ALPHABETICAL List of Scotch BANKRUPTCIES, announced between the 1st July

and 31st August, 1823, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

Aitken, James, merchant and warehouseman in

Glasgow. Baillie, Daniel, tenant in Parkhead of Dalzel, and

Hugh Baillie, residing there, grain-merchants. Colville, Alexander, printer in Bundee. Ewing, Miller, and Co. merchants, Greenock. Galletly, David, brewer and innkeeper in Perth. Gardner, Andrew, merchant in Edinburgh. Geddes, Wm. vintner in Inverness. Johnstone, Alexander, merchant, North Bridge,

Edinburgh. Kemp, David, merchant in Edinburgh. Kerr, Robert, grocer and spirit-dealer, Stirling. Lindsay, Walter, grocer in Port-Glasgow. Macarthur, Peter, merchant in Inverary. Macintyre, l'eter, shoemaker and leather-mer.

chant in Glasgow. Mackintosh and Bell, merchants in Glasgow. Mackintosh, Daniel, merchant, Glasgow. M'Neill, James, and Co. manufacturers in Glas

gow. Matheson, John, some time tanner in Inverness,

now tacksman in Drynie. Mawson, Samuel Moses, haberdasher in Edin.

burgh. Moffat, Alexander, merchant in Airdrie. Neilson, George, merchant and spirit-dealer in

Airdrie. Rae, John, candlemaker in Edinburgh. Russel, Thomas, plasterer in Glasgow, Singer, Adam, grocer in Aberdeen, Sloan, Anthony, cloth-merchant in Wigton. Stevenson, John, and Co. dyers, printers, and

merchants in Glasgow. Strachan, James, grocer, Inverkeithing. Tod, James and Andrew, and Co. merchants,

Borrowstounness. Walker, Alexander, merchant, formerly in Ar

broath, now in Pathhead. Young, Alexander, ship-owner and merchant in Perth.

DIVIDENDS. Bowzie, John, merchant in Crail; a dividend on

8th September. Carswell, Walter and George, and Carswell, Ro

bert, and Co. manufacturers in Paisley; a first dividend after 15th August.


Clark, John, junior, merchant in Inverness; a

first dividend after 14th August. Currie, Hugh, salt-merchant and dealer in salt,

Saltcoats ; a first and final dividend 31st July. Cushney, Wm. merchant, Aberdeen; a dividend

of 7s. per pound on 15th August.
Douglas, John, draper, Dumfries; a second and

. final dividend after 8th August.
Duguid, William, jun. merchant in Aberde

dividend after 14th September.
Gordon, James, in Overlaw, and Gordon, Mat-

thew, in Kirkland, drovers and cattle-dealers in the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright; a dividend on

18th August. M‘Arthur, George, grocer in Glasgow; a dividend

on 20th September. M'Caul and Sons, merchants in Glasgow; a divi

dend after 7th October. M'Donald, Wm. and Alex. merchants, Edin

burgh; a dividend after 14th August. M‘Leod, John, the Reverend, minister of the

gospel and builder in Glasgow; a first dividend

after 20th September, Mutter, William, merchant and haberdasher, South Bridge, Edinburgh; a final dividend af

ter 7th October. Newlands, James and Luke Fraser, jewellers and

watchmakers, Glasgow; a first dividend 29th

Pearson, John, late woollen-draper and haber-

dasher in Perth; a first and final dividend after

2d September Pringle, James, tanner in Haddington; a second

and final dividend after 3d September. Rowley, Josiah, china-ware merchant, Glasgow;

a first dividend 28th July. Sorley, John, junior, ironinonger in Glasgow; a

2d dividend on 17th September. Tenant and Co. merchants in Edinburgh; a final

dividend on 2d September. Thomson, Andrew, ship-owner, West Wemyss; a

division of the funds on 1st October. Turner, James, hosier and draper, Dumfries; a

dividend after 18th September. Watt, junior, late merchant in Edinburgh; a di,

vidend after 9th August,

Brevet Major Macneil, 2 Life Gds. Lt -Col. in the Army

25 Jan. 1822. Oakes, i Life Gds, Lt.-Col. in the Army

25 Jan, 1823. Major H. Earl of Uxbridge, 1 Life Gds. Lt.-Col. in the Army

5 Aug. H. Mahon, late Serj. Major, 67 F. to

have rank as Ens. 2 Dec. 1818.
Major Aubrey, h. p. Indep. Lieut-

Col. in the Army 1 Jan. 1798.
Capt. Cane, 65 F. Maj. in the Army

12 Aug. 1819.
Grant, R. Art. do. 12 July 1821.
Coffin, R. Art. do. do.

Wilford, R. Art. do, do. | Life Gds. Capt. H. Earl of Uxbridge, Maj. by

purch. vice Oakes, prom. 17 June Lt. Newburgh, Capt. by purch. do. Cor. and Sub. Lt. Sydney, Lieut. by purch.

do. H. Every, Cor. and Sub. Lieut. by purch.

do. Lt. and Adj. Smith, Capt. by purch. vice Visc. Barnard, prom. 2 Ceylon Regt.

