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Fort Wayne, Trinity............
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Indianapolis, Holy Innocents'...
Jeffersonville, St. Paul's......
New Albany, St. Paul's. ......
Muncie, Grace Church.......
Madison, Christ Church ......
Terre Haute, St. Stephen's .....
Terre Haute, St. Stephen's, Sisterhood.......
Terre Haute, St. Stephen's, children's Christmas box
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We stand on the threshold of another year, before us are golden opportunities to minister to Christ our King in the person of His scattered and wandering sheep, and to be His messengers of love and helpfulness to His missionaries, and to the poor, ignorant, lowly ones to whom they are sent.

Our Bishop asks of us to do our part to secure the quota apportioned to each parish and mission, to be raised for Diocesan Missions. This can easily be done by beginning and faithfully carrying out the plan of systematic offerings, and leave a margin for Domestic and Foreign Missions.

Our missionary in China, Dr. Haslep, has passed a year in an isolation we can scarcely realize, in patient preparation for, and entrance upon her work in the Woman's Hospital, at Wuchang. She is to be cheered and encouraged by the evidence of our appreciation shown in liberal offerings for her support.

The principal object to which I would call your attention this year, is our Diocesan Church Home and Orphanage. The lot bought by the children's offering and the money raised last year by the A. B. C. plan, stands silently asking, when shall a building rise here, to gather in the homeless orphan, the desolate aged, under the sheltering arms of the Church of Christ? Has not the time come to begin this work in earnest?

May I suggest as one plan, the organization of a Building Ten of King's Daughters in each parish and mission, pledged to work for this worthy object until it is accomplished. Who will begin?

To increase the number of Parish Branches, and stimulate the zeal of our Churchwomen in missionary work, the experience of the past five years has shown as special needs: first, a verbal presentation of practical methods and cases of actual need; and second, the cordial co-operation of the Rector. The first I hold myself in readiness to give, whenever invited, to the best of my ability; the second, we ask of you, our friends among the clergy. Every Parish Branch that has accomplished good results this year, has done so under the stimulus and encouragment of its Rector, who is always President, ex officio. And on the clergy we must depend for the furtherance of organization in the parishes where no Branches exist.

In October next the triennial meeting of the Woman's Auxiliary will be held in New York during the session of General Convention. It is hoped all our Churchwomen, who can, will endeavor to be present. I know of nothing better calculated to awaken enthusiasm in missionary work than attendance upon this gathering of earnest Christian women from every Diocese and missionary jurisdiction, and upon the meetings of the Board of Missions which are now a part of the regular proceedings of the General Convention. Any ladies, who can attend, sending their names to the Bishop, or to me, will receive appointment as delegates.

In closing, dear friends, let me ask your earnest prayers, that God will open the eyes of our Churchwomen to see that it is not their Bishop, nor his clergy, nor your Secretary, nor the parish collectors, who ask their offerings for missions and missionaries, but the Crucified One, their Lord and their God, who stands at the door and knocks, saying: “Freely ye have received, freely give." Dare we say Him nay?

Respectfully submitted,

Diocesan Secretary.


The parish report this year is very imperfect, owing to the fact that only thirty-two parishes and missions have sent reports.

BluffTON.-The Ladies' Guild, organized in this new mission, March 20, 1889, has six members, has raised $21.35; expended, $15; and has $6.35 in hand. This guild, although but two months old, is composed of a very earnest band of ladies, who have resolved to do all they can for the Church in Bluffton. Mrs. John Dougherty, President; Mrs. C. V. M. Angel, Secretary.

CANNELTON, ST. LUKE's.—The Ladies' Aid Society has twenty-one members and has raised $31. For Church expenses they have expended $28. Lizzie May, President; Hattie J. Drumb, Secratary.

The Young People's Guild has thirty-five members and has raised $160; has given of this for Rector's salary, $30; Church expenses, $11; sundries, $8. The Guild has $11 on hand appropriated for Church repairs. Amelia Sulzer, President; Daisy Marshall, Secretary.

DELPHI, ST. MARY's.—The Ladies' Guild has six members, they have raised $29.60; expended $83 for parish indebtedness. Having been without a Rector during the year have done nothing to raise money but pay in dues, hope to do better now, as a weekly service will be given them by Rev. B. F. Miller, of Logansport. Mrs. R. A. Wason, Secretary.

ELKHART, St. John's.--Guild, with forty members, has raised $50. One entertainment has been given by the Guild and monthly meetings held. Rev. F. W. Adams, President; Ella F. Wright, Secretary.

EVANSVILLE, St. Paul's.-The Ladies' Aid has raised $700; has expended $600 for interest on parish debt; for sundries $100. Sundayschool teachers, etc., have raised and expended $114.67. Mrs. Charles Viele, President; Miss C. Hooker, Secretary,

Fort WAYNE, Trinity.—The Ladies' Association with twenty-three members have raised $306.15; expended for sundry purposes, $26.26. Mrs. C. H. Pyke, President; Mrs. S. B. Brown, Secretary.

FRANKFORT, St. Luke's.-In October, 1887, the three guilds consolidated, but again disbanded, leaving the present number, seven, who have raised $21.28; expended for material, 70 cents; on May 6th, 1889,

for interest on Church debt, $36.81; total expended, $36.51. Mrs. James Collins, President; Mrs. A. M. Cunningham, Secretary.

