Universal Biography: Containing a Copious Account, Critical and Historical, of the Life and Character, Labors and Actions of Eminent Persons, in All Ages and Countries, Conditions and Professions ...

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38. oldal - ... nothing of disorder discernible in his mind by any but himself; but he had withdrawn from study, and travelled with no other book than an English Testament, such as children carry to the school: when his friend took it into his hand out of curiosity to see what companion a man of letters had chosen, ' I have but one book,' said Collins,
24. oldal - Cologne, he appeared at Paris, and read public lectures to an applauding audience. On his return to Italy, he became divinity professor to several universities, and at last settled at Naples, where he led...
38. oldal - Unwin to Weston, Northamptonshire, and afterwards turned his thoughts to a life of Milton, and to a complete edition of his poems, and after he had made some little progress he was introduced to Mr. Hayley, who had been engaged on the same subject, and thus arose an intercourse of friendship which continued to the last period of life. The poet had communicated so much pleasure and instruction to the world by the sweetness of his lines, and the pure precepts of morality and benevolence which every...
38. oldal - Mr. Boyle's writings shall I recommend ? All of them. To him we owe the secrets of fire, air, water, animals, vegetables, fossils : so that from his works may be deduced the whole system of natural knowledge.
11. oldal - When he had received some indignities from a governor of York, he flew to London, and, with all the indignation and haughtiness of an offended prelate, demanded vengeance, and pronounced a curse on the head of William. His wrath was with difficulty pacified by the entreaties of the sovereign and his nobles, and the curse was recalled, and changed into a blessing. It is said that he died with grief, on seeing the north of England desolated by the ravages of Harold and Canute, sons of Sweyn, Sept.
38. oldal - ... compass. — As In the latter case, the more favorable the winds, and the greater the diligence and skill In working the ship, the more rapidly will It be speeded on in a wrong course : and so In the former, the greater the struggle for safety, the more speedy the progress to ruin. — Tryon Edwards. There will be mistakes in divinity while men preach, and errors in governments while men govern.
38. oldal - Spain, he urged an audience with the emperor, and was asked who he was, the bold adventurer replied, " I am the man who has given you more provinces than your father left you towns.
38. oldal - I will be happy. Before I sit down, I have one request to make to the house ; that when they come to decide upon my honour, they will not forget their own." The house rejected the motion against him, and resolved that " Lord Clive had rendered great and meritorious services to his country.
24. oldal - Andromache to the actors, with the judgment and correctness of a poet nnd of a man of feeling, paid him the highest compliment, assuring him that he could give him no instructions, "for," added he, "your own heart will tell you more than any lessons of mine can suggest.

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