The Church of the Fathers

On the title-page of the Fourth Edition, instead of the English appears the Vulgate version of the text, thus

“Quae est ista, quae progreditur quasi aurora consurgens,

terribilis ut castrorum acies ordinata?"

The Fathers

John Lenry Newman

(Afterwards Cardinal)

cwho is she that looketh forth as the morning, fair as the moon,

clear as the sun, and terrible as army with banners ?"

John Lane
London and New York


to the First and Second Editions

Reprinted in the Third and Fourth Editions

“with a few literary corrections

THE following sketches, which, with two or three

exceptions, have appeared in the British Magazine during 1833 and the following years, do not, as the author is very conscious, warrant a title of such high pretension as that which was there prefixed to them and is here preserved. But that title will at least show the object with which they were written; viz. to illustrate, as far as they go, the tone and modes of thought, the habits and manners of the early times of the Church.

The author is aware how much a work is open to imperfection, and therefore to criticism, which is made up in so great measure of minute historical details and of translations; nor would he subject himself either to the one or the other did he not think that the chance of bringing out or recommending one or two of the characteristics of primitive Christianity was worth the risk of mistakes which, after all, would but affect himself and not his readers.

As to the translations, he is very sensible what constant and unflagging attention is requisite to catch the sense of the original, and what discrimination in the


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