Addition to the village of Lima, Lagrange county, Indiana, the site of Howe Grammar School. These lots were purchased by the Bishop for $2,500.00 from his own private means at the time of the establishment of the school, and now donated by him to the Trustees of the Diocese.

A lease was made by the Board of Trustees to the Rev. Charles N. Spalding, of Lima, Indiana, of the Howe Grammar School property, same being for nine years from the 1st of September, 1885, copy of said lease to be on file with the Board of Trustees.


Policies in the possession of the Board of Trustees :

On Episcopal residence, $7,000.00, and $400.00 on oil painting contained therein.

On Grace Church, $1,500.00.
On school property and residence thereon, $4,000.00.

On the W. S. Howell property, 932 North Meridian street, mortgaged to the Diocese, $2,000.00.

On the Church at Kenard City, Henry county, Indiana, $600.00.
On the Church at Wilkinson, Hancock county, Indiana, $500.00.

On the Church and fixtures at Brightwood, Marion county, Indiana, $1,000.00.


To the credit of this fund in the hands of the Treasurer, is the sum of $10,065.36, comprised of the following items: Davidson loan ........

............. $325 00 Howell loan ....

4,000 00 Swan loan ....

2,400 00 Varus loan . . . . . . . . .

200 00 Davis loan ..........

. . . . . . . . . 500 00 Gilcree's loan . .........

500 00 St. Paul's Indianapolis bonds . .

700 00 Cash on hand ..................... . 1,440 36

Total ...................... $10,065 36

To the above amount of $10,065.36 must be added $5,200.00, property sold to Mr. W. W. Winslow, cash and securities for which will be handed to the Treasurer of the Diocese during this Convention, making a gross total of $15, 265.36 to the credit of the Episcopal Endowment Fund.


FUND. To the credit of this fund is the sum of $1,757.62, comprised of the following items: Stevens' loan. ..

:::::::::::::::..... $1,400 00 Cash on hand ...

....... 357 62 Total . ..................... $1,757 62




Mr. Lewis B. Martin, Treasurer, submitted his report, which was referred to the Committee on Accounts. (See Appendix.]

Mr. Wm. Mack submitted the following:
To the Right Rev. David Buel Knickerbacker,

Bishop of Indiana, and Convention Assembled :
The Standing Committee of the Diocese submit the following report :

A meeting was held June 8, 1887, in which Dr. E. A. Bradley was selected as Chairman, and William Mack, Secretary.

A second meeting was held at vestry room of Christ Church, Indianapolis, October 20, when the credentials of Walter Henry Bamford, a candidate for Priest's orders, and testimonials of J. L. T. Hynes, and Oliver Matson for Deacon's orders, all of whom were recommended.

A third meeting was held February 6, 1888, at the residence of the Bishop, when the resignation of Rev. Dr. Bradley was accepted, and Dr. Pettis was made Chairman. Consent was granted for consecration of Rev. Abiel Leonard, to be consecrated Missionary Bishop of Nevada and Utah, and also of Rev. James S. Johnston, to be Missionary Bishop of West. ern Texas. Also, George L. Bell, of St. John's Parish, Crawfordsville, was recommended as a suitable person to receive the order of Deacon only. Also, on testimonials produced, Frank J. Mallet was recommended for Deacon's orders.

Fourth meeting held on April 19, at the Bishop's residence, when applications were considered and granted in the following cases: William Gelles Wolford, was found qualified for Priest's orders, and Mr. Otway Colvin for Deacon's orders, and they were so recommended. All of which is respectfully submitted,


JUNE 5, 1888.

Rev. Dr. Jenckes, submitted the following, in behalf of the Committee on Unfinished Business :

Resolved, That the Rev. Sherwood Rosevelt, and Hon. John H. Stotsenburg be and they are hereby elected clerical and lay Trustees of Kenyon College for the ensuing two years from this date. Jos. S. Jenckes, Jr.


Rev. Frank Hallam submitted the following .

The Committee on Semi-Centennial Celebration report that they have arranged for appropriate services for Thursday, the 7th of June, in Christ Church, and for social reunion and banquet at the Denison House, on Thurs. day night. The Secretary read the following report:

The Diocesan Librarian reports the library in good condition, and its usefulness increasing. Two candidates for Holy Orders, studying at their homes, have been supplied with necessary books, and more books have been borrowed than in any preceding year.

The library has received a gift of seven volumes from the Bishop. Two of these are bound volumes of the Church Worker for its first and second years.

The widow of the late Rev. F. N. Luson, of Frankfort, gave his library to the Bishop to be used as he saw fit. He divided it between the Howe Grammar School and the Diocesan Library, the latter receiving forty volnmes. These additions have been plated, shelved, and entered in the written catalogue.

