Oxford the Middle Ages lingered long. Yon cupola of Christ Church is the work of Wren, yon towers of All Souls' are the work of a still later hand.
13. oldal - ... illness, with unusual assiduity, " out of pique to her husband ; " a very new kind of satire. He used to send huffing messages to Queen Anne, telling her that he would not come, and that she only had the vapours ; and when King William consulted him on his swollen ancles and thin body, Radcliffe said he "would not have his Majesty's two legs for his three kingdoms ; " a speech which it was not in the nature of royalty to forgive. His death is said to have been hastened by his refusal to attend...

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