Essays, Literary, Political, and Œconomical: In Two Volumes, 1. kötet

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13. oldal - By these were the isles of the Gentiles divided in their lands; every one after his tongue, after their families, in their nations.
447. oldal - ... meat. They did not perhaps take time to consider how much less their interest could be affected by the freedom of trade than that of the people whose example they followed. To prohibit by a perpetual law the importation of foreign corn and cattle is in reality to enact that the population and industry of the country shall at no time exceed what the rude produce of its own soil can maintain.
356. oldal - This great mortality, however, will everywhere be found chiefly among the children of the common people, who cannot afford to tend them with the same care as those of better station. Though their marriages are generally more fruitful than those of people of fashion, a smaller proportion of their children arrive at maturity.
62. oldal - Barrington was of opinion that u notes in birds are no more innate than language is in man, and depend entirely on the master under which they are bred, as far as their organs will enable them to imitate the sounds which they have frequent opportunities of hearing.
132. oldal - European colonies have fubfifted in the torrid zone of America more than, two centuries; and yet even that length of time has not familiarized them to the climate : they cannot bear heat like the original inhabitants, nor like negroes...
111. oldal - As thefe are natures oppofice in extremes , 'tis a pleafure to obferve how the differing atoms are perpetually jarring together in the children, even fo as to produce effefts vifible in their external form. They have the large black eyes of the country , with the fat, white, fifhy flefh of Holland, and a lively air, ftreaked with dulnefs.
484. oldal - Though the ecclesiastical tenth was levied in France more severely than usual in Italy, yet was it never exacted with such horrid greediness as is at present the disgrace of England. When taken in kind, no such thing was known in any part of France, where I made inquiries, as a tenth : it was always a twelfth, or a thirteenth, or even a twentieth of the produce. And in no part of the kingdom did a new article of culture pay any thing: thus turnips, cabbages, clover, chicoree, potatoes, &c.
426. oldal - Our ancestors," says an Emperor of the family of the Tangs,? " held it as a maxim that if there was a man who did not work, or a woman that was idle, somebody must suffer cold or hunger in the empire.
570. oldal - Winchefter, and other plenipotentiaries appointed to treat about a peace, authorife them to reprefent to thofe of France, " That there haan been moo men flayne " in thefe wars for the title and claime of the " coroune of France, of oon nacion and other, " than ben at this daye in both landys, and fo " much Chriftiene blode Ihede, that it is to grete " a forow and an orrour to thinke or here it V But thefe and many other repreientations were in vain.
90. oldal - Camels, they want nothing, and have nothing to fear. In one day they can perform a journey of fifty leagues into the desert, which cuts off every approach from their enemies.

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