Torah: The Unveiling of Redemption

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Damian Dewaine Phillips
Universal Publishers, 2000 - 296 oldal
Torah: The Unveiling of Redemption is a spiritual companion to students of the Pentateuch, designed to keep them from being bogged down in theory and faith-challenging theology. An examination is made of the Torah by searching for the message of salvation, and prophecies portraying the fulfillment of salvation in Jesus Christ. The Pentateuch is a testimony to the redemption of a people fallen from the love of God. Salvation history, or the history of God's act of redemption, is key to the interpretation of the Torah. Not only does the Torah portray a theology of redemption, but it also bears witness to the divine plan that would one day manifest and fulfill itself in the person of Jesus Christ. Book jacket.

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A szerzőről (2000)

Phillips is Senior Pastor of Mt. Gilboa Baptist Church in Campbellsville, KY. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Studies from Campbellsville University.

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