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"STEADY now; this is ticklish business. Is banal, and — well, our wise modern youths your hand shaky, your vision blurred? are not complete fools. Here endeth the Better put this issue away for a bit. And first lesson, the text of which is, 'Read whatever you do, keep it in a cool place. “Nietzsche's Evensong.' If you leave it behind the kitchen stove, we will not be responsible for the consequences.

A different kind of vigilance must be

urged before we allow our readers to cross First of all comes Ludovic Naudeau with a the threshold of the Macedonian harem in heavy load of high-explosive war-talk. He the highly respectable company of Mr. has been to Danzig, had his passport

Tbeodor Berkes and his anonymous girlstamped by four officials in succession, friend. The institution of polygamy, as talked to the President of the Danzig Free developed by the Turks, is fast dying out, State, argued with Poles and Germans, and and within a few years should be as obsolete found that both were quite right and quite as a tandem bicycle. There are, however, a irreconcilable. Two hundred thousand couple of seraglios left – which means that Kachoubs crowded into the Polish Corridor there are still perhaps as many as one hunare making European peace-lovers toss in dred women now living who are submissive, their sleep, and they certainly sound dan- gentle, charming, and dumb. It is the gerous, even if we are not quite sure what prophecy of this department that our male they mean, or who they are, or why. readers will find their smoked glasses

clouded with tears when they read this

eloquent description of moribund customs, Lenin and Nietzsche are names to conjure but that if their womenfolk beat them to it with in any madhouse. With only about

the offending pages will be ripped from the half his brain in working order, old Vladimir magazine and trampled under a pair of Iliich the Russian abbreviation for Lenin

those ample, sensible sport-shoes which are raised more Cain than the whole half

so rapidly taking the place of the antidozen secondhand-clothes dealers who are

quated French heel. now leaping around on the top of the Communist hog-pile. If this be heresy, read what Nikolai Bukbarin says about the Among those who would not care for the present officials in Moscow. Though a full- institution of the harem are Mrs. Langtry fledged Comrade and at least a half

and, we rather suspect, Mr. Gladstone. brother in Lenin himself, he has written a Reminiscences of these two celebrities from regular Walpurgis Night description of the pen of J. E. C. Bodley bring back the modern Russia which is so illuminating days when Lily Langtry was as much of a that you

will do well to put on smoked sensation as Jackie Coogan and the Prince glasses before reading it, rather than take

of Wales are now. any chances with your eyes. The same optical equipment will also come in handy when you turn to Stefan Zweig's essay on All good things must end Nietzsche. Here is an admirable example Living Age and the second column of that of emotional criticism, in which the critic delightful This Week page (adv.). But after flings himself without restraint into the all the excitement you have been put to, spirit of his subject. We have got to a state what with crowded corridors, Kachoubs,

- the sermon will be over soon in which Bolsheviki, harems, Nietzsche, Lenin, and genuine enthusiasm is being ruled out by the rest of it, to say nothing of Somerset self-conscious judgment, and Mr. Zweig is Maugbam's short story, — the least we can a welcome relief from this all too serious do is to offer you the shelter of the Santa cult. Of course the point is that the natural Clara Convent in the Philippines. It is a aristocrat, even in his emotions, is never long trip, but worth the price.

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