5 Hear my voice, O Lord, ac 6 Lord, I have looked for thy cording unto thy loving kindness; saving health, and done after thy quicken me according as thou art commandments. wont.

7 My soul hath kept thy testi6 They draw nigh that of malice monies, and loved them exceedpersecute me, and are far from thy ingly. law.

8 I have kept thy command7 Be thou nigh at hand, O Lord; ments and testimonies; for all my for all thy commandments are ways are before thee. true.

Appropinquet deprecatio. I ha des concerning thiy testimae theo Leler y cumpla ini come before hast grounded them for ever. standing according to thy word. Vide humilitatem.

2 Let my supplication come beCONSIDER mine adversity, fore thee; deliver me according O

and deliver mefor I do not word forget thy law.

3 My lips shall speak of thy 2 Avenge thou my cause, and praise, when thou hast taught me deliver me ; quicken me according thy statutes. to thy word.

4 Yea, my tongue shall sing of 3 Health is far from the ungodly; thy word; for all thy commandfor they regard not thy statutes. ments are righteous.

4 Great is thy mercy, O Lord ; 5 Let thine hand help me; for quicken me as thou art wont. I have chosen thy commandments.

5 Many there are that trouble 6 I have longed for thy saving me, and persecute me; yet do I health, O Lord; and in thy law is not swerve from thy testimonies.my delight.

6 It grieveth me when I see the 7 O let my soul live, and it shall transgressors; because they keep praise thee; and thy judgments not thy law.

shall help me. 7 Consider, O Lord, how I love 8 I have gone astray like a thy commandments; O quicken sheep that is lost; O seek thy serme according to thy loving kind- vant, for I do not forget thy com

mandments. 8 Thy word is true from everlasting ; all the judgments of thy The twenty-seventh Day. righteousness endure for ever MORNING PRAYER.

Psalm 120. Ad Dominum. Principes

WHEN I was in trouble, I RINCÉS without a cause;


heart he heard me. standeth in awe of thy word. 2 Deliver my soul, O Lord,

2 I am as glad of thy word, as from lying lips, and from a deone that findeth great spoils.

ceitful tongue. 3 As for lies, I hate and abhor 3 What reward shall be given them; but thy law do I love. or done unto thee, thou false

4 Seven times a day do I praise tongue ? even mighty and sharp thee; because of thy righteous arrows, with hot burning coals. judgments.

4 Woe is me, that I am con5 Great is the peace that they strained to dwell with Mesech, have who love thy law; and they and to have my habitation among are not offended at it.

the tents of Kedar. R



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my help.

5 Mysoul hath long dwelt among! 9 Yea, because of the house of them that are enemies unto peace. the Lord our God, I will seek to

6 I labour for peace; but when do thee good. I speak unto them thereof, they Psalm 123. Ad te leravi oculos make them ready to battle. Psalm 121. Levavi oculos meos. NTO thee lift I WILL lift up mine eyes unto


thou that dwellest in the the hills, from whence cometh heavens.

2 Behold, even as the eyes of 2 My help cometh even from servants look unto the hand of their the Lord, who hath made heaven masters, and as the eyes of a maidand earth.

en unto the hand of her mistress, 3 He will not suffer thy foot to be even so our eyes wait upon the moved, and he that keepeth thee Lord our God, until he have merwill not sleep:

cy upon us. 4 Behold, he that keepeth Israel 3 Hlave mercy upon us, O Lord, shall neither slumber nor sleep. have mercy upon us; for we are

5 The Lord himself is thy keep- utterly despised. er; the Lord is thy defence upon 4 Our soul is filled with the thy right hand;

scornful reproof of the wealthy, 6 So that the sun shall not burn and with the despitefulness of the thee by day, neither the moon by proud. night.

Psalm 124. Nisi quia Dominus. 7 The Lord shall preserve thee [F the Lord bimself had not been from all evil; yea, it is even he on our side

now may


say; that shall keep thy soul.

if the Lord himself had not been 8 The Lord shall preserve thy on our side, when men rose up going out and thy coming in, from against us; this time forth for evermore.

2 They had swallowed us up Psalm 122. Lætatus sum. quick; when they were so wrath

We will go the house 3 Yea, the waters had drowned of the Lord.

us, and the stream had gone over 2 Our feet shall stand in thy our soul. gates, O Jerusalem.

