Annam Sharples (talis loci) filiam Edwardi
Præsentibus , JOANNE EDWARDS (talis loci).

testibus | MARIA DANIEL (talis loci).

N. N. Rector Misse. vel Miss'. Apos'. vel Miss®. Coad".

Si mulier vidua sit, dicatur : Annam Sharples relictam Edwardi Sharples.

N. B. Si virtute Dispensationis Matrimonium sit celebratum, notetur dispensatio ad calcem inscriptionis sub hac forma :-Obtenta dispensatione Apostolica.

Forma describendi Defunctos in Libro

Defunctorum.. ANNO 1855, die 20 mensis Janúarii GulielA mus Johnson ex (tali loco) ætatis 27, in communione S. Matris Ecclesiæ animam Deo reddidit Sacramentis munitus, cujus corpus die 25 mensis Januarii sepultum est in (Coemeterio N. vel Ecclesia N.).

N. N. Rector Misso. vel Miss'. Apos'. vel Miss'. Coad".

Appendix to the Ritual.




The sacrament of Baptism, which I am now about to administer, is an Ordinance of our Lord Jesus Christ. · By the Sacrament of Baptism we are delivered from the slavery of Satan, freed from sin, whether original or actual, clothed with divine grace, and made children of God, members of His Church, and heirs of the kingdom of Heaven. According to his mercy, he saved us, says St. Paul, by the laver of regeneration and renovation of the Holy Ghost, whom he hath poured forth upon us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Saviour: that being justified by his grace, we may be heirs according to hope of life everlasting. (Tit. iii. 5.)

The Sacrament of Baptism, which is necessary to salvation, is administered with several ancient and instructive ceremonies, all of them derived either from the example of our Saviour, or the practice of the Primitive Church. These ceremonies, it is true, are not essential to the validity of the Sacrament; but they excite reverence to it; they convey useful instruction, and are expressive of the graces

received, and the obligations contracted by the person baptized.

Conformably to this practice, the person, who is to be baptized, is presented to the Church by you, who are his Godfather and Godmother, as his spiritual parents, and as witnesses and sureties for his fulfilling his baptismal engagements. By this act you take upon yourselves the obligation of seeing that, as soon as he shall be capable of it, he be properly instructed in the principles of the Christian faith, and in the duties of a Christian life. You give in his name, which ought not to be heathenish or profane, nor taken from the surname of any other person; but truly Christian, taken from some one of the Saints of God; that with them, his name may be enrolled in the Book of Life. You ask, in his name, of the Church of God, to be admitted to the faith; that is, to be made a Christian, and this in order that he may obtain everlasting Life: which, as you are here reminded, is not to be obtained without keeping the Commandments, and especially the two great precepts of divine Charity.

Then, as all mankind are born in the state of original sin, and are spiritually possessed by Satan, who has possession of their souls till he is driven from them by the power of Jesus Christ, the minister blows thrice on the face of the person to be baptized, in contempt of Satan, commanding him to depart, and to

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