Manufacturers and only Patentees of the ASPHALTED FELT FOR ROOFING.

At the Great National Agricultural Shows, it is this Felt which has been exhibited and OBTAINED THE PRIZE, and is the Felt patronized by


And on the Estates of the Dukes of Sutherland, Norfolk, Rutland, Newcastle,
Northumberland, Buccleuch (at Richmond,) the late Earl Spencer, and most of the
Nobility and Gentry; and at the Royal Agricultural Society's House, Hanover Square.

For Roofing Houses, Cottages, Verandahs, Out-buildings, Sheds, and every other description of Building, in lieu of Slates, Tiles, Thatch, Zinc, &c., and for lining Granaries and Storehouses, for covering Garden Sheds and Frames, and Corn and Hay Ricks. It is also a protection to Ceilings under flooring from wet and damp, at the same time deadening sound; and is particularly adapted for exportation to the Colonies, where it is now extensively used; and when used under Slates or Tiles, adds greatly to the warmth and durability of the building.

The Felt is perfectly impervious to Rain, Frost and Snow, and resists the heat of the Sun; and its great superiority over every other description of Roofing, consists in its cheapness, lightness, elasticity, warmth, and durability; advantages which no other description of roofing combines.

Samples, with full directions as to its uses, and the manner of apply. ing it, with Testimonials from Noblemen and Gentlemen, Members of the Royal Agricultural Society, who have extensively used it, some for seven years and upwards, sent free to any part of the town or country, and orders by post immediately executed.

PRICE ONLY ONE PENNY PER SQUARE FOOT, Which is considerably less than half the expense of Tiles or Slates; besides which, there is an immense saving in the timber necessary to support the roof, as the weight of the Felt is only about 25lbs. to the 100 square feet.

The new Vice-Chancellor's Courts, at the Entrance to Westminster Hall, are covered with F. M'NEILL and Co.'s Felt; also some roofs at the Factory in London. Patent Felt Manufactory, Lamb's Buildings, Bunhill Row,

London, March, 1845. F. M'NEILL and Co. also manufacture a DRY HAIR FELT, for covering Steam Pipes, Boilers, &c., by which a saving of at least 25 per cent. is effected in Fuel.


WIDOW-AGED, MIDDLE AGED, OR YOUNG. The French laugh at us as a nation, being victims to routine, another name for custom. Now as it has been the custom for many centuries for the Ladies to wear, from necessity, “ Bonnets," stained with hair oil, &c., let us prove to our neighbours that it is not from choice we perpetuate evil customs; and amongst other taxes which have ceased to be, the year 1847 will abolish the “ Ladies' Poll Tax." Henceforth let every

Lady add to her wardrobe the VENTILATING BONNET & CAP PRESERVER, So highly recommended by Times, Chronicle, Herald, Church of England Journal, Wesleyan, Hereford Times, Kentish Independent, Bell's Family Newspaper, and numerous other papers and periodicals, as A REAL “ ANTI - MACASSAR."

LADIES, in order that you may procure the “ VENTILATING BONNET and CAP PRESERVER," registered pursuant to the Act of Parliament for the protection of Original Inventions, 6 & 7 Vic., cap. 65, be sure and ask for it, as the system of the Drapery and Millinery business preclude their (specially) introducing the “ VENTILATING BONNET & CAP PRESERVER” to your notice. Retail Drapers and Milliners may now procure it at the usual wholesale warehouses, and of the sole manufacturer, 2, BERESFORD TERRACE, WALWORTH, LONDON, who will continue to forward them by post for one shilling, and one postage stamp, until Ladies experience no difficulty in procuring them.

Ladies who are buying new Bonnets, and having Bonnets cleaned, should supply themselves with one of the VENTILATING BONNET and CAP PRESERVERS. Wearers of Bonnets of all ages, this is a subject which addresses itself to you. Every Lady must be anxious to avoid soiling with hair oil, dust, or perspiration, either Bonnet or Cap. Bonnets so soiled will not dye or clean without leaving a stain. This useful article is not made of oil silk-every lady knows the evil of oil silk

-it weighs less than a quarter of an ounce; is worn loose as a cap; is made up of all colours to correspond with the colour of the bonnet lining, and is applicable to the gauze, silk, or straw bonnet-to the Autumn or Winter season, as well as Spring and Summer.

« A very useful invention has recently been introduced before the public, more particularly concerning the ladies, who wish to be economical in matters of dress. Every lady knows that hair oil and perspiration soils and destroys bonnets of silk, straw, and other delicate materials. Mr. R. W. METHAM has invented a neat little article to wear under the bonnet, to avoid its being soiled. It is very applicable to bonnets worth dying or cleaning. It may be worn in winter and surpmer; is excessively light, and not heating, on account of its ventilating properties. It will be the means of preserving a bonnet from destruction, and seems in every respect a useful and novel invention. We recommend ladies to try it. Oil silk, India-rubber cloth, and other patents, in use for this purpose, inflict not only head-ache and loss of hair, but also subject the eyes to distressing pain."-Times.

MAY ALSO BE HAD THE VENTILATING SILK DRESS AND COAT PROTECTOR, Price 3d. the set of four pieces, or 4d. by post. This invention prevents the unsightly staining of the dress by perspiration under the arms, and supersedes the use of oil-silk, pronounced by the faculty an unhealthy expedient, at a much less cost.