14 July
Ens. Dallas, from 71 F. Cor. and Sub.

Lieut. by purch. vice Lord Mun-
caster, ret.

24 June

R. H. Gds. Bt. Lt.-Col. C. Hill, Lt.-Col. by purch.

vice Sir R. Hill. ret. 24 July, 1823. Capt. Richardson, Maj. and Lt.-Col. by purch.

do, Lt. Heathcote, Capt, by purch. do. Cor. Pigott, Lt. by purch. do. Ens. Lord A. Conyngham, from 57 F. Cor. by purch,

do. Corporal R. Cust, Qua. Mast. vice Perry, h. p.

7 Aug. 2 Dr. Gds. W. D. Davies, Cor. by purch. vice Baird, 48 F.

3 July 3

P. Dundas, Cor. by purch. vice Todd, 8 Dr.

24 July, 4

Lt. Makepeace, Capt. by purch. vice
Dougan, ret.

do Cor. Armit, Lt, by purch. do. F. Barne, Cor. by purch.

do. Serj. Maj. Lawless, Qua. Mast. vice Jolly, dead

31 do, 5

Capt. Walker, Major by purch vice
Irving, ret.

24 do.
Lt. Hunter, Capt. by purch.
Cor. Ramsay, Lt. by purch.

do, J. Brymer, Cor. by purch. do. 7

Ens. Lawrence, fm h. p. 55 F. Paym.

vice Perry, h. p. 23 Dr. 19 June 5 Dr. Capt. Sitwell, Maj. vice Hutchins, dead

10 July


3 Dr
Lieut. Manful, Capt. 10 July 38

Ens. Trant, Lt. vice Hutson, dead
Mich. Jas. Rob. Dillon (claiming the

9 Feb. title of Earl of Roscommon) do.

Gent. Cadet, H. B. Stokes, from R. 7 Cor. Phillipps, Lieut. by purch. vice

Mil, Coll. Ens.

24 July Lord Belfast, prom. Cape Corps 42

A. L. Macleod, Ens. vice N. L. Mac17 do. leod, canc.

12 Dec.-1822 Cor. Wathen, Lieut. by purch. vice 45

Lt. Minter, from h. p. Lt. vice Marsh, Robison, prom. 1 W. 1. R. 24 June


do. W. Lyon, Cor. by purch. 17 July

Serj. Maj. Wallis, Quart. Mast. vice 8 Lt. Hayman, Capt, by purch, vice

Walsh, dead

1 Feb. 1823 Harrington, ret.

do. 47

Capt. Ramsay, Maj. by-purch. vice Cor. Todd, from 3 Dr. Gds. Lt. by

Stanhope, prom.

3 July purch.


Lt. Keays, Capt. by purch. do. Cor. Hodges, Lieut. by purch. vice

Ens. Mair, from 68 €. Lt. by purch. Wharton, ret. 14 Aug.

do. C. Ponsonby, Cor. by purch. do. 48

Lt. Weston, Adj. vice Wild, resign. 9 Cor. Hon. G. Vaughan, Lt. by purch.

Adj. only

25 Sept. 1822 vice Knight, prom.


Cor. Baird, from 2 Dr. Gds. Lieut. by Ens. Knox, from 65 F. Cor. by purch.

purch. vice Bloomfield, ret. do.

2:July 1823 15 Lt. Studd, Capt. by purch. vice Car

Ens. Bouverie, from 86 F. Lieut. by penter, ret.

7 do.

purch. vice Close, ret. 3 do. Lt. Hume, Lt. by purch. do. 57

Gent. Cadet T. S. Beckwith, from R. G. Musgrave, Cor. by purch.


Mil. Coll. Ens. by purch. vice Lord 17 Cor. Moore, from 16 Dr. Lt. by pur.

A. Conyngham, Ho. Gds. do. vice Lord F. Conyngham prom. do.

Gent. Cadet H. Hill, from R. Mil. 1 Ft. Gds. Lt. Stanhope, Lt. and Capt. by purch.

Coll. Ens. vice Beckwith, Rifle Br. v. Bathurst, prom. Cape Corps, do.

31 do. G. E. Nugent, Ens. and Lt. by purch. 61

Lieut. Gaynor, Capt. by purch. vice do. Annesley, prom.

12 June 3 Ens. Clayton, late of 36 F. Ens. and

Ens. Parke, Lt. by purch. do. Lt. by purch. vice Montagu, prom.

St J. Dent, Ens. by purch. do. 19 June 62

Q. Mast. Serj. Edgar, Q. Mast. vice 2 F. Capt. Williams, Maj. by purch. vice

Robertson, h. p.

