by-laws had been transmitted to the Society, from the Corporations of Derry and Coleraine, for confirmation. The General Agent was directed to inquire whether any, and what by-laws had been lately made.

The Haberdashers' Company voted thanks to the Society, for their zeal and ability in the management of that Company's proportion of the rents in Ireland.

19th November.—The Society contributed £50, to celebrate the centenary of 7th December, 1688, at Londonderry; and they agreed to dine together on that day of the ensuing month.

Some of the loose papers, being parts of the journals of the Society, saved from the late fire, were ordered to be copied into a book.

17th December.—The Corporation of Londonderry solicited the Society, to concur with them, in erecting a triumphal • arch to the memory of William the Third.

234 December.-A report was made relative to repairing the market-house at Coleraine, and to the proprietorship thereof.

21st January, 1789.-A report was made, stating, that the loose sheets of the Society's journals had been copied, compared, and bound up.

The Society received £40 from the Treasurer of Londonderry, for a piece of ground to build the new gaol on, as authorized by Act of Parliament.

30th January.—The Committee recommended £200 to be granted, for repairing the market-house at Coleraine.

The General Agent was directed to take into his own possession, the keys of the market-house, unless the Corporation of Coleraine would undertake to keep the same in repair.

29th April.—The proposed timber-bridge at Londonderry, was estimated to cost £10,000. A memorial was sent by the Corporation to the Society on the subject, and to obtain a lease of the tolls in perpetuity.

15th July.—The Committee made a report on the said memorial, which the Society confirmed, granting their request; for which the Corporation afterwards returned their acknowledgments.

10th September. - Robert Slade, Esq. was appointed Secretary

30th September.-A piece of plate was voted to the late Secretary.

21st October.-It was directed, that the Secretary should be sworn before the Mayor, at a Court of Aldermen, as usual.

11th November.-Security was given by the Secretary.

11th December.—The Committee made a report, shewing the total amount of the rent roll and disbursements, and stating the quit rents.

It was ordered, that such report should be always laid upon the table, at every future election of the Society, and read after the charter, for the information of the Members.

The Society granted to the Corporation of Londonderry, a lease of the tolls of the Ferry in perpetuity, to enable the Corporation to build a bridge, and borrow money on the security of the tolls.

17th December.-It was resolved, that in future, the general agent should be subject to a penalty of £10 per cent, out of his salary, in case he should neglect to account regularly for his receipts.

John Claudius Beresford, Esq. was elected General Agent.

14th May, 1790.—The Society voted one hundred guineas to the Benevolent Society of St. Patrick.

11th November. In consequence of a memorial presented by the rector of Coleraine, the Society granted £80 towards the repairs of the parsonage house.

It was resolved, that the officers of the Society should be elected annually.

20th December, 1791.-Lord Donegal made objections to the validity of the Society's charter, relative to the fishings. The Society resolved to consult the Attorney and Solicitor General on the subject.

11th January, 1792.-£100 were granted for rebuilding the church of Ballyelly.

The Right Honourable John Hopkins, Lord Mayor, was on the Society.

20th April.—The Corporation of Londonderry sent a memorial to the Society, in regard to a project for making Strabane a port of entry and discharge; and solicited the Society to oppose the measure. In consequence of which, the Society prepared a remonstrance, and sent it to the Lord Lieutenant.

14th December.-Lord Donegal obtained judgment in his fishery cause.

30th January, 1793.—The Society were determined to bring a writ of error, and assigned their reasons for such determination.

Alderman Harley was Governor,

5th December.—A bond of indemnity was required from tenants, on granting a renewal, where a former lease could not be obtained to be surrendered up.

21st March, 1794.—The Governor was requested to sit for his portrait, to be painted by Mr. Hardy.

-5th June.—A report was made on the memorial of the Rev. George Vaughan Sampson, schoolmaster of Derry, who applied for an increase of salary, which the Society refused to grant. The report stated, that the school was originally erected by the Bishop and Clergy of Londonderry, in pursuance of a statute of the twelfth year of Queen Elizabeth, and therefore not under the exclusive control of the Society, The allowances were stated to be £40 a year from the Society, £20 from the Corporation, and £12 from the Bishop, making £72 annually.

27th January, 1795.—Lady Hamilton complained to the Society of great depredations having been been committed on the fishery.


William Church complained to the Society of injury done to his mill, by the erection and working of a mill in his neighbourhood, and requested the interference of the Society to protect his rights. It having appeared that the fines of four renewals had run in arrear, his memorial was deferred till he should discharge them.

1st December.-The Society resolved to defend Lady Hamilton, in the suit commenced against her by Lord Donegal, on account of the fishery.

27th April, 1796.—An assistant was chosen in the room of a member deceased.

6th July, 1797.-One hundred guineas were given by the Society towards the relief of the poor manufacturers of Dublin.

18th July.--Arthur Skeere Loftie was appointed messenger.

31st October.—Lady Hamilton agreed to assign ber interest in the fishery lease to Sir G. F. Hill and Mr. Beresford.

26th November.-The Governor notified his wish to resign. 7th February, 1798.—Thanks were voted to the Governor. Alderman Le Mesurier was appointed Governor.

27th July, 1798.—The Society contributed £100 towards suppressing the rebellion in Ireland.

19th October.—It was ordered, that all correspondence in future should be dated from the Irish Chamber.

11th December.—The Governor's portrait was ordered to be painted, by Hardy.

9th January, 1799.—The Society directed the law agent to prosecute an appeal to the House of Lords in the fishery cause.

29th January, 1800.-Leases were granted of the fishery to Sir G. H. Hill and Mr. Beresford.

21st July.-£50 were contributed by the Society towards the relief of the distressed poor at Derry.

4th August.—A waste tenement was granted to the elders of the dissenting congregation in Coleraine, for twenty-one years, at one shilling per annum.

· A stained glass window was ordered to be placed in the Irish Chamber, as emblematical of the union.

29th April, 1801.-£50 were granted for the relief of the Coleraine poor.

14th May, 1802.—The Committee made a report on the indenture of release granted to the Salters' Company, of the manor of Sal, dated 5th June, 1663, in which was contained a reservation of the timber. The Society thence concluded, that the right to timber still remained in them, and directed the General Agent to make inquiry into the state of all the timber growing on all the lands granted by the charter. • 15th June.-£200 were contributed towards re-building the cathedral spire at Londonderry.

12th November.—The Rev. Edward Harvey was elected to the Rectory of Coleraine.

4th February, 1803.-In consequence of a memorial presented by Mr. Dunlap Adams, Master of Coleraine school, the Society allowed him a gratuity of £20 a year, and directed, that in future, the taxes charged on his dwelling-house should be allowed hiin.

8th February.-The Secretary composed a narrative of his journey to the North of Ireland, replete with valuable information, relative to the Society's property in Ulster; which was ordered to be printed for the use of the present and all future members of the Society. The thanks of the Society and a piece of plate were voted to him on this occasion.

The General Agent made a statement of the timber growing on the proportions of the twelve chief Companies, with the estimated value thereof, on which the Committee made a report.

9th February, 1803.—Thanks and a piece of plate were voted to the Governor.

221 June, 1804.—On the memorial of the dissenting congregation in Londonderry, the Society agreed to remit their arrears of fines and fees for renewals.

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