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This collection of cases is a revision of Volume V and part of Volume VI of Gray's Cases on Property. It is also a considerable enlargement by the inclusion of new subjects and of further development of others. The effort has been to follow Mr. Gray's work as closely as possible, not to find some different arrangement just as good. Departures have only been introduced when decisive reasons appeared in their favor. It is the desire of the compiler that Mr. Gray's collection of cases and his analysis of the subjects dealt with should continue to live and serve the great body of law students of the country, and that the present work, while it must bear another's name, should play an important part in achieving that end.

This casebook deals with the subjects of property more commonly met with in litigation, about which lawyers in general know the least, and where academic knowledge and analysis are of great importance in handling cases. Where law schools devote two hours a week for the year to Property III, and where the subjects of joint ownership, the recording acts, dower, and curtesy are dealt with in the second-year course on property through the use of Mr. Aigler's Collection of Cases on Titles in the American Casebook Series, there is an opportunity by the use of this edition to enter upon a more intensive study of important subjects than has heretofore been possible.

The compiler acknowledges two very great favors extended to him by the Harvard Law School: First, the privilege of using Mr. Gray's collection of cases in preparing the manuscript for this work; and, second, the opportunity of giving at the Harvard Law School, during the year 1916–17, the course known as Property III, and in this way testing with the class the effectiveness of the arrangement and cases now presented.



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