The Statesman's Year-book, 28. kötet

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Frederick Martin, Sir John Scott Keltie, Isaac Parker Anderson Renwick, Mortimer Epstein, Sigfrid Henry Steinberg, John Paxton, Brian Hunter (Librarian)
St. Martin's Press, 1891

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383. oldal - By its provisions, the executive power is vested in a President, elected for a term of four years...
xxviii. oldal - The queen reigns in her own right, holding the crown both by inheritance and election. Her legal title rests on the statute of 12 & 13 Will. III. c. 3, by which the succession to the crown of Great Britain and Ireland was settled, on the death of King William and Queen Anne, without issue, on the Princess Sophia of Hanover, and the ' heirs of her body, being Protestants.
839. oldal - Most of the above heads of departments have assistant ministers, who supply their place on certain occasions. They all communicate directly with the sovereign, or with the ' Private Cabinet of the Emperor,' in which body centres the whole executive authority of the empire. The Private Cabinet is divided into four sections, the first of which has the presidency and superintendence of the other two, and is in immediate communication with the emperor. The second...
668. oldal - Catholic Church is, nominally, the ruling State religion of Italy ; but many Acts of the Legislature, passed since the establishment of the Kingdom, and more especially since the suppression of the temporal government of the Supreme Pontiff, have subordinated the power of the Church and clergy...
604. oldal - Prince Hermann, born August 4, 1825, brother of the preceding; married, June 17, 1851, to Princess Augusta, born October 4, 1826, youngest daughter of King Wilhelm I. of Wiirttemberg, of which union there are offspring six children.
142. oldal - The units of weight and measures of capacity shall be, for weights, the said ser ; for measures of capacity, a measure containing one such ser of water at its maximum density, weighed in a vacuum.
104. oldal - Ladrones,' or thieves, from the notorious habits of the old inhabitants. It is situated off the south-eastern coast of China, at the mouth of the Canton river, about 40 miles east of Macao.
53. oldal - ... unlike the military laws, which the Sovereign has absolute power to frame under the authority of an Act of Parliament — have been permanently established and defined with great precision by the legislature. The distinction also prevails in the mode of voting the charge for these two forces. For the army, the first vote sanctions the number of men to be maintained ; the second, the charge for their pay and maintenance. For the navy, no vote is taken for the number of men ; the first vote is...
589. oldal - The early extinction of the maleline of Albrecht brought the province of Prussia by marriage to the Electors of Brandenburg, who, by early adopting Protestantism, acquired a very important position as leaders of the new faith in Northern Germany. In the seventeenth century, the Hohenzollern territories became greatly enlarged by Friedrich Wilhelm, ' the Great Elector,' under whose fostering care arose the first standing army in Central Europe.
612. oldal - Constitution, Revenue, and Population. The principality has a constitution, dated November 17, 1868, under which there is a legislative Diet of 15 members, two of whom are appointed by the Prince, one nominated by the nobility, one by the clergy, one by certain functionaries, and the rest elected by the people. To the Prince belongs part of the legislative and all the executive authority.

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