Bell's Edition, 51-52. kötet

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J. Bell, 1787
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25. oldal - Baboons and apes ridiculous we find; For what ? for ill refembling humankind. " None are for being what they are in fault, " But for not being what they would be thought." Thus I, dear Friend! to you my thoughts impart, As to one perfect in the Pleafing art;
145. oldal - Let not her years exceed, if equal thine, For women past their vigour soon decline. Her fortune competent; and if thy sight Can reach so far, take care 'tis gather'd right. If thine's enough, then her's may be the less: Do not aspire to riches in excess; For that which makes our lives delightful prove,
13. oldal - Give life an edge so keen, no surly care Would venture to assault my soul, or dare Near my retreat, to hide one secret snare. But so divine, so noble, a repast I'd seldom, and with moderation taste; 135
69. oldal - all that heav'n of beauty come! And muft Paftora moulder in the tomb! Ah, Death! more fierce and unrelenting far Than wildeft wolves or favage tigers are; With lambs and flieep their hungers are appeas'd, But ravenous Death the
39. oldal - he fits upon, Whofe memory of found is long fince gone, And purpofely annihilated for his throne; Beneath two foft tranfparent clouds do meet, In which he feems to fink his fofter feet; A melancholy thought, condens'd to air, Stol'n from a lover in defpair, Like a thin mantle
109. oldal - and laid his paffion ; The fhepherd ceas'd reviling, And fung this recantation. PALINODE. " How engaging, how endearing, '* Is a lover's pain and care! ** And what joy the nymph's appearing " After abfence or defpair! " Women wife increafe defiring, •* By contriving kind delays, " And advancing or retiring, " All they mean is more to pleafe.
140. oldal - A thorny bramble pricks her tender breast; In warbling melody she spends the night, And moves at once compassion and delight. No choice had e'er so happy an event But he that made it did that choice repent. So weak's our judgment, and so short's our
13. oldal - Courage to look bold Danger in the face; No fear, but only to be proud or base ; Quick to advise, by an emergence prest, 115 To give good counsel, or to take the best: I'd have th'expression of her thoughts be such, She might not seem reserv'd, nor talk too much ; That shews a want of judgment and of sense ; More than enough is but impertinence:
91. oldal - authors, too, by their fuccefs of late, Begin to think third days are out of date. What can the caufe be that our plays wont keep, Unlefs they have a rot fome years, like fheep.' For our parts, we confefs we're quite afham'd To read fuch weekly bills of poets damn'd.
112. oldal - In whom there are the least remains Of piety or fear, His tribute brings of joyful sacrifice, For pardon prays, and for protection flies: Nay, the inanimate creation give, By prompt obedience to his word, Instinctive honour to their Lord, And shame the thinking world who in

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