Minutes of Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, 55. kötet

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Vols. 39-204 (1874/75-1916/17) have a section 3 containing "Abstracts of papers in foreign transactions and periodicals" (title varies); issued separately, 1919-37, as the institution's Engineering abstracts from the current periodical literature of engineering and applied science, published outside the United Kingdom.

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198. oldal - Institution shall be considered the property thereof, unless there shall have been some previous arrangement to the contrary, and the Council may publish the same, in any way and at any time they may think proper. But should the Council refuse, or delay the publication of such Paper, beyond a reasonable time, the Author thereof shall have a right to copy the same, and to publish it as he may think fit, having previously given notice, in writing, to the Secretary of his intention. No person shall...
196. oldal - ... output of coal in the United Kingdom as compared •with that of other countries, illustrated by statistics, showing where coal is produced, where and how it is consumed, and the relative quantities exported. Several other subjects of a similar character will be found on reference to the list. I am clearly of opinion that a society having for its primary purpose the edification and instruction of its members...
198. oldal - Society, unless there shall have been any previous engagement with its author to the contrary ; and the Council may publish the same in any way and at any time that they may think proper. But should the Council refuse or...
192. oldal - CIVIL ENGINEERS. THE Council of the Institution of Civil Engineers have awarded the following Premiums for papers read at the meetings during the session 1862-3 : — 1.
331. oldal - He acts upon the principle that if a thing is worth doing at all it is worth doing well : — and the thing that he " does" especially well is the public.
194. oldal - THE COUNCIL of The Institution of Civil Engineers invite communications, of a complete and comprehensive character, on any of the Subjects included in the following list, as well as on other analogous questions. For approved Original Communications, the Council will be prepared to award Premiums, arising out of special Funds bequeathed for the purpose, the particulars of which are as under : — 1. The TELFORD FUND, left "in trust, the Interest to be expended in Annual Premiums, under the direction...
174. oldal - Donaldson, the Scrutineers, for the promptitude and efficiency with which they have performed the duties of their office, and that the ballot papers be destroyed.
52. oldal - ... a fraction of this pressure would suffice to make it move forward on the actual bottom. The conclusion drawn by Mr. Giles, M. Inst. CE, the engineer of the docks, from this and other failures is, that the quality of a dock wall is of little consequence compared with the quantity, and that it ought to be sufficiently strong not only to hold any amount of any kind of backing put against it, but to carry a head of water equal to its height if it were left dry on the other side.* These principles...
198. oldal - NOTICE. It has frequently occurred, that in Papers which have been considered deserving of being read and published, and have even had Premiums awarded to them, the Authors may have advanced somewhat doubtful theories, or may have arrived at conclusions at variance with received opinions. The Council would, therefore, emphatically repeat, that the Institution must not, as a body, be considered responsible for the facts and opinions advanced in the Papers, or in the consequent Discussions ; and it...
198. oldal - Diagrams may be sent for the illustration of any particular portions. Papers which have been read at the Meetings of other Scientific Societies, or have been published in any form, cannot be read at a Meeting of the Institution, nor be admitted to competition for the Premiums.

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