Cloudland: A Study on the Structure and Characters of Clouds

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E. Stanford, 1894 - 208 oldal

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140. oldal - In whatever direction a body moves on the surface of the earth there is a force arising from the earth's rotation which deflects it to the right in the northern, but to the left in the southern hemisphere.
166. oldal - ... considerable. Hence the interior and most violent portion of a cyclone, always gyrating from right to left in the northern hemisphere, and the contrary in the southern, must always gradually move towards the pole of the hemisphere in which it is. While between the equator and the tropical calm belt, it is carried •westward by the general westward motion of the atmosphere there, but after passing the tropical calm belt, the general motion of the atmosphere carries it eastward, and hence the...
165. oldal - The motion of a cyclone toward the poles may be accounted for by the principle in § 5. The motion of the equatorial side of a cyclone in either hemisphere is always toward the east, and hence the deflecting force causes a pressure toward the equator, but that of the polar side being always toward the west, the deflecting force causes a pressure toward the pole. Now these deflecting forces being as the sine of the latitude, as may be seen from...
120. oldal - Cirrus moving from South is generally an indication of /Unsettled weather, especially in summer. The temperature is then usually above the mean for the time of year. " Cirrus from South-west indicates unsettled and sometimes stormy weather in winter. In summer it often precedes thunderstorms, but with a high barometric pressure and 'a high temperature it frequently has no disturbing influence, and is then usually replaced by Cirro macula.
120. oldal - Cirrux are held to be of service for forecasting purposes, the following rules by the author may be considered useful and instructive : — "Cirrus moving from North or North-east with a high barometer is a sign of settled weather in summer and of temporarily fine weather in winter. With a low barometer it is a sign of marked improvement in weather.
166. oldal - ... being greater on the polar side, where the deflecting forces which cause it are greatest, its action upon the atmosphere in advance of it is greater than on the equatorial side, where these forces are much less, and hence new portions of the atmosphere are being continually brought into action on the one side, while the resistance of the earth's surface, and the adjacent portions of atmosphere on the other side, are continually overcoming the comparatively weak forces there, and destroying the...
196. oldal - ... after the sea-breeze set in in the morning, which it did with wonderful regularity. The mountain stood in bold relief, and from where the ship lay its top could always be seen above the cloud, even when it was densest and blackest, with the lightning flashing and the thunder rolling as it did every day. I passed up through the cloud once, and I know therefore how heavily it rains, especially at the lower side of the cloud. This rain never extends beyond the base of the mountain, and all around...

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