Out of His Head: A Romance ... [Also, Paul Lynde's Sketch Book]

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Thomas Bailey Aldrich
Carleton, 1862 - 226 oldal

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172. oldal - Half-hidden, like a mermaid in seaweed, Pensive awhile she dreams awake, and sees In fancy, fair St. Agnes in her bed, But dares not look behind, or all the charm is fled.
34. oldal - ... inherit us : our looks are strange : And we should come like ghosts to trouble joy. Or else the island princes over-bold Have eat our substance, and the minstrel sings Before them of the ten years' war in Troy, And our great deeds, as half-forgotten things.
113. oldal - It is a way of mine to put this and that together ! " " If you intend to betray me — " " O, no, but I don't, or I should not be here — alone with you. I am, as you may allow, not quite a fool.
127. oldal - ... Literary History of England, p. 54. From the slight and more or less conflicting evidence of these funerals we learn but little of the nature of the other world. . We have seen that there is no suggestion of comrades meeting after death, no cry like Lord Thomas's " stay for me " (Child, 73), no Wait for me there ; I shall not fail To meet thee in that hollow vale,1 and the line already quoted, " gum-dream ofgeaf, Codes leoht geceas " (v. 2469), implies no eager or voluntary choice. Nor does that...
176. oldal - Though the sedge is withered from the Lake And no birds sing. Why four kisses — you will say — why four because I wish to restrain the headlong impetuosity of my Muse — she would have fain said "score" without hurting the rhyme — but we must temper the Imagination as the Critics say with Judgment.
160. oldal - Antoine could not pacify her. By and by she ceased to weep, and went about the cottage with a dreary, disconsolate air that cut Antoine to the heart. A long-tailed paroquet, which she had brought with her in the ship, walked solemnly behind her from room to room, mutely pining, it seemed, for those heavy orient airs that used to ruffle its brilliant plumage.

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