Pritchard, 71. Sir Peter Daniell, 72. Sir John Lawrence, 75.
Sir Robert Clayton, 77. Sir Francis Forbes, 96. Sir William
Withers in 1706. Robert Alsop, 100. Alderman Barber, 107.
Alderman Lambert, 113. Sir Robert Westley, 118. Alderman
Alsop, ib. Brass Crosby, 132. Alderman Harley, 135. Alder-
man Le Mesurier, 136. Alderman Harvey Christian Combe,
138. Alderman J. T. Thorp, 146. Vote of thanks to Alderman

Thorp, 186.
Gratuity, 137.
Ground and Soil, 49. Reservation of, ib.
HABERDASHERS' COMPANY, 72, 92, 106, 115, 133.
Harbours and Ports, 19, 46, 69, 98, 103, 104, 106, 125, 127, 135.
Heads of Clauses in Charters of Derry and Coleraine, Appendix, cyi.

Herrings abundant on the coasts of Ulster, 19.
Hibernian Society, 185.
Honey abundant in Ulster, 19.
Hops, cultivation of, in Ulster, 19.
JACKSON FAMILY in Coleraine, 101.
James, King, the First, encourages a Protestant Plantation in Ulster,

1. Complains of the slow progress of the Plantation, and writes
to the Lord Deputy thereon, 30. Expresses his anxiety for
having the Plantation speedily effected, 33. Calls the Companies
to account for their dilatory proceedings in Ulster, 40. His
Majesty wrote to the Lord Deputy of Ireland, complaining of
the settlers' inactivity, and threatened to resume the possession

of their lands, 41.
Improvement of the Society's estates, 140.
Incroachments, 127, 139, 145, 150, 155.
Indemnity, 135.
Index to Charters of Derry and Coleraine, Appendix, cvi. oliii.
Indigent Room-Keepers, 149, 168, 181.
Indivisible Estate, 33, 38, 39.
Inferior Companies, Contributors to the Plantation, 35. Names

thereof, 36.
Infirmary, 168.
Inquisitions, 12; when held, 16, 105; relates to the Bishop of Derry's
· house and garden in Derry. Bishop's lands in right of his see.

Dean's holding in Derry, and of other lands in right of his
Deanery. Fishing. Abbey lands. Quarter lands. Parishes.
Tithes of parishes. Culmore. Bounds of territory. Explan-
ation of Termon and Erenagh lands. Inquisition, Appendix,
page clviii. Relates to fishings, Termon and Erenagh lands, with
ecclesiastical refections and payments; parishes and tithes of
parishes; repairs of churches, glebe, advowsons. The right of
presentation. Explanation of the terms Corbes, Erenagh or

Herenagh, and Termon. Inquisition, Appendix, page clxvi.
Inscription, 185.
Inspection of Charters, 152, 155, 160, 161, 176, 177. See Londonderry,
- Coleraine, Irish Society.
Instructions to Deputation, 152.
Jointures claimed by certain widows and others, 15.
Irish Natives, restrictions and privileges relating to them, 5, 7, 41.
Irish Society proposed to be constituted, 22. Place of their meeting,

22. Constituted as a body, 27. Their Courts to be held, and
business transacted, in the Wardrobe, Guildhall, 28. Incorpo-
rated by charter, 32. Two Assistants of the Society sent into
Ulster as a Deputation, 33. Precepts sent by the Society to the
Companies, to certify their operations in Ulster, 40, 44. License
granted by the Crown, to the Society, to hold in mortmain, 44.
The Governor, and one of the Assistants, sent on a Deputation
to Ulster, 45. The Society urged the Companies to proceed in
their Plantation, 46. Proceedings in the Star Chamber, 52.
The Society's charter ordered to be cancelled, 56, 57. Trustees
for the City, for the use of the Companies, 57. The Society sent
Commissioners into Ulster to make leases to tenants, 62. A
Charter granted to the Society by Cromwell, ib. How Society
denominated, 65. How constituted, ib. Their powers, 66.
Grant of lands to the Society, 67. By-laws, relating generally
to Derry and Coleraine, required for confirmation, 70. Members
paid for attendances, ib. The Corporation of the Irish Society
not suspended by the judgment given against their first charter,
71. Commissioners sent to Derry, to view the injury sustained
by the siege, and to abate rents, 77. A letter sent to the Lord
Lieutenant, relative to the election of corporate officers in Derry,
78. The Society attended the House of Commons, on their peti-
tion for relief for the inhabitants of Derry, 80. The Society
resumed possession of the Quarter-lands, ib. An appeal prose-
cuted in the House of Lords, on the subject of the Quarter-
lands, ib. Periodical business to be yearly laid before the
Society, 103. Commended by the Common-Council of London,
104. Irish Chamber to be kept for the sole use of the Society,
107. Journals to be kept there, 118. Letters to be delivered
unopened to the Governor or Deputy Governor, ib. Charter
copied by Tomkins, 128. The Society applied to the Committee
of City Lands for leave to repair their Chamber, 132. Plan
submitted to Common Council, ib. Records removed, ib. Part
of their records destroyed by fire, ib. Commissioners of the
Lottery not permitted to use the Irish Chamber, ib. Officers to
be elected annually, 134. Correspondence to be dated from the
Irish Chamber, 136. Deputation, 141, 152. Internal manage-
ment, 183. Strong room, ib. New Irish Chamber, 187, 188.

See Charters of Londonderry and Coleraine, Appendix, xiii. cxi.
Ironmongers' Company, original grant of, 62.
Iron-works, 71.
Island, 138.
Jury Presentments, 147.

KILLETROUGH, great woods of, 19. Granted to the City, 24, 68.
Knight, an aid raised on the Plantation to make the Prince a

Knight, 50.
Knight-Service, 3.

