Fractals in Biology and Medicine, 4. kötet

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Gabriele A. Losa, Danilo Merlini, Theo F. Nonnenmacher, Ewald R. Weibel
Springer Science & Business Media, 2006. márc. 30. - 314 oldal
This book is a compilation of the presentations given at the Fourth International Symposium on Fractals in Biology and Medicine held in Ascona, Switzerland on - th 13 March 2004 and was dedicated to Professor Benoît Mandelbrot in honour of his 80 birthday. The Symposium was the fourth of a series that originated back in 1993, always in Ascona. The fourth volume consists of 29 contributions organized under four sections: Fractal structures in biological systems Fractal structures in neurosciences Fractal structures in tumours and diseases The fractal paradigm Mandelbrot’s concepts such as scale invariance, self-similarity, irregularity and iterative processes as tackled by fractal geometry have prompted innovative ways to promote a real progress in biomedical sciences, namely by understanding and analytically describing complex hierarchical scaling processes, chaotic disordered systems, non-linear dynamic phenomena, standard and anomalous transport diffusion events through membrane surfaces, morphological structures and biological shapes either in physiological or in diseased states. While most of biologic processes could be described by models based on power law behaviour and quantified by a single characteristic parameter [the fractal dimension D], other models were devised for describing fractional time dynamics and fractional space behaviour or both (- fractional mechanisms), that allow to combine the interaction between spatial and functional effects by introducing two fractional parameters. Diverse aspects that were addressed by all bio-medical subjects discussed during the symposium.

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How Deep Does
Is the Lung an Optimal Gas Exchanger?
Interplay between
H K Hahn M Georg and H O Peitgen 55
H F Jelinek N Elston and B Zietsch 85
Ciompi andM Baatz
Scaling Properties of Cerebral Hemodynamics
Fractal Analysis of Vascular Network Pattern in Human Diseases
Fractal Analysis of Canine Trichoblastoma
ComputerAided Estimate and Modelling of the Geometrical Complexity
ComplexDynamical Extension of the Fractal Paradigm and Its Applications
Fractallike Features of Diosaur Eggshells
Some Biological Remarks
A Mistery of the Gompertz Function
T F Nonnenmacher

B J West and N Scafetta 131
Statistical Shape Analysis Applied to Automatic Recognition

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Ewald R. Weibel is Professor of Anatomy, University of Bern, Switzerland.

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