TUE GENTLEMAN'S REAL HEAD OF HAIR, OR INVISIBLE VENTILATING PERUKE, is so close a resemblance to Nature, as to defy detection; and to enable Gentlemen to see the effect, a large assortment is always kept for inspection, any one of which, if approved of, saves the purchaser both time and trouble. These elegant Specimens of the Peruquean art, superior to any to be obtained elsewhere, either in Paris or London, have only to be seen to be admired, and are the sole invention of ROSS & SONS, 119 & 120, Bishopsgate Street, London.

Ross and Sons' infallible mode to Measure the Head.
Round the Head in the manner of a fillet, leaving the Ears Inchs 8ths.

loose, 1 to 1 ..............
From the Forehead over to the Polo, as deep each way as

required, 2 to 2 .................................... From Ear to Ear across the Forehead, close down to the point level with the Whiskers, 3 to 3 ................

FOR SCALPS, OR PARTIAL BALDNESS. From the Front as forward as required to the Hair behind,

1 to 1 .... From one side to the other across the Forehead, as far as

bald, 2 ....... Across the Crown or Rise of Head, 3 ....................

TO THE LADIES. It is universally acknowledged by every one of taste, that however beautiful a woman may be, if her hair is deficient, either in quantity, quality, or colour, that one of her greatest charms is wanting. A complete remedy for all this is to be found by visiting the establishment of ROSS AND SONS, and choosing either Head-dresses that surpass Nature herself, Fronts, Bands, or Ringlets that assist her, or splendid Plaits that, encircling the thin hair, give it all the appearance of a luxuriant growth. The Partings are so admirably contrived, that the nearest inspection is confounded; the transparency of the web admitting the skin of the head to be seen through; they may be described as being as light as a feather. Address, Ross and Sons, 119 and 120, Bishopsgate Street, London, who have lately invented the Depinguitory, for Cleaning the Skin, Partings of Fronts, &c.

THE ATRAPILATORY, OR LIQUID HAIR DYE, Is the only Dye that really answers for all colours, and does not require re-doing, but as the hair grows, as it never fades or acquires that unnatural red or purple tint common to all other. dyes. Ross and Sons can with the greatest confidence recommend the above Dye as infallible, if done at their establishment; and ladies or gentlemen requiring it, are requested to bring a friend or servant with them to see how it us used, which will enable them to do it afterwards, without the chance of failure. Several private apartments devoted entirely to the above purpose, and some of their establishment having used it, the effect produced can be at once seen. They think it necessary to add, that by attending strictly to the instructions given with each bottle of Dye, numerous persons have succeeded equally well without coming to them. Address, Ross & Sons, 119 & 120, Bishopsgate St., London, the celebrated Perruquiers, Perfumers, Hair Cutters, and Hair Dyers. N.B.-Parties attended at their own residences.

• SPLENDID ARRANGEMENT OF LOOKING-GLASS, Producing the effect of a long arcade, and so bewildering as to cause a doubt whether you are in London or in Old Rome

“Arch follows arch, and pile succeeds to pile." This unique apartment is devoted to Cutting and Arranging the Hair in, and, with another having a beautiful View of Naples, are on the ground floor. In calling attention to their establishment, Ross and Sons beg to notice the advantages of their system-viz, they never take apprentices nor young men from the country, nor object to customers asking for the same man to wait upon them; every person has clean brushes, they never being used twice

ame man to wait upon them; exery pennacen hoe things thay do not want. Address. without being washed; and parties are not pressed to buy things they do not want. Address, Ross and Sons, 119 and 120, Bishopsgate Street, London.

BOTANIC WATER AND BEARS' GREASE. When the hair is becoming thin, and falling off, the only effectual remedy, besides shaving the head, is the use of the two above-named articles, applied alternately; the botanic water to cleanse the roots from scurf, and as a stimulant, and the bears' grease as a nourisher. If any further evidence was required of the virtues of bears' grease for renovating and preserving the hair, Mr. Catlin's account of the quantity used, and the length of hair obtained, by some of the North American Indians, would be a sufficient answer. Ross and Sons, 119 and 120, Bishopsgate Street, London, who first introduced the use of bears' grease in this country, and who fat and kill the animals, recommend the public to purchase none other but with their names and address printed on the pot, or the chances are their obtaining a spurious article. All vegetable oils applied to the hair are worse than useles.

THE NEW TOOTH BRUSH. Made on the most scientific principle, thoroughly cleaning between the teeth when used up and down, and polishing the surface when used crossways. This brush so entirely enters between the closest teeth, that the inventors have decided upon naming it the Tooth-pick Brush. Therefore ask for it under that name, marked and numbered as under, viz. full-sized brushes, marked T. P. W. No. 1, hard: No. 2, less hard : No. 3, middling : No. 4, soft: the narrower brushes, marked T. P.N. No.5, hard : No. 6, less hard : No. 7, middling: No. 8, soft. These inimitable brushes are only to be had at ROSS & SONS, 119 & 120, BISHOPSGATE, STREET, LONDON, and they warrant the hair never to come out : at Is, each, or 10s. per dozen in bone: and 2s, each, or 21s. per dozen in ivory.


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