Adventure Therapy: Theory, Research, and Practice

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Taylor & Francis, 2012. ápr. 27. - 426 oldal

The evolution and history of adventure therapy, as chronicled in the second chapter of this book, well demonstrates how far this field has evolved from a “divergent therapy” into an efficacious form of therapy that engages clients on cognitive, affective, and behavioral levels. Adventure Therapy is written by three professionals who have been at the forefront of the field since its infancy. The theory, techniques, research, and case studies they present are the cutting edge of this field.

The authors focus on:
• the theory substantiating adventure therapy
• illustrations that exemplify best practices
• the research validating the immediate as well as long-term effects of adventure therapy, when properly conducted.

This book is the leading academic text, professional reference, and training resource for adventure therapy practices in the field of mental health. It is appropriate for a wide range of audiences, including beginner and experienced therapists, as well as graduate students.


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About the Authors
Chapter 1Introduction
Chapter 2A History of Adventure TherapyWill White
Chapter 3A Psychotherapeutic Foundation for Adventure Therapy
Chapter 4Foundations of Adventure Therapy
Chapter 10Adventure Therapy Competencies
Chapter 11Supervision in Adventure Therapy
Chapter 12Adventure Therapy Ethics
Chapter 13Research and Evaluation of Adventure Therapy
Chapter 14The Future of Adventure Therapy
Appendix A Risk Management of Adventure Therapy Programs
Appendix B Adventure Therapy Competencies
Appendix C Adventure Therapy Ethics

Chapter 5Natures Role in Adventure Therapy
Chapter 6Adventure Therapy Models
Chapter 7Assessment in Adventure Therapy
Chapter 8Practicing Adventure Therapy
Chapter 9Risk Management of Adventure Therapy Programs
Appendix D Research Rubric for EvidenceBased Research on Adventure Programs
Author Index
Subject Index

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A szerzőről (2012)

Michael A. Gass, PhD, is a Professor and Coordinator of the Outdoor Education Program in the College of Health and Human Services at the University of New Hampshire, and a licensed marriage and family therapist.

H.L. “Lee” Gillis, PhD, is Professor and Chair of Psychological Science at Georgia College, and a licensed psychologist.

Keith C. Russell, PhD, is a Professor in the Recreation Program at Western Washington University.

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