Rev. Dr. Bradley, on leaving the Diocese, donated a number of pamphlets, useful in completing files.

Miss Jenners, of Lafayette, has given a number of pamphlets, among which are English sermons, valualle because rare. These will be bound.

I am desirous of binding another set of our Diocesan Convention Journals, and have one complete with the exception of those for 1851, 1854, 1855, and 1873, and will be thankful to have these supplied.

With the Bishop's consent, I have appropriated a shelf for the beginning of a reference library for Churchwomen, on all matters connected with their work. For this I have received from Mrs. Twing, Honorary Secretary of the Woman's Auxiliary, and editor of Church Work, a gift of the first and second bound volumes of this valuable magazine. I will be glad to receive donations of books or pamphlets relating to women's work, for this library.

The library will be open to-morrow, Thursday, morning, from nine until service time. Members of the Convention are invited to visit it.

Respectfully submitted,


Diocesan Librarian,

Mr. David E. Snyder presented the following:

INDIANAPOLIS, June 6, 1888. The Registrar respectfully reports that since the last meeting of the Convention, he has received the history of Holy Innocents' Church, Evansville, and St. James's Church, Newcastle.


Registrar. The Rev. Willis D. Engle presented the following:

The Secretary respectfully reports that he has discharged the usual duties of his office during the past year.

He would call the attention of the clergy to the fact that he is not the custodian of the files of the Journals of the Diocese, and is not always able ito supply back numbers. Applications for such should be made to the Registrar.

He includes in this report an alphabetical list of the 304 clergymen who have been canonically resident in the Diocese since its organization, with the dates of such residence, as his contribution to the semi-centennial,

Respectfully submitted,

Willis D. ENGLE,





[The dates are the commencement and ending of each canonical residence.]

Upfold, George, 1819-72.
Talbot, Joseph C., 1865-83.
Knickerbacker, David B., 1883.

Ash, Robert, 1838.39.

Brush, Abner P., 1863-65. Adams, Ricbard S., 1841-41, 1843-45.

Bellam, Thomas L., 1865-66. Armstrong, William C., 1855-61.

Broadnax, William M. A., 1865-67. Adderly, Joseph, 1861-66.

Burford, E. Spruille, 1868-70, 1872-72. Averill, Martin V., 1865-70.

Brass, Richard, 1867-74. Austin, Thomas R., 1867-84.

Bacon, Thomas S., 1871-1872. Allen, Charles D., 1877-78.

Bradley, Edward A., 1872-88. Adams, Franklin W., 1886.

Bishop, Edwin R., 1873-78. Ayers, George W. S., 1887.

Bird, Frederic M., 1873-76.
Adams, George D., 1887.

Bicknell, Jesse R., 1874-81, 1883-85.
Abbott, Asa A., 1888.

Bradley, Edward, 1875-84.
Britton, James B., 1838-42.

Boxer, James L., 1877-81.
Brown, Fortune C., 1845-52.

Birchmore, John W., 1883-86.
Barton, J. O., 1851-57.

Brewster, S. T., 1883-85.
Bingham, Albert, 1853-59.

Braddon, Henry L. C., 1884-87.
Bruce, Caleb A., 1855-59.

Bevington, John A., 1884-85.
Birdsall, Elias, 1856-65.

Brandt, Clarence E., 1885-86.
Battin, Stephen H., 1858-63.

Burk, William B., 1884-87.
Bishop, Addis E., 1862-65. 1872-77.

Bamford, Walter H., 1887.