LAW AGENT. See Solicitor.
Leases, 46, 48, 91, 94, 95, 106, 118, 120, 124, 126, 128, 132, 135, 136,

138, 139, 140, 150, 151, 153, 173, 175. Value of lease, 146.

Toties Quoties leases, 152, 164, 171, 174, 178.
Lecky, Messrs. allowances to, 178.
Letters Patent, 11.
Library, 168.
Licence, 44, 57. Licence of alienation to assign fishery lease, 151.

See Alienation.
Linen Mannfacture in Coleraine, 86.
London. The City applied to by order of the King, and induced to

undertake the Plantation of a Protestant Colony in Ulster, 16.
Propositions made to the City on the subject, 17. Motives to
induce the Londoners to undertake Plantation, ib. Advantages
to be derived from the Plantation, 20. The City undertakes
the Plantation, and sends over Commissioners, 21. A Com-

mittee appointed to negociate with the Privy Council, 22. A
Company proposed to be established for managing the affairs of
the Plantation, ib. Articles of Agreement executed between
the City and Privy Council, 26. Society appointed, ib. The
Wardrobe in Guildhall appointed to be the place of meeting of
the Society, 28. The Society incorporated by Charter, 82. The
Court of Common Council send two Assistants of the Society
into Ulster, with instructions, 33. The City estates ordered to
be sequestrated, 51. Sir Thomas Phillips complained of the
City to the King, ib. Proceedings in the Star Chamber against
the Society, 53. The City petition Parliament to be restored
to their rights and possessions in Ulster, 61. The Parliament
reversed the sentence in the Star Chamber, ib. The City sent
military stores to Londonderry, it being besieged, ib. The City
petitioned King Charles the Second to reverse the judgment
against their first Charter, 62. A new Charter granted by the
Crown, ib. The Irish Society applied to the Court of Common
Council on the subject of Ballycastle being made a port, 104.
Motion in the Court of Common Council for accounts of the
Society, and opinions of Counsel thereon, 143, 149. See Irish

LONDONDERRY CITY, 17, 22. Wastes, 23. Buildings, ib. Land

attached to, 24, 67. Tenure, 24, 68. Extent of jurisdiction, 25.
Further liberties to be granted, ib. Incorporated by Charter, 32.
A Communion Cup presented to the church by the Society, 33.
Old Charter surrendered and pew one received, ib. School, 48,
96, 97, 135, 138, 181. Extent of the County, 39. Population of
the City and County, ib. Proportion of Catholics and Protest-
ants, ib. A conspiracy to destroy the City, 43. Derry not to
be peopled with Irish, 45. Allowance made to the Recorder, 47.
Fortifications examined, ib. Distribution of the Land near
Derry, 48. The Corporation complained to the Commissioners
of the Crown of the conduct of the Society, 50. Town-House
built by the Society, ib. The County of Londonderry seized
into the King's bands, 51, 56. The Corporation of Derry usurp
the Quarter Lands, 56, 57. City and County seized under the
sentence of the Court of Star Chamber, 57. The Corporation
applied for a licence to hold the Quarter Lands under the Bishop,
ib. Derry a free port, 68. Partly destroyed by fire, 70. Their
By-Laws, 70, 162. The Corporation offered to account to the

tributions raised Sessions and Assizes, il of the expense

Society when required, 71, Complained of the expense of the
Magistracy, ib. Sessions and Assizes, ib. Besieged, 72. Con-
tributions raised for the sufferers by the Siege, and rebuilding
the City, 74, 75. Solicitation to the Society for relief, 76. Salary
to the Master of Derry Free-School, 77, 117, 118, 135. The
Corporation disclose the fraud practised on the Society relating
to the Quarter Lands, and the Society engaged to allow them
£90. 10s. annually, 77, 92, 109, 145. Corporate Officers, 78,
110. The Corporation expressed their readiness to concur
with the Society's wishes, 98, 114. By-Laws, 108, 109, 111,
113, 118, 120. Control of the Irish Society, 109. Ticket
Freemen, 111. Parliamentary aid solicited for repairing the
Quays, 121. · Dean and Curates, trustees of Stanley's Charity,
125. Bridge, 126, 132, 133, 140, 145, 150, 155. Corporation
holdings, 126. An Association for defence established, 129.
Received the Thanks of the Legislature, ib. Application to
the Irish Society for subscription, 130. An Address published,
ib. Gaol, 133, 185. The Corporation obtained a perpetuity of
the Tolls of the Ferry, 134. Act for vesting Derry Free-School
in Trustees, 138. Court-House, 139. City Walls, 145, 183.
Corporation Leases, 150, 175, 176, 177, 184. Ferry, 151. Cathe-
dral, ib. Cathedral built in 1633. Deanery, 151, 171. A
Committee appointed by the Corporation to confer with Deputa-
tion from the Irish Society, 155. Ship Quay, 155, 166. Corpo-
ration Oaths, 157. Inspection of Records by the Deputation,
161. Expenditure, 164, 183. County-House, 165. Address
from the Corporation to the Deputation, 171. Freedom of the
City presented to Deputation, 172. Markets, 183. See Schools,

Lord Lieutenant, 40, 50, 51, 106. Letter sent to, 78. Dinners to, 81,

85, 86, 89. Deputation of the Irish Society dined with the Lord

Lieutenant, 177.
Lords Justices of Ireland, 52, 53, 55.
Lord Mayor, 132, 135.
Lough Foyle, 17, 18, 20, 21, 24, 49, 67, 109, 141, 142, 150. Pearls in, 20.
Loughin Island, 106.
Lough Neagh, 19, 24, 89. Granted to the Society, 50.
Loughswilly, 127.

MADDER, cultivation of, in Ulster, 19.

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