The Simple Cobler of Aggawam

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Ipswich historical society, 1647 - 104 oldal

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104. oldal - And now give me leave to say how it comes to pass that this work is wrought. It was set upon some of our hearts, That a great thing should be done, not by power or might, but by the Spirit of God. And is it not so, clearly ? That which caused your men to storm so courageously, it was the Spirit of God, who gave your men courage, and took it away again ; and gave the Enemy courage, and took it away again; and gave your men courage again, and therewith this happy success. And therefore it is good that...
103. oldal - The governor, Sir Arthur Ashton, and divers considerable officers being there, our men, getting up to them, were ordered by me to put them all to the sword. And indeed, being in the heat of action, I forbade them to spare any that were in arms in the town ; and, I think, that night they put to the sword about 2000 men...
26. oldal - The world is full of care, much like unto a bubble; Women and care, and care and women, and women and care and trouble.
102. oldal - Parent of angels and men ! next thee I implore, omnipotent King, Redeemer of that lost remnant whose nature thou didst assume, ineffable and everlasting Love ! And thou, the...
97. oldal - I look at her as the very gizzard of a trifle, the product of a quarter of a cipher, the epitome of nothing, fitter to be kickt, if she were of a kickable substance, than either honored or humored.
25. oldal - Text alwayes deserves a fair Margent : I am not much offended if I see a trimme, far trimmer than she that wears it : in a word, whatever Christianity or Civility will allow, I can afford with London measure : but when I heare a...
102. oldal - Let men of God in courts and churches watch O'er such as do a toleration hatch ; Lest that ill egg bring forth a cockatrice, To poison all with heresy and vice.
5. oldal - ... The power of all Religion and Ordinances, lies in their purity : their purity in their simplicity : then are mixtures pernicious. I lived in a City, where a Papist preached in one Church, a Lutheran in another, a Calvinist in a third; a Lutheran one part of the day, a Calvinist the other, in the same Pulpit: the Religion of that place was but motly and meagre, their affections Leopard-like.
103. oldal - When they submitted, their officers were knocked on the head, and every tenth man of the soldiers killed, and the rest shipped to the Barbadoes.
12. oldal - Latine, is nothing but a generall Toleration of all Opinions ; which motion if it be like to take, it were very requisite, that the City would repaire Pauls with all the speed they can, for an English Pantheon, and bestow it upon the Sectaries, freely to assemble in, then there may be some hope that London will be quiet in time.

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