friends, at the close of 1849, he declared that the true politician was the man who knew his opportunities and could wait his time. Possibly it is because he handles politics with this courtier-like ease and flexibility that Napoleon III. bestows on him his favour. Whatever be the origin of the alliance, we may expect to find in the action of the Turin ministry a reflection of the many shadows that pass across the mind of Italy's imperial ally.

Significant observers will not fail to notice the early attempt made by the new Premier to obtain the support of Garibaldi. That a patriot so chivalrous and so simple-minded as the latter can for an instant have consented to hold out the hand of political friendship to a Gallicanizing minister, without some distinct pledges as to Italy's future, is simply impossible. Two hundred and thirty battalions of the Garibaldian national guard are at once, it is said, to be organized. Nor certainly does Austria look on the ministerial change as a symptom of tranquil times. She has redoubled her garrisons on the Po, and her arrests at Verona and Venice. Perhaps she remembers that it once before has been Ratazzi's lot-fourteen years ago—to be driven reluctantly by the force of circumstances into declaring war against her self; and she is conscious that the days in which a “Novara" was possible for Italy are now gone by. Europe is beginning to remember that there are two Gordian knots which embarrass the Italian question, one of which at least is capable of being cut asunder by a sword. If Venice were restored to Italy

there would be less need to insist on the temporal abdication of a Pope, who might be willing to rule with decency when he found that he was not in danger of losing an earthly crown. But, whatever be the intentions of Ratazzi, or indeed of Napoleon III., it is clear that the stock of patience which the Italians possess is by no means inexhaustible. The Provvedimento committees—dissolved or undissolved—are not likely to be amenable to French influence. A strong revolutionary movement is beginning to make itself felt throughout the Peninsula, which it will take all the unselfishness and generosity of Garibaldi and all the authority of Ratazzi to convert into a legitimate agitation for promoting Italian independence. The revolution in Greece has been a sign of the times ; and incidents have not been wanting in its course to show that its ramifications extended on one side to the East, and on the other to Italy. Ricasoli was too strong for the French Emperor; it is possible that Ratazzi may be too weak. We do not know that Italy is able to accomplish her own desire by her own arm. But she has the power to make it extremely difficult for France to refuse to act with her. This power she seems at last inclined to use. Any day circumstances may arise with respect to the diplomatic relations of Rome and the new kingdom, which will precipitate matters either to a conclusion or at least to an issue. Without pretending to political foresight, we may well believe-looking at the internal state of popular feeling in both countries that the planetary hour of Italy will come before very long.






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