26 do. Gordon, ret.

31 July

Hon. S. Hawke, Ens. vice Knox,
Lt. Hunt, Capt. by purch. do.

9 Dr.

17 July Ens. Dalway, Lt. by purch.


Capt. Algeo, Maj. by purch. vice
H. F. Kennedy, Ens. by purch. do.

Wyndham, prom.

26 June 6 Lt. Eden, Capt. by purch, vice Clarke,

Lt. Harrison, Capt. by purch. 3 July ret,


Ens. Tiuling, from 76 F. Lieut. by Ens. Holyoake, Lt. by purch. do,


do. R. Curteis, Ens. by purch. do. 68

H. Smyth, Ens. by purch. vice Mair, 7 Bt. Lt.-Col. Wylley, Maj. by purch.

47 F.

10 do. vice Beatty, ret.

26 do. 69

Ens. Stewart, Lt. vice Windsor, dead Lt. Heally, Capt. by purch. do.

do. Hon. G. Liddell, Lt. by purch. do.

J. J. Hamilton, Ens.

do. 10 Ens. Birch. Lieut. by purch. vice 70

Capt. Johnstone, from h. p. 6 W.J. Molyneux, prom. 2 Ceylon R. do.

R. Paym. vice Scott, dead 17 do. H. A. Hankey, Ens. by purch. do.

Bt. Lt.-Col. MacGrigor, Lt. Col. by
Capt. Rudsdelí, Maj. by purch. vice

purch. vice Col. Ottley, ret.
Payler, prom.

14 Aug.
Lt.-Gen. Sir H. T. Montresor, K.C.B.

Bt. Maj. Greene, Maj. by purch. do. and G.C.H., Col. vice Gen. Sir C.

Lt. Hunter, Capt. by purch. do, Asgill, Bt. dead

24 do. 71

Lord Arth. Lennox, Ens. vice Dallas, Ens. Doyle, Adj. vice Haggup, resign.

2 Life Gds.

24 June Adj. only

17 July 72

Capt. Drummond, Major by purch. Lieut. Cruise, Capt. by purch. vice

vice Rolt, prom.

24 July Bertridge, ret.

19 June

Lt. Maclean, Capt. by purch. do. Ens. Borthwick, Lt. by purch. do.

Ens. Blair, Lt. by purch.

do. E. Bayly, Ens. by purch,

J. Garthshore, Ens. by purch.

do. Lt. Lawson, Capt, vice Jenkins, dead 77

R. Shepperd, Ens. by purch. vice 31 do. Tinling, 67 F.

10 July Ens. Williams, Lt.

do. 78

Bt. Maj. Falconer, Maj. by purch.
H. W. Adams, Ens.

vice Bethune, ret.

26 June
Lt. Mackenzie, Capt, vice Rawlins,

Lt. Lindsay, Capt. by purch.

do. dead

27 Jan,
Ens. Price, Lt. by purch.

do. Ens. Orm


J.J. Hamilton, Ens. by purch. do. B. V. Layard, Ens.

24 July

H. Holyoake, Ens. by purch. vice 17 Lieut. Yorke, Capt. by purch. vice

Hamilton, cancelled 10 July
Gladwin, ret.

10 July

A. Watson, Ens. vice Geddes, dead 2d Lt. Clinton, from Rifle Br. Lt. by

17 do. purch. vice Yorke, prom.

31 do.

Lieut. Ingilby, Capt. by purch. vice
Serj. Maj. Sarsons, Qua. Mast. vice

Bernard, senior, ret.

do, Kitsell, h. P:

Ens. Clarke, Lt. by purch. do. 20 Ens. Eyre, Lt. vice Gilbert, dead

C. Franklyn, Ens. by purch. do. 18 Jan.

Lt. Gen. Sir F. G. Maclean, Bt. Col. S. W. Wybrants, Ens.

24 July

vice M. Gen. Sir D. Pack, dead 22 R. S. Streatfield, Ens. by purch. vice

28 do. Martin, 85 F.

17 do. 85

Capt. Fairfax, Maj. by purch. vice Capt. Fleming, Maj. by purch, vice

Brown, prom.

17 do. Hewett, proin.

26 June

Lt. Charlton, Capt. by purch. do. Lt. Stewart, Capt. by purch. do.

Ens. Wynyard, Lt. by purch. do. Ens. Butler, Lt. by purch.


Martin, from 220 F. Ensign by R. F. Martin, Ens. by purch. do.


do. 24 Lt. Child, Adj. vice Smith, res. Adj. 86

E. Jekyll, Ens. by purch. vice Bouonly

7 Aug.
verie, 18 F.

10 do.
Lt. Dalgleish, Capt. by purch. vice 93

J. Crowe, Ens. by purch. vice Hume,
Arbuthnot, prom.

3 July

do. Ens. Messiter, Lt. by purch. do. Rifle Brig. 2d Lt. Woodford, 1st Lt. vice CochW. J. J. Irving, Ens. by purch. do.

rane, dead

17 do. 33 Capt. Tench, from h. p. 10 F. Capt.

