Mitchell. Thomas W., 1867-74. Magill, George J., 1870-75. Mackie, Andrew, 1874-78. McLean, Thomas W., 1875-79. Milnes, William Henry, 1879-82. Martin, Joseph E., 1880-84. Morris, Charles, 1881. Meares, J. De Rossett, 1884-85. Morrall, William, 1881-84. Macfarlane, Peter, 1881-87. Moncure, John, 1885-87. Myers, S. F., 1885-86. Morgan, Pliny B., 1885-87. Miller, J. Gorton, 1885. Miller, Benjamin F., 1887. McGlone, James A., 1887. Munson, Francis M., 1883-83. Nash, T. B., 1838-38. Okeson, N. A., 1816-48. Orpen, Samuel C. M., 1876-85. Pitkin, T. C., 1839-41. Prindle, Charles, 1839-11. Presbury, Willard, 1839-41. Payne, Henry, 1813-45. Powers, Henry P., 1818-31. Phelps, Josiah, 1815-52. Pattison, Eugene C., 1855-61. Pattison, Thomas E., 1858-59. Purdy, Edward James, 1862-66, 1869-79. Pulford, Samuel D., 1861-67. Pise, David, 1868-73. Portmess, John, 1870-72. Perkins, Alfred T., 1877-79. Puruker, Gustav E., 1881-83. Pettis, William M., 1843. Prenties, Augustine, 1881-86, 1887-88. Phelps, Benjamin R., 1881-88. Ramsdell, Joel B., 1848-54. Roberts, Hiram M., 1852-36. Runcie, James, 1851-71. Ray, William P., 1857-37. Russ, Loren W., 1860-70. Rowe, William S., 1861-68. Reeves, Abraham, 1865-67, 1868-72, 1879-86. Richmond, William, 1870-76. Roberts, Warren H., 1871-80. Root, Herbert, 1975-76. Reed, J. Sanders, 1877-84. Raymond. William W.. 1880-87. Rosevelt, Sherwood, 1881. Runkle, Benjamin P., 1881-85. Ramsey, Daniel B., 1881. Ranger, J. Hilliard, 1889. Stecle, Ashbel, 1838-35. Saunders, William P., 1844-18. Safford, Henry, 1852-55. Sorenson, Martin F., 1851-37. Stowell, Henry C., 1855-37. Shaver, Daniel, 1855-60. Stewart, James W., 1835-62. Spencer, William G., 1855-62. Stoy, William H., 1858-59. Stringiellow, Horace, Jr., 1860-69.

Spaulding, Henry W., 1805-67. Spaulding, Charles W., 1865-65. Save, John B., 1866-75. Scott, Walter, 1868-75, 1881. Schetky, George P., 1868-69. Stimson, Levi B., 1872-76. Stanley, Moses C., 1874-82. Spiers. William S., 1878 79. Stanley, Augustine O., 1879-81. Stanley, James D., 1879-80, 1886. Spiers, William J., 1882 83. Spaulding. Charles W., 1881. Swan, George E., 1887. Thayer, Foster, 1812-12, 1813-5. Treadway, Amos (., 1843-45. Talbot, Joseph C., 18.53-60. Trimble, John, Jr., 1854-38. Ten Broeck Anthony, 1856-60. Trewartha, Robert, 1858-63. Trimble, R. W., 1859-61. Thompson, Henry M., 1859-71. Tschifelly, Louis P., 1861-64. Turner, William, 1861-70. Tate, (ollin C., 1866-67, 1872-80. Taylor, Thomas J., 1867-69. Totten, Richard, 1870-74, 1877-83. Throop, William H., 1871-75. Talbott, Richard C., 1875-79, 1885-87. Trimble, David L., 1876-83. Test, Zaccheus, 1880. Ten Broeck, William P., 1881-82. Tavlor, Francis M. S., 1862-84. Thompson, Harry, 1884-86. Throop, Montgomery H., Jr., 1884-8). Towers, Frederick, 1886 87, Thompson, Frederick, 1888. Vaux, William, 1813-49. Varian, Alexander, 1819-31. Van Antwerp, David D., 1852-55. Van Antwerp, William H., 1868-74. Van Deerlin, Era mus J., 188.1-81. Wylie, Audrew, 1811-51. Wheeler, Ilomer, 1 19-51. Waketield, John B., 1873-84. Williamson John, 1836-JN. Wilbur, Sidney, 1837 39. Wallace, John S. 18. 19-61. Wright, Edward P., 1860-62. Wells, Albert E., 1865-67. Wall, Robert C., 1807-08 Winkley, John F., 1805-68. Willson, William, 1869-72. Wildman, James E., 1869-70. Walden, J. Treadwell, 1869-72. Wainwright, Richard, 1x70-72. Weddell, John II., 1873-75. Webbe. William X., 1871. Wetherbee, Artemus, 1879-80. Wood, Charles J.. 1879-81. Wright, Joseph T., 1881-45. Yundt, Samuel J., 1872.74. Yarnall, George H., 1856-86.

Total, 304. Average duration of canonical residence 3% years.

The following list einbraces the names of all the clergy, Bishops excepted, whose canonical residence has exceeded fifteen years :

Drummond, John H., 31 years.

Runcie, James, 20 years. Wakefield, John B., 31 years.

Large, Joseph S., 18 years. Engle, George B., 24 years.

Austin, Thomas R., 17 years. Chapman, Robert M., 23 years.

Steele, Ashbel, 17 years. Fiske, George, 22 years.

