Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century: Comprizing Biographical Memoirs of William Bowyer, Printer, F.S.A., and Many of His Learned Friends; an Incidental View of the Progress and Advancement of Literature in this Kingdom During the Last Century; and Biographical Anecdotes of a Considerable Number of Eminent Writers and Ingenious Artists; with a Very Copious Index, 2. kötet

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373. oldal - Odyssey a criticism was published by Spence, at that time prelector of poetry at Oxford; a man whose learning was not very great, and whose mind was not very powerful. His criticism, however, was commonly just. What he thought, he thought rightly ; and his remarks were recommended by his coolness and candour. In him Pope had the first experience of a...
552. oldal - I could now and then have told you some hints worth your notice ; and perhaps we may talk a life over. I hope we shall be much together : you must now be to me what you were before, and what dear Mr. Allen was besides. He was taken unexpectedly away, but I think he was a very good man. — I have made little progress in recovery. I am very weak, and very sleepless : but I live on and hope.
55. oldal - An history of the life of James, duke of Ormonde, from his birth in 1610, to his death in 1688.
370. oldal - Malloch to English Mallet, without any imaginable reason of preference which the eye or ear can discover. What other proofs he gave of disrespect to his native country, I know not ; but it was remarked of him, that he was the only Scot whom Scotchmen did not commend.
141. oldal - The Scripture account of the attributes and worship of God, and of the character and offices of Jesus Christ, by a candid Enquirer after Truth.
214. oldal - Why, man, he doth bestride the narrow world, Like a Colossus ; and we petty men Walk under his huge legs, and peep about To find ourselves dishonourable graves.
554. oldal - America. on the independency of the Arabs. — The Cosmogony, and a small part of the History immediately following; by Mr. Sale. To the birth of Abraham ; chiefly by Mr. Shelvock. History of the Jews, Gauls, and Spaniards; by Mr. Psalmanaazar. Xenophon's Retreat; by the same. History of the Persians and the Constantinopolitan Empire; By Dr. Campbell. History of the Romans; by Mr. Bower.] the epigrams in the Anthologia.
373. oldal - Pope had the first experience of a critic without malevolence, who thought it as much his duty to display beauties as expose faults ; who censured with respect and praised with alacrity.
576. oldal - His style, though inartificial, is sometimes elevated ; though familiar, it is never mean ; and though employed upon various topics of theology, ethics, and criticism, it is not arrayed in any delusive resemblance, either of solemnity, from fanatical cant ; of profoundness, from scholastic jargon ; of precision, from the crabbed formalities of cloudy philologists ; or of refinement, from the technical babble of frivolous connoisseurs.
715. oldal - Of manners gentle, of affections mild ; In wit, a man ; simplicity, a child ; With native humour temp'ring virtuous rage, Form'd to delight at once and lash the age ; Above temptation, in a low estate ; And uncorrupted...

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