these lyric leaves are matchless in their beauty; full of playfulness, of fancy, and poetic feeling.

Nothing has been admitted into these pages which can wound the many pure, bright eyes which the Editor trusts will read them.

Not only have the works of standard authors been examined, but from many rare and ancient collections of fugitive pieces flowers have been culled which it were a shame to let wither or die in such little-frequented nooks as are haunted by, or are only accessible to, the enthusiastic bibliographer. As an Album derives a charm from the casy mingling of its contents, no formal classification of the Authors cited in this one has been made; but (1) The Index of Contents, (2) The Index of First Lines, and (3) The Index of Authors, afford ample facilities for ready reference.

The DICTIONARY' is a feature which the Editor trusts will speak for itself. It is novel and copious, and he hopes it will prove useful to all the readers who come to con the book whilst meditating some love-thought, fancy, address, or dilemma.'

Although there is great wealth in the special field where he has been working, the Editor cannot too strongly express his acknowledgments to all the Authors and Publishers who (during the years in which at intervals he has pursued his task) have allowed him, by the kind grant of 'permissions' in Modern Poetry, to make use of such pieces as he wished. Some of the Sweet Singers' have passed from earth since they wrote him in kindly, cordial words these permissions, and now all we have left of them is the heritage of 'immortal song.'

It would make a long list to catalogue names; but amongst Publishers who have allowed the Editor (sometimes under special circumstances which they would wish to have noted make this case no precedent), he has specially to thank Messrs. Longman and Co., Richard Bentley, Esq., Messrs. Blackie and Son, Messrs. Chapman and Hall, Messrs. Moxon and Co. by (the late) Edward Moxon, Esq., and (the late) John Taylor, Esq.

J. H.

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A ballad about love

..J. Hong 97
A birthday offering to a young lady from her lover .. RI. Hon. G. Canning 236


.R. Jago 490

Frances A. Kemble 569
A castle in the air

L. Frisbie 336

..J. H. Campbell 312
A confession
A confession of love

E. B. Browning 561

..J. Milton 553
Adam's description of Eve
A daydream

A description of such a one as he would love

Sir T. Wyatt 482
Adieu l'Amour

Lord Lansdowne 271
A dilemma

l'arry Cornwall 576

..L. Aikin 271
A dirge

..R. Burns 18
Ae fond kiss
A fugitive from love

.E. Sargent 359
A hint......

...T. Carer 597
A hue and cry after Cupid

.Ben Jonson 266
A love picture

.... Keats 600
A love song.......

Eliza Cook 219
A lover....

W. Wordsworth 171

..C. Patmore 251
A lover dropping asleep in the midst of happy thoughts
A lover's address.

W. H. Burleigh 357
A lover's fancy

.....Gerald Massey 248
A lyric....

A maiden's soliloquy

...A. A. Watts 107

Thomson 321

From the Swedish 368

Amy's secret

. Shenstone 257
An angel in the house

Leigh Hunt


... E. Waller 555
An apology for having loved before. ...i.
An earnest suit not to be forsaken

Sir T. Wyatt 482

An elegy written on Valentine morning
An end

..C. G. Rossetti 592
An English song....

T. Il. Bayly 557

An old-fashioned love song

...T. Daris 614
A plea for love

...J. Lylye 974
Apollo's song of Daphne..

Après le bal
A prudent choice ...

A rejected lover....

..D. Mulock 584
A request

.T. Otway 262

Leigh Hunt 192
A rime which is yet reason, and teacheth in a light manner

W. W. Lord 366
a grave matter in the lere of love
A round of days ...

Artevelde's character of his wife

....H. Taylor

Artifice disowned by love

..J. S. Knowles 199
Ask not why I should love her.

.C. J. Hofmann 346
A solemn conceit

.....N. Breton 411
A song

...F. S. Osgood 308
A song

Sir G. Etherege 323
A song to a fair young lady going out of town in spring........J. Dryden 262
A sweet contention between love, his mistress, and beauty ......N. Breton 374
4 valediction

W. Cartwright 487
A valentine..

..J. T. Field 360
A valentine

Edgar A. Poe 577
A valentine of the Elizabethan age

A virtuous woman

W. Kno.r

A weary lot is thine.....

A wife's appeal to her husband
A woman contemplating a household god

..Dr. Croly 616
A woman's love

..L. E. L. 244
Beatrice ...

..Mary Horitt 520
Beauty, wealth, and love

.Mrs. C. B. Wilson 450
Bridal ballad..

Edgar A. Poe 547
Bridal song .......

.Beaumont and Fletcher

Bless thee

M. E. Heritt 304
Blue-eyed Anne

.. Smollett 496
Boldness in love

T. Carew 70
Bonnie Lady Ann

By a lover

T. Hood 188

...H. Kirke White 194

Daridson's Rhapsody,' 1608 481
Canzonet from Camoens

Viscount Strangford 475

Marriott 279

T. Campbell 153

..W. Couper
Cherry ripe..

..R. Herrick 78
Christian names

..Chas. Lamb 591
Complaint of a lady ....

Conjugal felicity

Corinna's going a-maying

......R. Herrick

Craving for an unknown love

Cupid and Campaspe.....

..J. Lylye 252
Cupid and folly

. Lady Winchelsea 185
Cupid, Hymen, and Plutus

'Gay 286
Cupid's arrows

..G. Peele 478
Cupid's pastime

. Percy's - Reliques' 265
Cupid's punishment and revenge

..From Menzini 161
Delia ; a pastoral...

.A. Cunningham 287

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