4 The deep waters of the proud 3 Jerusalem is built as a city had gone even over our soul. that is at unity in itself.

5 But praised be the Lord, who 4 For thither the tribes go up, hath not given us over for a prey even the tribes of the Lord, to tes- unto their teeth. tify unto Israel, to give thanks unto 6 Our soul is escaped even as a the name of the Lord.

bird out of the snare of the fowler; 5 For there is the seat of judg-the snare is broken, and we are dement, even the seat of the house of livered. David.

7 Our help standeth in the name 6 O pray for the peace of Jeru- of the Lord, who hath made heasalem; they shall prosper that love ven and earth. thee.

Psalm 125. Qui confidunt.

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I WAS glad when they said unto fully dienlensed at ers:

Peace be within thy walls, and T the Lord shall be even as the

plenteousness within thy palaces.

8 :For my brethren and com- mount Sion, which may not be repanions' sakes, I will wish thee moved, but standeth fast for ever. prosperity:

2 The hills stand about Jerusa

upon Israel.


lem: even so standeth the Lord! 5 Like as the arrows in the round about his people, from this hand of the giant, even so are the time forth for evermore.

young children. 3 For the rod of the ungodly|... Happy is the man that hath cometh not unto the lot of the bis quiver full of them; they shall righteous ; lest the righteous put not be ashamed when they speak their hand unto wickedness. with their enemies in the gate. 4 Do well, O Lord, unto those Psalm 128. Beati omnes. are good and true of heart.

LESSED are they that unto their own wickedness, the


ways. Lord shall lead them forth with

2 For thou shalt eat the labour the evil doers; but peace shall be of thine hands: 0 well is thee,

and happy shalt thou be. EVENING PRAYER.

3 Thy wife shall be as the fruitPsalm 126. In convertendo. VHEN the Lord turned again house.

ful vine upon the walls of thine the captivity of Sion, then

4 Thy children like the olive we like unto them that branches, round about thy table. dream. 2 Then was our mouth filled with blessed that feareth the Lord.

5 Lo, thus shall the man be laughter, and our tongue with joy. 6 The Lord from out of Sion

3 Then said they among the shall so bless thee, that thou shalt heathen, The Lord hath done great see Jerusalem in prosperity all thy things for them.

life long; 4 Yea, the Lord hath done

7 Yea, that thou shalt see thy great things for us already; where children's children, and peace upof we rejoice.

on Israel. 5 Turn our captivity, O Lord, as the rivers in the south.

Psalm 129. Sæpe expugnaverunt. 6 They that sow in tears, shall MANY a time have they fought reap in joy.

He that now goeth on his up, may Israel now say; way weeping, and beareth forth

2 Yea, many a time have they good seed, shall doubtless come vexed me from my youth up; but again with joy, and bring his they have not prevailed against sheaves with him.

Psalm 127. Nisi Dominus. 3 The plowers plowed upon my XCEPT the Lord build the back, and made long furrows;

4 But the righteous Lord hath that build it.

hewn the snąres of the ungodly 2 Except the Lord keep the in pieces. city, the watchmen waketh but in 5 Let them be confounded and vain.

turned backward, as many as have 3 It is but lost labour that ye evil will at Sion. haste to rise up early, and so late 6 Let them be even as the take rest, and eat the bread of grass growing upon the housecarefulness ; for so he giveth his tops, which withereth afore it be beloved sleep.

plucked up; 4 Lo, children and the fruit of 7 Whereof the mower filleth the womb, are an heritage and not his hand, neither he that bind. . gift that cometh of the Lord. Jeth up the sheaves his bosom.


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iny trust.

8 So that they who go by say sleep, nor mine eyelids to slumnot so much as, The Lord prosper ber; neither the temples of my you, we wish you good luck in the head to take any rest; name of the Lord.

5 Until I find out a place for the Psalm 130. De profundis. temple of the Lord; an habitation UT of the deep have I called for the mighty God of Jacob.

unto thee, O Lord; Lord, 6 Lo, we heard of the same at hear my voice.

Ephrata, and found it in the wood. 2 O let thine ears consider well 7 We will go into his tabernacle, the voice of my complaint. and fall low on our knees before

3 If thou, Lord; wilt be extreme his footstool. to mark what is done amiss, o 8 Arise, O Lord, into thy restLord, who may abide it? ing-place; thou, and the ark of

4 For there is mercy with thee; thy strength. therefore shalt thou be feared. 9 Let thy priests be clothed

5 I look for the Lord; my soul with righteousness; and let thy doth wait for him; in his word is saints sing with joyfulness.

10 For thy servant David's 6 My soul fleeth unto the Lord sake, turn not away the presence before the morning-watch, I say, of thine Anointed. before the morning-watch.

