The Roman History: From the Foundation of the City of Rome, to the Destruction of the Western Empire, 1. kötet

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S. Baker and G. Leigh, 1770

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476. oldal - Pompey's troops upon the flank : this charge the enemy withstood for some time with great bravery, till he brought up his third line, which had not yet engaged. Pompey's infantry, being thus doubly attacked, in front by fresh troops, and in rear by the victorious cohorts, could no longer resist but fled to their camp. The flight began among the strangers, though Pompey's right wing still valiantly maintained their ground.
479. oldal - ... blow, he returned to the camp, and in his tent waited the issue of an event which it was his duty to direct, not to follow ; there he remained for some moments without speaking, till being told that the camp was attacked, " What," says he, " are we pursued to our very "entrenchments?
480. oldal - Amphipolis, where finding his affairs desperate, he steered to Lesbos, to take in his wife Cornelia, whom he had left there at a distance from the dangers and hurry of the war.
483. oldal - Achilles, the commander of the forces, and Septimius, by birth a Roman, and who had formerly been a centurion in Pompey's army, were appointed to carry -their opinion into execution.
484. oldal - Septimius gave only a nod with his head, without uttering a word, or instancing the least civility. Pompey, therefore took out a paper, on which he had minuted a speech he intended to make to the king, and began reading it. In this manner they approached the shore; and Cornelia, whose concern had never suffered her to lose sight...
480. oldal - Tempe, and pursuing the river Peneus, at last arrived at a fisherman's hut, in which he passed the night. From thence he went on board a little bark, and keeping along the...
385. oldal - Pompey also, by a decree of the senate, was joined with him in the same commission ; who having united their forces before Lepidus could reach the city, came to an engagement with him near the Milvian bridge, within a mile or two from the walls, where they totally routed and dispersed his whole army.
256. oldal - ... the street, commenced firing from the roofs. The wounded were thus in very great danger, and would have fallen into the hands of the enemy had not Surgeon Reade drawn his sword and, calling upon a few soldiers who were near to follow, succeeded under a very heavy fire in dislodging the rebels from their position.
482. oldal - He was at last prevailed upon to apply to Ptolemy, king of Egypt, to whose father Pompey had been a considerable benefactor. Ptolemy, who was as yet a minor, had not the government in his own hands, but he and his kingdom were under the direction of Photinus, an eunuch, and Theodotus, a master of the art of speaking.
483. oldal - Caesar's resentment ; and •by not receiving him, they offended the one, without obliging the other : that, therefore, the only expedient left, was to...

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