HAMMOND, St. Paul's.—The first organized meeting of the Ladies' Guild was held on July 18th, 1888, since which time it has raised $1,207.34; expended for Church lots, organ, rent of house for Rector, and miscellaneous expenses, $1,154.93. Mrs. W. H. B. Menzies, President; Miss Agnes Hohman, Secretary.

HUNTINGTON, Christ Church.—The Ladies' Guild of this mission, with six members, has raised $39.18; expended $13.18, and has in hand $122.80. Mrs. H. D. Laris, President; Mrs. A. C. Lyons, Secretary.

INDIANAPOLIS, Christ CHURCH.—The Christ Church Guild, with thirty members, has raised $138.46; expended for repairing chapel and books for choristers, $55.68, and has in the treasury, $82.78. Mrs. A. A. Cady, President; Mrs. C. B. Sloan, Secretary.

The Altar Guild, with twelve members, has raised $95.18; all expenditures have been for work in or about the chancel. Rev. J. H. Ranger, President; Mrs. Ranger, Secretary.

St. George's Mission.-Sènior King's Daughters, twenty-two in number, have raised $121. This they have in bank to the credit of the fund accumulating for the support of a minister; $30 of this has been earned by making and sale of rag carpet. During Lent they made a comfort which was sent in the Easter box from Christ Church. Mrs. R. R. Rouse, President; Mrs. Sallie Ward, Secretary.

The Junior King's Daughters have included King's Sons in their organization, and report $32.19 raised, principally by an entertainment and the payment of dues. Mrs. R. R. Rouse, President; Miss Clara Wiles, Secretary.

St. George's Industrial School has had an attendance of about twenty-five. The children have made seventy-five garments, and hemmed one hundred handkerchiefs. They now have a quilt destined for the comfort of some missionary. Mrs. R. R. Rouse, Superintendent.

St. Philip's Mission.-The Industrial School opened November ist and closed in April. The average attendance was twenty-five. A number of aprons were made by the children for themselves, and, as an Easter offering, they sent a package of handkerchiefs to a mission school in Virginia. Miss Upfold, Superintendant; Mrs. R. H. Hall, Secretary.

INDIANAPOLIS, St. Paul's.-Ladies' Aid Society has twenty-two members, has raised $276; expended for Church debt, $167.25; Chapel Fund, $60; balance in hand $40. Mrs. Charles Maguire, President; Mrs. G. W. Geiger, Secretary,

INDIANAPOLIS, Grace Church.—The Parish Branch of the Auxiliary, with five members, has raised $69.25; Expended $19.72 for


material, and $37.50 for the Church; they have $11.78 in the treasury.

This branch meets once a week. Attends entirely to the making and care of choir vestments and altar linen. Mrs. G. Schmuck, President.

INDIANAPOLIS, HOLY INNOCENTs'.-The Rector's Aid Society, with twenty-three members, has raised $78; expended for painting church, $10; general purposes, $68; total expenditures, $78. Mrs. George Stilz, President; Mrs. Isadora Read, Secretary

The Guild, with eight members, has raised $21; expended, for chancel purposes, $11.12; parish purposes, $15.50; total expenditures, $26.62. The difference between the amount raised and amount expended is made up from the balance of last year. Miss Cordelia Foy, President; Mrs. Frank Clements, Secretary.

The Ruth Society, composed of children, has seven members, has raised $31; expended, for parish debt, $10; general purposes, $21; total, $31. Miss Alice Read, President.

The ladies of the pairsh raised the net amount of $80 at a fair held in December which is not credited to any society. This amount was expended for general purposes.

KEWANNA, ST. LUKE's.-The Ladies' Guild, recently organized, starts out with fourteen members, who are working and will be heard from in due time.

LAFAYETTE, St. John's.-Children's Guild has had an average attendance of thirty-five, both white and colored. Has raised $16.29; expended, for material and Easter offering to the Church, $11.10. Our work began January 12, 1889. Mrs. Pettis, at that time turned over the work to us, with $3.11 in the treasury and very few members. Can find no record of previous work. We also donated to the Lafayette Orphanage a nicely made pair of pillow cases, and have a quilt in preparation for them; also, a number of articles for the bazar next fall. Miss Anna Jenners, President; Mrs. J. B. Harvey, Secretary.

LAPORTE, St. Paul's.—The Ladies' Aid Society, with eighteen members, has raised $177; expended, for Rector's salary, $137.50; on Church property, $25; total expenditures, $162.50; balance in treasury, $14.50. Mrs. E. L. Watson, President; Miss M. K. Truesdall, Secretary,

The Young People's Guild, with a membership at present of thirteen, six having resigned for various causes, and one lost by death. Amount raised. besides donations, $293.85; expended, for carpet for the church, $247.22; for cleaning church, etc., $20.38; red hangings, $18.00; purple hangings, $6.55; white altar linen, $11; besides a few smaller expenditures. They have also sent donations of articles to Church fair in Rochester, Indiana, and a small town in Nebraska. Mrs. William Meissner, President; Emily A. Vail, Secretary.

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