The Faroe Islands: Interpretations of History

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University Press of Kentucky, 1987 - 257 oldal

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Norse Settlement to Danish Monopoly
Outside the Wall SeventeenthCentury Society in Legend
Toward a National Cultural in an Odd Danish Province
What Better Thing? The Copenhagen Connection 18141855
The Transition from Monopoly Social Change in the Faroes 18561920
Now the Hour is Come to Hand Culture and Politics circa 18901920
Specters and Illusions The World Abroad and the World at Home
Governance and Governors

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1. oldal - There is another set of small islands, nearly all separated by narrow stretches of water; in these for nearly a hundred years hermits sailing from our own country, Ireland, have lived.
1. oldal - And just as they were always deserted from the beginning of the world, so now because of the Northmen pirates they are emptied of anchorites, and filled with countless sheep, and very many diverse kinds of seabirds.
1. oldal - Thule] in the ocean to the north of Britain which can be reached from the northern islands of Britain in a direct voyage of two days and nights with sails filled with a continuously favourable wind. A devout priest told me that in two summer days and the intervening night he sailed in a two-benched boat and landed on one of them.
2. oldal - ... dependencies, was subsumed under a joint Danish-Norwegian crown. The most important of these dependencies was Iceland, which had given up its freedom in 1262. The Faroese had already been subject to the Norwegian crown for over two hundred years. Orkney became Scottish in 1468, Shetland in 1472. By the time of the Reformation, in the middle of the sixteenth century, the Faroes were a small and rather unimportant part of an already much diminished Norse world, whose society had developed a good...

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