But he found them still unfruitful, he thus declares by his prophet Isaia * "what could have been done more my vineyard, that I have not done in i Wherefore, when I looked that it shou bring forth grapes, brought it forth wi grapes?" At length the sentence we forth, that Jerusalem so long, and highly favoured, should be ent down, a cumberer of the ground And John the Baptis of our Lord, proclaimed the axe was then laid






still continued unfruitful, and then after that, it was cut down, it perished by a miserable destruction, and its wretched inhabitants, are to this very hour, in the most deplorable state of banishment, from their native land; the kingdom of God has been taken away from them, and given to the Gentiles.


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But the awful destruction of Jerusalem,
d the miserable dispersion of its guilty
bitants, which has now continued for
y eighteen centuries, forcibly urges
every Christian church, and upon
Christian congregation, that solemn
ing of the Apostle Paul: "Be
high minded, bu
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I come seeking fruit,

1. Rom. xi. 22.

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