Ens. Beck with, from 57 F. 2d Lt. vice vice Hewett, Ritle Br. 14 do.

Woodford, prom.

31 do. Vol. XIV.


, Lt.

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14 Aug

3 A


Capt. Hewett, from 33 F. Capt. vice

Wyer, from h. p. 81 F. Ass.
Eaton, h. p. 10 F.
14 Aug.

25 June Ens. Hamilton, from 69 F. 2d Lt. by

Finlayson, from 8 Dr. Sup. purch. vice Clinton, 17 F.

Ass. Surg. in East Indies, vice J. R.Afr. Col. Corps Ens. Mahon. Qua. Mast. 7 do.

Campbell, 30 F.

19 do. 1 W. I. R. Lt. Robison, from 8 Dr. Capt. by

Staff Surgeon Schetky, Dep. Insp. of purch. vice Broke, prom. Cape C.

Hosp. in Africa only, vice Dr Nicoll, 19 June dead

7 Aug. 1823 2 Ens. Spence, Lt. vice Maclean, dead

J. Young, Hosp. Ass. vice Donaldson, 10 July dead

do. J. Hanna, Ens.


Ordnance Department. Ceyl. R. 1st Lt. Crofton, Capt. vice Blankenberg, dead

15 Dec. 1822 Royal Art. Maj. and Bt. Lt.-Col. Cary, Lt-Col. 2d Lt. Reyne, 1st Lt.


vice Waller, ret. 26 June, 1823 E. A. Turnour, 20 Lt. 17 July, 1823

Maj. Payne, Lt.-Col. vice Scott, ret.
Hon. H. R. Molyneaux, from 10 F.

do. Capt. by purch. vice Hunter, ret.

Forster, do vice Owen, ret. 9 May

do. Capt. H. Visc. Barnard, from 2d Life

Capt. and Bt. Maj. Younghusband, Gds. Maj. by purch. vice Spawforth,

Maj. vice Cary

do. ret. 3 July

Crawford, Maj. Cape C. Inf. Bt. Lt.-Col. O'Malley, from h. p. 60

vice Payne

do. F. Maj. vice Broke, Perm. Assist.

Capt. and Bt. Lt.-Col. Sir A. Dickson, Qua. Mast. Gen.


K.C.B.& K.C.H. Maj. vice Forster, Capt. Hon. T. S. Bathurst, from 1

do. F. Gds. Maj. by purch. vice O'Mal

Bull, Maj. vice ley, prom.

17 do.
F. Power, ret.

3 July Gent. Cadet J. W. Dalgety, from R. Mil. Col.

Capt. and Bt. Maj. Coffin, from h. p. Ens. vice Watt, dead 26 June

Capt. vice Younghusband 26 June 3 R. Vet. Bn. Capt. Martin, from h. p. 82 F. Capt.

Wilford, from h.p. vice Young, ret. list

3 July
Capt. vice Crawford

do. Capt. Carey, from h. p. 60 F. Capt.

Capt. Greatley, from p. Capt. vice vice Courtenay, ret. list. 31 July



Bastard, from h. p. Capt. vice Unattached.


3 July Bt. Lt.-Col. Stanhope, from 47 F. Lt.

1st Lt. Raynes, 2d Capt. 26 June

do. Col. of Inf. by purch. vice Col.

Torriano, do.

do. Waller, R. Art. ret. 26 June

Mainwarring, do.
Major Hewett, from 22 F. Lt. Col. of

Dalzell, from h. p. Ist Lieut. vice Sharpin, h. p.

1 July Inf. by purch. vice Lt.-Col. Scott,

do. R. Art. ret.

Qua. Mast. Gates, from h. p. Qua.

Mast. vice Elliot, ret. 25 June Major Wyndham, from 67 F. Lt.-Col. of Inf. by purch. vice Lt.-Col. Owen,

Royal Eng. 1st Lt. Boldero, from h. p. 1st Lieut. do.

vice Elton, dead R. Art. ret.

25 May, 1823

do. Bt. Lt.-Col. O'Malley, from Cape C.

2d Lt. Forbes, 1st Lt. Lt. Col. of Inf. by purch. vice Lt.

Maj. Farrington, Lt. Col. vice Boger,

ret. Col. Leake, R. Art. ret. 17 July

17 do.

do. Capt. Arbuthnot, from 28 F. Maj. of

Capt. and Bt. Maj. Egan, Maj.

do. Inf. by purch. vice Lieut.-Col. F.

Capt. Bridge, from h. p. Capt.
Power, Ř. Art. ret.

3 do.