11 The Lord hath made a faith7 0 Israel, trust in the Lord, ful oath unto David, and he shall for with the Lord there is mercy, not shrink from it; and with him is plenteous redemp 12 Of the fruit of thy body shall tion.

I set upon thy seat. 8 And he shall redeem Israel 13 If thy children will keep my from all his sins.

covenant, and my testimonies that Psalm 131, Domine, non est. I shall learn them; their children ORD, I am not high-minded; also shall sit upon thy seat for

I have no proud looks. evermore. 2 I do not exercise myself in 14 For the Lord hath chosen great matters which are too high Sion to be an habitation for him

self: he hath longed for her. 3 But I refrain my soul, and 15 This shall be my rest for keep it low, like as a child that is ever: here will I dwell, for I have weaned from his mother: yea, my a delight therein. soul is even as a weaned child. 16 I will bless her victuals with

4 O Israel, trust in the Lord, increase, and will satisfy her poor from this time forth for evermore. with bread.

17 I will deck her priests with The twenty-eighth Day. health, and her saints shall rejoice MORNING PRAYÉR.

and sing. Psalm 132. Memento, Domine. 18 There shall I make the horn

ORD, remember David, and of David to flourish: I have ordainall his trouble.

ed a lantern for mine Anointed. 2 How he sware unto the Lord, 19 As for his enemies, I shall and vowed a vow unto the Al- clothe them with shame; but upon mighty God of Jacob;

himself shall his crown flourish. 3 I will not come within the Psalm 133. Ecce, quam bonum. tabernacle of mine house, nor EHOLD, how good and joyclimb up into my bed ;

4 I will not suffer mine eyes to dwell together in unity.

for me;

Bu a thing itis, brethren,

2 It is like the precious oint-|. 11 Sehon, king of the Amoment upon the head, that ran down rites; and Og, the king of Basan ; unto the beard, even unto Aaron's and all the kingdoms of Canaan; beard, and went down to the skirts 12 And gave their land to be an of his clothing.

heritage, even an heritage unto 3 Like as the dew of Hermon, Israel his people. which fell upon the hill of Sion. 13 Thy name, O Lord, endureth

4 For there the Lord promised for ever; so doth thy memorial, his blessing, and life for evermore. O Lord, from one generation to

Psalm 134. Ecce nunc. another. EHOLD now, praise the Lord, 14 For the Lord will avenge his all ye servants of the Lord.

be gracious unto 2 Ye that by night stand in the servants. house of the Lord, even in the 15 As for the images of the heacourts of the house of our God. then, they are but silver and gold;

3 Lift up your hands in the the work of men's hands. sanctuary, and praise the Lord. 16 They have mouths, and speak

4 The Lord, that made heaven not; eyes have they, but they see and earth, give thee blessing out not. of Sion.

17 They have ears, and yet they Psalm 135. Laudate Nomen. hear not; neither is there any 0

PRAISE the Lord, laud ye breath in their mouths.

the name of the Lord; praise 18 They that make them are it, О ye servants of the Lord. like unto them; and so are all they

2 Ye that stand in the house of that put their trust in them. the Lord, in the courts of the 19 Praise the Lord, ye house house of our God.

of Israel; praise the Lord, ye house 3 O praise the Lord; for the of Aaron. Lord is gracious: O sing praises 20 Praise the Lord, ye house of unto his name ; for it is lovely. Levi; ye that fear the Lord, praise

4 For why? the Lord hath the Lord. chosen Jacob unto himself, and 21 Praised be the Lord out of Israel for his own possession. Sion, who dwelleth at Jerusalem.

5 For I know that the Lord is EVENING PRAYER. great, and that our Lord is above Psalm 136. Confitemini Domino, all gods.

GIVE thanks unto the Lord; 6 that did he in heaven, and in earth; mercy endureth for ever. in the sea, and in all deep places. 2 O give thanks unto the God

7 He bringeth forth the clouds of all gods; for his mercy endureth from the ends of the world, and for ever. sendeth forth lightnings with the 30 thank the Lord of all lords; rain, bringing the winds out of his for his mercy endureth for ever. treasures.

4 Who only doeth great won8 He smote the first-born of ders; for his mercy endureth for Egypt, both of man and beast.

9 He hath sent tokens and won 5 Who by his excellent wisdom ders into the midst of thee, O thou made the heavens; for his mercy land of Egypt; upon Pharaoh, and endureth for ever. all his servants.

6 Who laid out the earth above 10 He smote divers nations, and the waters; for his merey endureth slew mighty kings;

for ever.


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