Goldsmith's Roman History: Abridged by Himself, for the Use of Schools

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172. oldal - Being at length entered the senate house, where the conspirators were prepared to receive him, he met one Spurina, an augur, who had foretold his danger ; to whom he said, smiling, " Well, Spurina, the ides
159. oldal - While he was thus piously employed, he was accosted by an old Roman soldier, who had served under Pompey in his youth.
157. oldal - Having taken in Cornelia, he now continued his course steering to the southeast, and stopping no longer than was necessary to take in provisions, at the ports that occurred in his passage. He was at last prevailed upon to apply to Ptolemy, king of Egypt, to whose father Pompey had been a considerable benefactor. Ptolemy, who was...
157. oldal - She was desired by the messenger (whose tears more than words, proclaimed the greatness of her misfortunes) to hasten, if she expected to see Pompey, with but one ship, and even that not his own. Her grief, which before was violent, became now insupportable ; she fainted away, and lay a considerable time without any signs of life.
142. oldal - Caesar, who would not wait the conclusion of his speech, generously replied, that he came into Italy not to injure the liberties of Rome and its citizens, but to restore them.
153. oldal - ... method of fighting pursued by the cohorts, their aiming entirely at the visages of the assailants, and the horrible disfiguring wounds they made, all contributed to intimidate them so much, that instead of defending their persons, their only endeavour was to save their faces.
303. oldal - ... expedition : sensible of his own incapacity to succeed without Divine assistance, he employed his meditations upon the opinions that...
39. oldal - In times of old, when every part of the body could think for itself, and each had a separate will of its own, they all, with common consent, resolved to revolt against the belly. They knew no reason, they said, why they should toil from morning till night in its service, while the belly, in the...
12. oldal - In the mean time the games began, and while the strangers were most intent upon the spectacle, a number of the Roman youth rushed in among them with drawn swords, seized the youngest and most beautiful women, and carried them off by violence. In vain the parents protested against this breach of hospitality ; in vain the...
167. oldal - It lasted four days ; the first was for Gaul, the second for Egypt, the third for his victories in Asia, and the fourth for that over Juba in Africa. His veteran soldiers...

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