1st Lt. Hanwell, 2d Capt. do. Lt. Lord Fra. Conyngham, from 17

Maj. Brome, Lt.-Col. vice Vivion, ret.

24 do. Dr. Capt, by purch. vice Bt. Major Hon. H. Gardner, R. Art. ret. do.

Capt, and Bt. Maj. Hickman, Maj.

do. Lt. Knight, from 9 Dr. Capt. by pur. vice Bt. Maj. Light, R. Art. ret.

2d Capt. and Bt. Maj. Baynes, Capt.

17 July
Bt., Lt.-Col, Brown, from 85 F. Lt.
Col. of Inf. by purch, vice Lt.-Col-

Boger, R, Art, ret.

17 do.

Rev, T. Ireland, from h. p. Chaplain Rolt, from 72 F. Lt.-Col.

to the Forces 9 July, 1823
of Inf. by purch. vice Lt-Col. Vi-
vion, R. Art. ret.
24 do,

Maj. Payler, from 10 F. Lt.-Col. of

Col. Marlay, from Staff Corps, with Col. Lord
Inf. by purch. vice M. Gen. M. C.

Greenock, Perm. Ass. Quar. Mas. Gen.
D. Griffith, ret.

31 do.

Lieut.-Col. Brereton, from 49 F. with Lieut.-Col.

Daniell, In Field Officer, Recr. Dist.

Bt. Maj. Smith, from 45 F. with Capt. Hamilton,
Col. Marlay, Perm. Ass. Qua. Mast. Ceylon Regt.
Gen. Dep. Qua. Mast. Gen. East

Macdonald, from 1 F. with Bt. Maj.
Indies, vice Stanhope, res.

3 do.

Mitchell, h. p. 49 F.
Bt. Lt. Col. Riddell, Perm. Ass. Qua. Capt. Warrington, from 8 Dr. rec. diff. between a

Mast. Gen. and Lieut.-Col. vice full pay Troop and Com. with Capt. Cartwright,


h. p. 76 F.
Bt. Lt.-Col. Warre, from h. p. 23 Dr. Johnson, from 8 Dr. rec. diff. with Capt.

Perm. Ass. Qua. Mas. Gen. & Maj. Campbell, h. p. 63 F.
vice Riddell

do. Chancellor, from 61 F. rec. diff. With Capt. Maj. Broke, from Cape C. Perm. Ass.

Wolfe, h. Po
Qua. Mas. Gen. and Maj. vice Lt. L'Estrange, from 66 F. with Capt. Hamill,
Col. Vere, h. p. 60 F.

2 W. I. Regt.

Cooper, from Ceyl. Reg. with Capt. Taree, Commissary Department. h. p. 3 Ceylon Regt.

Lieut. Willey, from 3 Dr. Gds. rec. diff. with Lt. Comm. Clerk C. Borret, Dep. Assist.

25 Com, Gen,

Lt. Mecham, h. p. 19 Dr. ov. 1822

Robbins, from 4 Dr. rec. diff. with Lieut. Hospital Staff

Robinson, h. p. 8 Dr.

Rowe, from 75 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.
Staff Surg. Clarke, Physician vice Marshall, h. p. 7 F.
O'Leary, dead

3 July Burleigh, from 83 F. with Lt. Somerfield,
Ass. Surg. Teevan, from 31 F. Assist. h. p. 2 Ceylon Regt.
Surg. vice Twining, East Indies

Nunn, from 7 F. rec. diff, with Cornet Al. 25 June lan, h. p. 18 Dr.


4 do.

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28 May

Lt. & Adj. M‘Kenzie, from 66 F. with Lt. & Adj.

Nowlan, h. p. Nov. Scotia Fenc.
Ens. & Lt. Berkley, from Coldst. Gds. with Ens.

Major Bristow, h. p. 38 F.
Dent,' 61 F.
Corn. Macmurdo, from 8 Dr. rec. diff. with Corn.

Mallet, h. p. 21 Dr.

Sir T. W. White, Bart. from 3 Dr. rec. diff. Gen. Sir C. Asgill, Bt. G.C.H. 11 F. London, with Corn. Phillipps, h. p. 10 Dr.

23 July, 1823 Ensign Ramsden, from 77 F. with 20 Lt. Kellett, Lieut-Gen. W. Doyle, late of 62 F. Rifle Brig.

Thos. Bridges, E. Ind. Comp. Serv. England, fm. 5 F. with Ens. Derinzy, 11 F.

A. L. Layard, of late 2 R. Vet. Bn. Paym. Darby, from 8 Dr. with Paym. Whitaker, Major-General Sir Dennis Pack, K.C.B. 84 F. h, p. 21 Dr.

Lt.-Gov. Plymouth, London, 24 July, 1823 Bourke, fm. 17 F. with Paym. Alsop, 44 F.

