· The general agent was ordered to deliver the tenants their leases, without demanding a fee for himself.

10th June, 1743.—The Corporation of Londonderry augmented the salary of the master of the Grammar-school £10 a year, agreeably to the wishes of the Society.

14th July.-Rey. Mr. Burke Cuppage was elected rector of Coleraine.

27th January.—Mr. William Bedell was elected secretary.

8th March. The Right Honourable Sir Robert Westley, Knt. Lord Mayor, was Governor.

28th November, 1745.--Alderman Alsop was Governor.

The Society contributed £2050 towards building Coleraine bridge.

11th November, 1746.—It appeared that the late by-law made in Londonderry, restrained the election of members ta persons resident in the city.

It was ordered, that the journals of the Society should be always regularly entered up, and kept in the Irish Chamber.

December. It was ordered, that letters addressed to the secretary should be delivered to the Governor or DeputyGovernor, unopened ; and that such letters should be marked when received.

16th December.—The Corporation of Londonderry recommended the Rev. Mr. Torrens to succeed Mr. Giffard, as master of the Society's free-school at Derry.

The secretary was suspended from his employment on account of his bankruptcy.

20th January.—Mr. Sparrow was elected secretary.

234 April, 1747.—The Corporation of Coleraine solicited for a lease of the market-house, but the Committee thought it would be improper for the Society to grant it; but thought it expedient that the Corporation should, by some public act, engage to keep the market-house in repair.

25th September.-Mr. Henry Hamilton was recommended by the Society to the Corporation of Londonderry, as a representative for their cíty in Parliament.

17th November. It was resolved, that no leases should be granted, unless a memorial be first presented to the Society, signed by the party, or some agent on his behalf.

27th January.-A petition was presented to the crown by the Society, against an act relative to the election of officers in Corporations in Ireland.

29th June, 1748.— The Society did not consider themselves warranted in making a grant of money for building a meeting-house ; but they afterwards contributed £50.

3d July, 1749.-The Society granted the general agent a sum of money, for attending the Society during several months.

7th July.—The fishings were let to Mr. Richardson, at £620 a year, for twenty-one years, determinable at the end of seven or fourteen years.

March.—The Corporation of Londonderry recommended an usher to the free-school, whom the Society approved.

7th June, 1751.—The inhabitants of Coleraine, by letter, assured the Society, that they would support the interest of the gentleman recommended to them as their representative in Parliament, to the utmost of their power.

12th December, 1752.—The Society directed that all lands and houses then out of lease, should be advertised, in order to ascertain their true value.

20th June, 1755.—Henry Hamilton, Esq. was appointed general agent.

27th January, 1756.—Letters and communications were sent to the Society, relative to a project for making the river Bann navigable.

28th February.—The fishings were let to Henry Hamilton, Esq. for £910, English currency, per annum, payable in London, for twenty-one years. · March, 1757.-£50 were directed to be paid to the Mayor their ende fry, request: he Societv

of Coleraine, to be distributed for the relief of the poor ; and the like sum was sent to the Mayor of Londonderry.

7th November, 1758.-The general agent was directed to engage a solicitor, to transact the Society's law business in Dublin.

9th May, 1759.—Mr. Redmond Kane was the Society's solicitor.

30th May.—Alexander Stewart, Esq. was recommended by the Society to the Corporation of Londonderry, as a representative for their city in Parliament in the event of a vacancy. The Corporation sent letters of excuse for not promoting his interest, as recommended by the Society.

3d July.—A letter was received by the Society from various citizens of Londonderry, requesting the Society to patronize them, in their endeavours to get Alderman William Hamilton returned as their representative.

30th April, 1760.—A by-law was sent by the Corporation of Londonderry for the confirmation of the Society, relative to the rents received by the Corporation of their tenants holding premises granted by the Society to the Corporation, under their late leases, and to enable the Corporation to let the same by public auction to the highest bidder. A copy of this by-law was laid before the Recorder, some alterations were made therein, and afterwards the same by-law was confirmed under seal of the Society,

25th November.-Mr. John Paterson was elected secretary.

10th December.—The Society recommended their general agent, Flenry Hamilton, Esq. to the Corporation of Londonderry, as their representative in Parliament.

19th May, 1762.-An assistant of the Court was chosen, in the room of one deceased.

30th September. The fisheries were granted, by lease for twenty-three years, to Henry Hamilton, Esq. at £912 a year.

230 November, 1763.-A piece of plate was voted to the Governor. The following is a copy of the resolution : * Resolved, that a piece of plate, of the value of one hundred guineas, be, with all due respect, presented to our worthy Governor, the Worshipful Robert Alsop, Esq. one of the Aldermen of London, in testimony of our entire approbation of his diligent attendance upon, and faithful and disinterested discharge of the duties of that high trust, during an uninterrupted course of eighteen years, and as a grateful acknowledgment of his affability and impartial conduct towards the several members of this Court, who have successively been elected during his government; and of his constant readiness to communicate to them all those necessary lights which his long experience in, and perfect knowledge of, the Society's rights, interests, and affairs, fully qualified him to give, and which have greatly contributed to facilitate the business of the Society here, and to establish and secure a prudent and faithful management of their property in Ireland.” - 18th January, 1764.—A list was made out of all the records and papers of the Society; and amongst others, a copy of the original charter to Coleraine, in the time of James the First; a translation of which will appear in the Appendix.

July, 1765.—The Governor, about this time, went to Ireland, and surveyed and made regulations relative to the Society's estates and fisheries.

A petition was sent from the Corporation of Londonderry to the Society, praying the Society's recommendation to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, for parliamentary assistance, towards the reparation of the quays of that City, which was complied with.

11th October. A piece of plate was voted by the Society to the Mayor of Londonderry. · 27th November.-A report was made by the Committee as to the original establishment of Culmore Fort, whereby they stated, that his late Majesty King Charles the Second, by his letters patent, bearing date 10th day of April, in the fourteenth year of his reign, granted to the Society of the Governor and Assistants, London, of the New Plantation in Ulster, within the realm of Ireland, and to their successors, the castle and fort of Culmore, in the county of Donegall, and all the lands, containing, by estimation, three hundred acres, with the said castle and fort, then or then late occupied or used, or to the same belonging, or assigned or to be assigned, with the appurtenances, to the said castle and fort conveniently adjoining; and they found that the said Society, by the said letters patent, for themselves and their successors, did covenant with the crown, to keep and maintain, at their own costs and charges, in the said castle and fort, a ward of so many men well, and sufficiently armed, and expert officers, as should be necessary for the defence thereof; they further found, that the said Society having surrendered, or agreed to surrender to the crown, certain customs to them granted by the said former letters patent, his said Majesty was pleased by his letters patent, bearing date the 19th day of May, in the seventeenth year of his reign, in consequence of the said surrender, to re-lease the said covenants on the part of the Society; and to declare, that, for the future, the said Society, over and above the repairs of the said castle and fort, to be charged only with the yearly sum of £200* for the Governor of the said castle and fort, towards maintaining a garrison therein, and providing them with arms and ammunition; and also with the said three hundred acres of land, and the profits thereof: so that, upon the whole state of the case, it appeared, that the legal estate of and in the said three hundred acres of land was properly vested in the Society, in trust, for the Governor of the said castle and fort, for the time being

16th July, 1766.—It was ordered, that the Recorder's opinion should be taken, whether it would be legal for the

** This sum is still paid, half yearly, by the Society, to the Governor of Culmore Fort.

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