Sporting Scenes Amongst the Kaffirs of South Africa

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G. Routledge & Company, 1858 - 327 oldal

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208. oldal - By the o'ergrowth of some complexion, Oft breaking down the pales and forts of reason, Or by some habit that too much o'er-leavens The form of plausive manners ; that these men, Carrying, I say, the stamp of one defect, Being nature's livery, or fortune's star, Their virtues else, be they as pure as grace, As infinite as man may undergo, Shall in the general censure take corruption From that particular fault : the dram of eale Doth all the noble substance of a doubt To his own scandal.
3. oldal - POETS OF THE NINETEENTH CENTURY. The Poets of the Nineteenth Century. Selected and Edited by the Rev. ROBERT ARIS WILLMOTT. With English and American Additions, arranged by EVERT A. DUYCKINCK, Editor of "Cyclopaedia of American Literature.
306. oldal - THE HISTORY OF EXTRAORDINARY POPULAR DELUSIONS. By CHARLES MACKAY, LL.D. The Third Edition. Illustrated with One Hundred and Twenty Engravings, from scarce Prints and other authentic sources. Among which will be found the following interesting subjects: — The SOUTH SEA BUBBLE, The TDLIPOMANIA, RELICS, MODERN PROPHECIES, DUELS and ORDEALS, LOVE OF THE MARVELLOUS, The 0.
312. oldal - It is scarcely surprising that Harrison Ainsworth should have secured to himself a very wide popularity, when we consider how happily he has chosen his themes. Sometimes, by the luckiest inspiration, he has chosen a romance of captivating and enthralling fascinations, such as ' Crichton,' the
306. oldal - Including their Church and State, the Reorganization of the Inquisition, the Rise, Progress, and Consolidation of the Jesuits, and the means taken to effect the Counter-reformation in Germany, to revive Romanism in France, and to suppress Protestant Principles in the South of Europe. Translated from the last edition of the German hy WALTER K. KELLY, of Trinity College, Dublin. " This translation of Ranke we consider to be very superior to any other in the English language.
312. oldal - Unless another master-hand like Carleton's should appear, it is in his pages, and his alone, that future generations must look for the truest and fullest picture of the Irish peasantry, who will ere long have passed away from the troubled land, and from the records of history."— Edinburgh Review, Oct.
318. oldal - Marryat's works abound in humour— real, unaffected, buoyant, overflowing humour. Many bits of his writings strongly remind us of Dickens. He is an incorrigible Joker, and frequently relates such strange anecdotes and adventures that the gloomiest hypochondriac could not read them without involuntarily indulging in the unwonted luxury of a hearty cachinnation."— Dublin University Magazine.
305. oldal - Special Correspondent." Being a Revised Edition of "The War," with additions and corrections. Illustrated with Plans of the Battles, Woodcuts, and Steel Portrait of Author.
311. oldal - ... by an equal mastership of art ; here — lively and sparkling fancies; there, vigorous passion or practical wisdom — these works abound in illustrations that teach benevolence to the rich, and courage to the poor ; they glow with the love of freedom ; they speak a sympathy with all high aspirations, and all manly struggle ; and where, in their more tragic portraitures, they depict the dread images of guilt and woe, they so clear our judgment by profound analysis, while they move our hearts...

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