Hon. A. Sentleger, E. Ind. Comp: Lt. Col. Jordan, from 2 F. with Lt.-Col. Rolt, Ser. Morgan, at Crofton Hall, Kent, 24 July, 1823

John Hall, near Mansfield, Bt. Lt. Col. Thorn, from 3 F. with Capt. Foley,

26 July, 1823 h. p. Portugu. Serv.

Griffith, late of 1 F. G. 7 Aug. Bt. Maj. Byne, from 17 Dr. With Captain Scott, Colonel Loftus, Coldst. Gds.

July, 1823 4 Dr.

O'Toole, h. p. 2 Irish Brig. Newton Lodge, Capt. Stewart, from 91 F. with Bt. Maj. Creigh- Wexford ton, h. p. 55 F.

Decken, h. p. Foreign Vet. Bn. Osnabruck, Booth, from 8 F. with Capt. Hailes, 41 F.

9 Feb. 1823 Hall, from 31 F. with Capt. Shaw, h. p.

Lieut.-Col. Hutchins, 3 Dr.

2 July, 1823 25 Dr.

Lambton, h. p. 33 F. Huigin, Ghant, Maclean, from 40 F. with Capt. Montagu, near Nagpore,

20 Jan. 1823 81 F.

Beatty, late of 7 F. Windsor, 2 July Butler, from 54 F. with Capt. Walsh, 80. F.

Lawrence, late of 13 Dr., Brompton, Gunn, from 93 F. with Capt. Fraser, h. p.


11 Aug. 71 F.

Mauriage, h. p. 60 F. Mabeuge, 13 June Nosworthy, from 2 W. I, R. with Capt. Major Blanckenberg, Ceylon Regt. Alipoote, Wilson, h. p. 91 F.


14 Dec. 1822 Lieut. Macbean, from 6 F. with Lieut. Hohne,

Scot, h. p. Sicilian Regto, Cow-hill, near 64 F.


31 Oct. 1822 Evans. from 17 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Stewart, h. p. 96 F. 21 June, 1823 Nagel, h. p.

Captain Jenkins, 12 F. Sheerness, 23 July Congreve from 20 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Rawlins, 14 F. Meerut, Bengal, 16 Jan. Macalester, h. p. 35 F.

Chapman, h. p. 68 F. Liverpool, 10 June Rhodes, from 39 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Rathbone, h. p. Lieut. 20 Dr. Adjt. to Bouverie, h. p. 49 F.

Brecon Mil. Brecon,
Campbell, from 52 F. with Lieut. HIU,

Tottenham, h. p. Inv. Ireland, 10 Mar. h. p. 49 F.

Janssen, h. p. 2 Hussars, Germ. Legion, Keating, from 57 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Bergedorff, near Hamburgh,

21 May Gray, W. I. Ran.

Boyd, 9 F.
Rose from 93 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Wil.

Williamson, h. p. 129 F. Edinburgh, son, h. p.

7 March, 1823 Ensign Nicolls, from 72 F. rec. diff. with Ensign

Crichton, h. p. Indep. Edinburgh, Stewart, h. p. 39. F.

14 May Magee, from I. W. R. rec. diff. with Ensign

G. Meyer, h. p. 2 Lt. Inf. Germ. Leg. Boyd, h. p. 5 F.


16 March

Lieut. warring, 1 F. Trichinopoly, Madras, Resignations and Retirements.

10 Feb.

Gourlay, h. p. 7 F. Edinburgh, 29 April Major Gen. Griffith, late of Gren. Gds. Colonel Waller, R. Art.

Keowen, 17 F. Fort William, 8 Dec. 1822

Lascelles, 34 F. on passage from India, 1823
Sir Robert Hill, Royal Ho. Gds.
Ottley, 70 F.

Huston, 38 F. Berhampore, Bengal, 8 Feb. Lieut.-Col. Beatty, 7 F.

Marsh, 45 F. Penang, Colombo, 14 Oct.1822

Windsor, 69 F.
Scott, R. Art.
Owen, do.

Brooke, 75 F. Clifton, 13 July, 1823

T. Cochrane, Rifle Brig.
F. Power, do.

Elton, Royal Engineers
Boger, do.

M‘Millan, ret. list, 4 Vet. Bn Prescott,
Leake, do.


30 Jan. Roger, R. Art.

Hobson, do. at William Henry, Quebec, Vivion, do.

13 Dec. 1822 Major Spawforth, 2d Ceylon Regt.

O'Sullivan, ret. list. 1 Vet. Bn. Budd, Bethune, 78 F.


22 April, 1823 Hon. H. Gardner, Royal Art.

Palmer, h. p. 71 F. Sierra Leone, 7 May Light,

do. Dougan, 4 Dr. Gds.

Byrne, h. p. 53 F. on pass. from Madras,

23 April Irwin, 5 Dr. Gds. Gordon, 2 F.

Witte, h. p. 2 Hussars, German Legion, Hanover,

21 June Captain Bertridge, 12 F.

Sinclair, Ross, &c. Mil.