Bradley, Edward A., 16 years. The ballot being in each case dispensed with, by unanimous consent, Lewis B. Martin was re-elected Treasurer; Miss Emily L. Upfold was re elected Diocesan Librarian, and David E. Snyder was re-elected Registrar.

The ballot being, by unanimous consent, dispensed with, Rev. W. M. Pettis, D D., Rev. Edwin G. Hunter, Mr. William Mack, Mr. David E. Snyder, and Mr. R. R. Parker were re-elected members of the Standing Committee.

The Convention then proceeded to ballot for one clerical member of the Standing Committee, Rev. W. G. Woolford and Rev. W. H. Bamford acting as itllers, which resulted in the choice of Rev. J. J. Faude.

The ballot being, by unanimous consent, dispensed with, Rev. Dr. Jenckes, Rev. J. D. Stanley, Rev. Willis D. Engle, Mr. Geo. W. Cobb, Mr. Edward Olcott, and Mr. Wm. A. Van Buren were re-elected members of the Board of Missions.

The ballot being, by unanimous consent, dispensed with, Rev. Dr. Kemp, and Mr. N. F. Dalton were elected members of the Board of Missions.

The ballot being, by unanimous consent, dispensed with, Mr. Isaac L. Beach, Mr. Edward Olcott, Mr. Lewis B. Martin, and Mr. Charles A. Sudlow, were re-elected as Trustees of the Diocese.

The ballot being, by unanimous consent, dispensed with, Mr. Aquilla Q. Jones was elected a Trustee of the Diocese.

The Bishop announced the appointment of Examining Chaplains, as follows:

Northern-Rev. J. J. Faude, Rev. Sherwood Rosevelt.
Middle-Rev. J. S. Jenckes, D. D., Rev. George E. Swan.
Southern -Rev. Lewis F. Cole, Rev. D. B. Ramsey.

The Rev. J. J. Faude submitted the following:

The Committee on Assessments beg leave to report that the following assessments have been made on the several parishes and missions, which assessments are modified by the allowance at the rate of 6 per cent. per annum on the amounts paid into the Fund for the Endowment of the Episcopate :

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On motion of Rev. J. J. Faude, the following delinquencies were remitted :

Trinity, Logansport . ... $30 00 Trinity, Bloomington . . . $10 00 St. John's, Lagrange ... 10 00 St. Philip's, North Liberty. 10 00 St. Mary's, Delphi .... 10 00 St. Paul's, Evansville ... 160 00

Rev. Walter Scott submitted the following, which was concurred in.

The undersigned Committee on Accounts, respectfully report that they have examined the report of the Treasurer of the Diocese, and accompanying vouchers, and find the same correct.

They recommend the adoption of the report, and approval of the change in the plan of accounts recommended by the Board of Trustees of the Diocese.

INO, S. Beach.

The resolution presented in the report of the Committee on
Unfinished Business was then taken up for consideration.

The Rev. George E. Swan offered the following:

Resolved, That it is the sense of this Convention that we have Diocesan schools of our own, needing and deserving our united and undivided allegiance, and that we deem it unnecessary and inexpedient to elect Trustees from this Diocese for Kenyon College, in the Diocese of Ohio.

On motion of J. J. Faude, both resolutions were laid upon the table.

On motion of Rev. Frank Hallam, the following was adopted :

WHEREAS, It does not appear in the Canon Law of the Church that there is any explicit provision for the contracting of the pastoral relation; therefore, be it

Resolved, That the Committee on Canons inquire into the subject and recommend such action as they may think wise.

On motion of Mr. Lewis B. Martin, it was

Resolved, That the Secretary incorporate in the printed Journal of this Convention, the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese, and a report of the semi-centennial celebration, including the sermon and papers read, and that he have five hundred copies of the report of the semi-centennial celebration printed.

The Convention, on motion, took a recess until 1:30 o'clock this afternoon.

The Convention re-assembled.
The Rev. Sherwood Rosevelt submitted the following:

The committee appointed at the last Diocesan Convention to take into consideration the subject of Sunday-school instruction, and to report to this Convention such measures relating thereto as may be deemed expedient at this time, beg leave to present the following:

It is but a repetition of a well-recognized fact, to make the statement that the progress of Christianity has been, not a little, impeded by a neglect of duty on the part of those whose office it is to lead and direct, as well as with those whose duty it is to follow.

We have every reason to believe, that in the early centuries, the Church, by a true recognition of the reciprocal relations and duties which bound clergy and people together as responsible and intelligent servants of God, accomplished the work committed to them by the simplest and best means. We must recognize the fact, and that by painful comparison, that in other years, there was a unity of action and purpose in the Church, that in many respects is sadly wanting to day. The fact that there is a royal priesthood with its duties and responsibilities, a priesthood to which we all belong, has come in a great measure to be regarded in the light of a theory rather than a state of intelligent activity, and, while it is true that we have reason for thanksgiving, that during the past few years our branch of the Church Catholic has sought, and that not without success, to call out into usefulness the activities of laymen and women, yet, the grand work has but begun; it must become more comprehensive. The mother, busy with her round of household duties, the father, the provider for and the divinely constituted head of the family, must be brought to realize that they are the servants of Almighty God, and that not simply in those duties which mark them as members of the Church, but in those which comprise the life and reality of the home; that there must be that unity and concerted action, which recog. nizes the fact that the family is a part of the Church of God, and, that those whom God hath constituted the heads and overseers of these relationships, have duties to perform and responsibilities to sustain, which, when rightly

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