The Standard Library Cyclopedia of Political, Constitutional, Statistical and Forensic Knowledge: Forming a Work of Universal Reference on the Subjects of Civil Administration, Political Economy, Finance, Commerce, Laws and Social Relations ...

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H. G. Bohn, 1848

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258. oldal - to borrow, owe, or take up any sum or sums of money on their hills or notes payable on demand, or
138. oldal - the case : the shorter the time which a man is supposed to live, the more must he pay the office, that the latter may at his death have accumulated wherewithal to pay his executors. We now give in Table V. the values of
258. oldal - of partnership exceeding the number of six persons, in that part of
138. oldal - those which suppose men to live longer. Those who buy annuities would, therefore, be glad to be rated according to tables of high
138. oldal - The value of a life annuity depends, therefore, upon the manner in which it is presumed a large number of persons,
252. oldal - the security of goods, and lent sums in one place to be repaid in another. They likewise dealt in foreign coins, and appear to have occasionally advanced money to the state for public purposes. Some of them, as we are told, acquired great wealth. In the treatise written by Xenophon on the revenues of Attica, we find a remarkable project for the
252. oldal - in the progress of a community towards civilization, the extent of its commercial dealings had become very considerable, none would be led to give their attention to the occupation of facilitating the money operations of the rest of the mercantile community. At first this office would doubtless be undertaken for others by the more
138. oldal - have been constructed, from observations made among different classes of lives. Some make the mortality greater than others ; and of
400. oldal - consumed by them in that year were 60,592,001. Their proportions are as- follows :— 1843. 79 London newspapers . 31,692,092 212 English provincial
254. oldal - as a bank of deposit and circulation, subsequently (1793) became a bank of issue ; and its notes were the sole circulating medium in Austria ; but having fallen to a considerable discount in consequence of their excessive quantity, the Austrian National Bank was established in

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