22 Aug. Gladwin, 17 F.

Creagh, 8 Dr. Ipswich,
A. Bernard, sen. 81 F.

Yates, ret. list. 9 Vet. Bn. Irel.

6 July Hunter, 2d Ceylon Regt.

Cathcart, h. p. 64 F. Glasgow, 12 do. Harrington, 8 'Dr.

Scott, h. p. 94 F.

17 May Carpenter, 15 Dr.

James, h. p. Cape Regt.

21 July Clarke, 6 F. Lieut. Close, 48 F.

Gregg, 2d Surrey Mil.
Lawson, R. Art. at Woolwich,

10 Aug. Bloomfield, do.

Drysdale, h. p. I Line Bn. Ger. Leg. LonWharton, 8 Dr.


13 April Ensign Hume, 93 F.

Ensign Geddes, 83 F. Ratuapore, Ceylon, 3 Jan. Hume, 93 F. Hos. Assist. Young.

Martyn, h. p. 124 F. Newhaven, Sussex,

5 April Corn. & Sub-Lieut. Lord Muncaster, 2 Life Gds.

Earles, ret. alids, Cork,

24 Apr 2d Lieut. Ranken, Royal Engin. Quart. Mast. Nourse, Wilts Mil.

Daly, h. p. 3 F. Edgeworth Town, Irel.

23 March Appointments Cancelled.

M‘Laughlin, h. p. 3 W. Ind. Reg. Tortola,

22 Nov. 1822 Ensign N. L. Macleod, 42 F.

*Paym. Fox, 2 W. I. R. Sierra Leone, 15 April Hamilton, 78 F.

Rose, h. p. 59 F. Dublin,

19 Mar.

3 Aug.

Paym. O'Meara, h. p. Afr. Corps, Sierra Leone,

Medical Department. 14 May

Dr Nicol, Dep. Insp. Sierra Leone, April

22 June Harrison, Galway Mil.

O'Leary, Physician, Isle of Wight, 27 June Archbold, Meath Mil.

Scott, h. p. Surgeon, 47 F. Armagh, 26 do. Adjt. Brown, h, p. 96 F.

Surg. Carey, 21 F. Demarary, 22 June, 1823 Quar. Mas. Walsh, 45 F. Colombo, 31 Jan,

Bennet, h. p. R. Art.
Anderson, h, p. 22 Dr. Killerandia,

Duigan, Surg. 2 W. Ind. Reg. Sierra Leone, 9 June

5 do. Logan, h. p. 1 Dr. Gds. Dublin, 24 do.

J. D. Fraser, h. p. R. Art.
Jolly, 4 Dr. G. Newbridge Bar. Dub-

Assist. Surg. Norman, h. p. York Rang. Langport, lin, 3 July, 1823

10 Mar. Sands, h. p. Tarleton's Dr. Delaware,

Hosp. Assist. Kinnis, Sierra Leone, 27 May New York,

11 June, 1821

Staff As. Surg. Finlayson, late of 8 Dr. on passage Holt, h. p. Anc. Brit. Fen, Cav.

from Calcutta. Wrexham,

1 July, 1823

Hosp. As. Alexander, Ithaca, MediAssist. Commis. Gen. W. Lane, Newfoundland,


25 May 2 May Mackay, Africa,

8 June


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10. The Hon. Mrs Sinclair, wife of George July 1. In Northumberland Street, Mrs Cook, Sinclair, Esq. (late M. P. for Caithness,) of a of a daughter.

daughter. 2. At Craigflower, Mrs Blackburn, of Killearn, 14. At Relugas, the lady of Sir Thomas Lauder of a son.

Dick, of Fountainhall, Bart. of a daughter. 3. In Charlotte Street, Leith, Mrs J. Dudgeon, In Bedford Square, London, the lady of Anof a daughter.

drew Spottiswoode, Esq. of a daughter. 4. At Ballygiblin, county of Cork, the Lady of - At Acton Villa, the lady of John Gordon, of William Wrixon Becher, Esq. of a daughter. a son and heir.

5. At Hopetoun House, the Countess of Hope- 16. At Edinburgh, Lady Isabella Wemyss, of a toun, of a daughter. 6. At Craigleith House, Mrs Fleming, of a son. 17. At Grange Hill, the lady of Charles Hope

In George Street, Mrs William Burn, of a Reid, Esq. R. N. of a daughter. son.

18. In York Place, Edinburgh, Mrs Wishart, At Queensferry, the wife of the Rev. Thomas

of a son. Dimma, of a son.


19. At Netherlay, Mrs Silver, of a son. 8. At Geneva, the Lady of Major-General Sir 20. At Leith Links, the lady of R. D. Menzies, William Inglis, K.C.B. of a son.

