A letter (A second letter) to ... viscount Melbourne ... on the liberty of the subject as affected by the atrocious system of imprisonment for debt, 1. kötet

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34. oldal - Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the people of this kingdom of England, and the dominions thereto belonging, according to the statutes in parliament agreed on, and the laws and customs of the same? — The king or queen shall say, I solemnly promise so to do.
34. oldal - or queen, laying his or her hand upon the holy gospels, " shall say, The things which I have here before promised " I will perform and keep : so help me God : and then shall
33. oldal - A freeman shall not be amerced for a small fault, but after the manner of the fault; and for a great crime according to the heinousness of it, saving to him his contenement; and after the same manner a merchant, saving to him his merchandise.
34. oldal - Archbishop or bishop : Will you to your power cause law and justice, in mercy, to be executed in all your judgments ? King or queen : I will.
35. oldal - Another capacity, in which the king is considered in domestic affairs, is as the fountain of justice and general conservator of the peace of the kingdom. By the fountain of justice, the law does not mean the author or original, but only the distributor. Justice is not derived from the king, as from his free gift ; but...
28. oldal - THE LORD CHANCELLOR Keeps the Great Seal, not to judge according to the common law, as other courts do, but to dispense with such parts as seem in some cases to oppress the subject ; and to judge according to equity, conscience, and reason. Wherefore he is said to have two powers; one absolute, the other ordinary; the meaning of which is, he must observe the form of proceeding in other courts; yet, in his absolute power, he is not limited by the written law, but in conscience and equity.
34. oldal - The king," saith Bracton, who wrote under Henry III, "ought not to be subject to man, but to God, and to the law; for the law maketh the king. Let the king therefore render to the law, what the law has invested in him with regard to others; dominion and power for he is not truly king, where will and pleasure rules, and not the law.
5. oldal - O'erwhelming turrets threaten ere they fall ; Volcanos bellow ere they disembogue ; Earth trembles ere her yawning jaws devour ; And smoke betrays the wide-consuming fire : Ruin from man is most conceal'd when near, And sends the dreadful tidings in the blow.
35. oldal - He is not the spring, but the reservoir from whence right and equity are conducted, by a thousand channels, to every individual. The original power of judicature, by the fundamental principles of society, is lodged in the society at large...
22. oldal - We ourselves will hear his accusations with condescension and patience : and if he make good his allegations, we shall be happy and eager to do ourselves and our people justice on the man who shall be found to have thus imposed on ua by specious but deceitful counsels.

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