A Day on Cooper River

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A.E. Miller, 1842 - 83 oldal

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57. oldal - He was a man, take him for all in all, We shall not look upon his like again: I know that statement's not original: What statement is, since Shakspere?
14. oldal - Musas; primus Idumaeas referam tibi, Mantua, palmas, et viridi in campo templum de marmore ponam propter aquam, tardis ingens ubi flexibus errat Mincius et tenera praetexit harundine ripas.
80. oldal - Happy the age, and harmless were the days — For then true love and amity were found — When every village did a Maypole raise...
76. oldal - Happy the age, and harmlesse were the dayes, (For then true love and amity was found) When every village did a May-pole raise, And Whitson-ales and May-games did abound: And all the lusty yonkers in a rout, With merry lasses daunc'd the rod about, Then friendship to their banquets bid the guests, And poore men far'd the better for their feasts.
16. oldal - MORTIMER'S anger Cooled down. Mr. MORTIMER did not live long after his residence in Saint Paul. On January 8th, 1843, he was attacked with hemorrhage, resulting from an injury received a short time before, and died at the age of 43 years. He left a widow and five children — two sons and three daughters. His oldest daughter is now Mrs. JR PATTEN, an estimable lady of Minneapolis. His second daughter, FANNY, married AARON FOSTER, an old settler of Saint Paul. Both are now dead. His voungest daughter,...

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