Esq. of a son. 9. At Portobello, the Lady of Donald Charles 20. In Forth Street, Mrs A. Brodie, of a son. Cameron, Esq. of a daughter.

21. At Pitrithie House, Mrs Mackenzie, of a - At Edinburgh, the Lady of Sir James Mont- daughter. gomery, Bart., M.P. of a son.

At Springhill, the lady of Geo. Forbes, Esq. 13. At Beaver Hall, near Edinburgh, Mrs Ma

of a son. jor Bogle, of a daughter.

At Brinkburn Abbey, Northumberland, the 14. Mrs Baillie of Culterallers, of a still-born lady of Major Grey, Royal Scots Greys, of a son.

daughter. At Woodslee, the Lady of George Scott El- 23. At Camberwell, Surrey, Mrs Dudgeon, of a liott, Esq. of Larrieston, of a daughter.

daughter. 15. At 21, Salisbury Street, Mrs Michael An. - At Dysart, Fifeshire, the Lady of John R. derson, of a son.

Black, Esq. R. N. of a daughter. 16. At 22, Castle Street, Mrs Macfarlan, of a At Glasgow, Mrs Dr Meikleham, of a son.

The lady of Thomas Gifford, Esq. of Fairy 19. At Cockenzie, Mrs H. F. Cadell, of a son. Bank, Shetland, of a son and heir.

- At Otterston, Fifeshire, the Lady of Rear- In Drummond Place, Mrs Douglas, of a Admiral Moubray, C. B. of a daughter.

daughter. 20. At Edinburgh, the Lady of John Archibald 27. At Whitehouse, Burntsfield, the Right Hon. Campbell, Esq. of a son.

Lady Eleanor Balfour, of a son. 22. At Castlecraig, the Hon. Lady Gibson Car- Lately, At Gosspaul, Leicestershire, the Counmichael, of a son.

tess Howe, of a son 23. At Abercrombie Manse, Mrs Swan, of a son. In Hill Street, Edinburgh, the Lady of

At Denmark Hill, Middlesex, the Lady of Charles Stuart Allan Hay, C. B. C. K. M. E. of a C. D. Gordon, Esq. of a daughter.

daughter. 24. At No. 3, Roxburgh Place, Mrs J. R. Skin- - At Great Russel Street, London, the Lady of ner, of a son.

James Loch, Esq. of a daughter. 25. At Kirkaldy, Mrs Stark, of a son. 26. At Aberdeen, the Lady of Major Hender

MARRIAGES. son, Royal Engineers, of a daughter.

Nov. 28, 1822. At Boolunshur, East Indies, 27. At Edinburgh, Mrs Thornton, wife of Ma- Hugh Smyth Mercer, of the Hon. East India Comjor Thornton, 13th Light Dragoons, of a daugh- pany's Medical Service, Bengal Establishment, ter.

youngest son of the deceased Hugh Smyth Mercer, 29. At Holdernesse House, the Marchioness of Esq. writer to the signet, to Frances, fourth daughLondonderry, of a daughter.

ter of the late Lieut.-General Hugh Stafford, of 31. At Silver Mills, Mrs Colonel Macbean, of the Bengal army a son.

Dec. 22. At Padang, William Purves, Esq. ComAug. 1. At Melrose, Mrs Curle, of a son. mander of the Baron Vander Capellen, in the

3. At Nottingham Place, Mrs R. H. Barber, of Dutch East India service, to Cornelia Louisa, a daughter.

daughter of — Intrxld, Esq. - At the Royal Circus, Mrs Walter Dickson, of July 1, 1823. At Edinburgh, the Rev. Thomas

Henry Yorke, M. A. vicar of Bishop Middleham, - At South Street, Grosvenor Square, London, county of Durham, and rector of Ŝt Cuthbert's, the lady of Henry Lindesay Bethune, Esq. of a York, to Maria, daughter of the late Major-Genedaughter.

ral the Hon. Mark Napier. 4. Viscountess Torrington, of two sons.

- At Fortrose, the Rev. Robert Milne, Chap5. At Gogar House, the lady of A. Maitland lain of Fort George, to Jane Gordon, third daughGibson, Esq. younger of Clifton Hall, of a daugh- ter of Colin Matheson, Esq. of Bennetsfield. ter,

- Mr John Harrison, merchant, Edinburgh, to - At Crosshall, Mrs Marjoribanks, of a son. Christiana, youngest daughter of the late John 8. In Castle Street, Mrs Cheyne, of a daughter. Baillie, Esq.

9. At Leith, Mrs Edward D. Alison, of a daugh- - At Edinburgh, Adam Wylie, Esq. Smeaton, ter.

to Mary, daughter of the late Hew Burn, Esq. - At Howard Place, the lady of Captain T. North Berwick. Hamilton, of a daughter,

2. At Largs, D. K. Sandford, Esq. Professor of

a son,

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