Brown, Belno A., 1888.
Casweli, Henry, 1838-38.
Croes, Robert B., 1812-50.
Clark, Anson, 1815-46.
Claxton, Robert B., 1847-53.
Camp, Norman W., 1849-53.
Clarke, Charles P., 1850-52.
Childs, John A., 1850-52.
Chapman, Robert M., 1850-69, 1874-78.
Carter, William H., 1859-69.
Charlot, X. P., 1861-65.
Carver, Thomas G., 1865-67, 1870-73.
Cummings, Frederic P., 1871-74.
Chambers, James Taylor, 1876-78.
Carstensen, G. Arnold, 1876-77.
Clausen, Charles J., 1877-81.
Clarke, Jonas B., 1878-81.
Cary, Charles A., 1878-83.
Cole, Lewis F., 1885.
Collisson, Reginald, 1886-88.
Drummond, John H., 1839-70.
Douglass, Stephen, 1852-53.
Dougherty, George T., 1859-63.
DeGarmo, H. H., 1866-69.
Davidson, Charles B., 1867-70.
Dunham, Warren N., 1868-75.
Dunham, Francis S., 1872-83.
Dunbam, Francis B., 1877-81.
Dickinson, Wm. Fletcher. 1877-79.
Dooris, John A., 1880-85.
Dennis, Richard H., 1881-81.
Delafield, Walter, 1884-86.
Engle, George B., 1841-13, 1866.
Elwell, Thomas, 1852-55.
Ernst, John F., 1836-57.
Esch, John F., 1858-60.
Edson, Samuel, 1863-65.
Eastin, (hurchill, 1873-75.
Eichbaum, John H., 1875-78.
Engle, Willis D., 1883.
Eaton, Arthur Wentworth, 1884-85.
Eastman, Rush S., 1883-86.
Fiske, George, 1838-60.
Freeman, Lyman N., 1841-44.
Fairchild. Thomas B., 1813-1818.
Foster, Colley A., 1847-53, 1859-61.
Franklin, Walter E., 1852-56.
Fitch, Chauncey W., 1862-65.
Forgus, Wellington, 1868-76.
Franklin, Benjamin, 1868-74.
Freeman, Andrew F., 1869-72.
Franklin, Thomas L., 1871-73.
Flanegan, John, 1872-76.
Fiske, William Allen, 1874-75.
Fulton, John, 1875-77.
French, Samuel J., 1875-79.
Fisse, George W. E., 1875-79.
Faude, John Jacob, 1877.
Farrar, John A., 1883-84.
Goshorn, John M., 1852-59.
Greenleaf, Patrick Heury, 1853-55.
Gregory, Almon, 1856-62.
Githens, William L., 1858-66.
Ganter, R. L., 1863-65.
Gregg, Frank M., 1867-70.
Gay, John L., 1869-76.
Gorrell, Abraham V., 1871-72.
Gierlow. John, 1871-78.
Gates, George W., 1880-81.
Greaves, Alban, 1884-85.

Hoyt, Malenhon, 1838-38.
Hutchins, B., 1839-12.
Halstead, Benjamin, 1841-52.
Hickox, B. H., 1813-44.
Hunter, Moses H., 1842-14.
Harrison, Joshua L., 1844-50.
Harriman, Frederic D., 1850-63.
Haft, Franklin R., 1852-53.
Hudson, A. J. M., 1854-59.
High, Nathaniel R., 1860-62.
Hollis, Humphrey, 1861-68, 1871-74.
Holcomb, Theodore I., 1863-65, 1879-83.
Hagar, Isaac A., 1866-70.
Hendley, Charles J., 1867-68.
Hibben, William W., 1868-72.
Hale, Edward, 1870-70.
Hall, Aaron Kinney, 1873-75.
Harrison, James S., 1873-75.
Hume, James Nelson, 1874-75.
Harrington, Frank P., 1879-81.
Hall, Benjamin T., 1880-81.
Hutchins. Benjamin T., 1882.
Hunter, Edwin G., 1884.
Hallam, Frank, 1884.
Hayward, William S., 1886.
Henry, Frank W., 1887.
Hynes, J. T. L., 1887-88.
Heermans, N. W., 1887.
Ingraham, James P. T., 1865-68.
Johnson, Samuel R., 1838-47.
Johnson, D. V. M., 1838-42.
Johnson, Samuel L., 1843-48.
Jahn, William, 1863-65.
Jackson, J. Edward, 1866-68.
Jennings, D'Estaing, 1867-68.
Jennings, Charles P., 1870-71.
Judd, Harvey O., 1874-77.
Jones, Custis P., 1876-80.
Jaudon, Frank D., 1881-84.
Jenckes, Joseph S., Jr., 1883.
James, Thomas F. C., 1881-85.
Jewell, Frederick C., 1885.
Jephson, Hubert E., 1887.
Jenner, A. George E., 1887.
Killikelly, B. B., 1839-43, 1844-48.
Koch, Ignatius, 1865-66.
Kerfoot, Richard T., 1870-76.
Karcher, John Keble, 1881-82.
Kemp, Thomas B., 1886.
Lamon, Archibald H., 1838-44.
Laird, F, H. L., 1841-43, 1817-48.
Lounsbury, Edward, 1842-43.
Large, Joseph S., 1818-54, 1857-58, 1863-74.
Loveridge, Daniel E., 1851-55.
Lee, John N., 1864-65.
Lee, James H., 1864-67.
Lusk, William, Jr., 1865-70.
Lemon, William James, 1876-78.
Llwyd, John P. D., 1884-85, 1886-87.
Luson, F. N., 1886-26.
Leman, Clarence C., 1887-88.
Manney, Solon W., 1839-50.
Mitchell, William, 1838-39.
McCullough, John W., 1817-49.
Magee, Edward, 1848-49.
Martin, John, 1819-50,
Miller, William, 1851-59.
McKnight, George H., 1855-60.
Martin, Thomas M., 1864-70.
Merrick, John A., 1866-67.

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