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And universally preferred and esteemed.

ROWLAND'S MACASSAR OIL. The singular virtues of this successful invention for restoring, improving and beautifying the Human Hair, are too well known and appreciated to need comment. The very fact of its having stood the test of nearly half a century of probation, and obtained the especial patronage of Hor Majesty the Queon, H.R.H. Prince Albert, the whole of the Royal Family, and of every Court in the civilized world, and the high esteem in which it is universally held, together with numerous Testimonials constantly received of its efficacy, afford the best and surest proof of its merits. Price 38. 60.–78.-Family Bottles (equal to four small) 10s. 60.

Double that size, 21s. per Bottle. ROWLAND'S KALYDOR, An ORIENTAL BALSAMIC PREPARATION, of singular efficacy in thoroughly purifying the SKIN from all ERUPTIVE MALADIES, FRECKLES, TAN. and DISCOLORATIONS, producing a healthy freshness and transparency of COMPLEXION, and a softness and delicacy of the HANDS, ARMS, and NECK. Its purifying and refreshing properties have obtained the exclusive patronage of HER MAJESTY “THE QUEEN," and the Royal Family of Great Britain, as well as of the principal Courts of Europe.

Beware of SPURIOUS “KALYDORS,” containing mineral astringente utterly ruinous to the Complexion, and which, by their repellent action, endanger health. Each Bottle of the genuine has the words “ROWLAND'S KALYDOR" on the Wrapper. Price 4s. 6d. and 8s. 6d. per Bottle.


OR PEARL DENTIFRICE. A WHITE POWDER FOR THE TEETH, compounded of the Choicest and most Recherche Ingredients of the Oriental Herbal, of inestimable virtue for presuring and beautifying the Textu and strengthening the GUMS. Its truly efficient and fragrant aromatic properties have obtained its selection by “THE QUEEN." THE COURT and ROYAL FAMILY OF GREAT BRITAIN, and THE SOVEREIGNS and NOBILITY throughout Europe. Price 28. 9d. per Box.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION. UNPRINCIPLED INDIVIDUALS, for the sake of gaining a trife more profit, vend the most SPURIOUS COMPOUNDS, under the names of " MACASSAR OIL,“KALYDOR," “ ODONTO," &c., some under the implied sanction of Royalty and the Government Departments, &c.; they copy the labels, advertisements, and testimonials (substituting fictitious names and addresses for the real) of the original preparations. It is therefore highly necessary to see that the word K ROWLAND'S" is on the Wrapper of each Article.

ALL OTHERS ARE FRAUDULENT IMITATIONS!! The Genuine Articles are sold by the PROPRIETORS, and by every

respectable PERFUMER and CHEMIST throughout the KINGDOM.

LOMBARD STREET & CHARING CROSS, LONDON, For insuring Houses, Farmers' Stock, Goods & Merchandise, & Shipping,


Matthias Attwood, Esq., M.P.

Sir Robert Harry Inglis, Bart. M.P.
Decimus Burton, Esq.

Richard Henshaw Lawrence, Esq. Octavius Edward Coope, Esq.

Magens Dorrien Magens, Esq.
William Cotton, Esq.

John Dorrien Magens, Esq.
Sir William Curtis, Bart.

John Masterman, Esq., M.P.
William Davis, Esq.

John Petty Muspratt, Esq.
Emanuel Goodhart, Esq.

Richard Price, Esq. .
Henry Grace, Esq.

George Stanley Repton, Esq.
Joseph Owen Harris, Esq.

Alfred Thorp, Esq.
Kirkman Daniel Hodgson, Esq.

Charles Hampden Turner, Esq.
Thomas Hodgson, Esq.

Matthew Whiting, Esq.
James Horne, Esq.

Thomas Wilson, Esq.
Robert Hugh Innes, Esq.

Insurance from Loss or Damage by Fire has been found a measure of great importance to the security of property and to the happiness of families. This precaution is seldom neglected by Merchants and Tradesmen, and is equally necessary to Gentlemen, Farmers, & Manufacturers of every kind.

The PHENIX OFFICE was established by a numerous Proprietary in January, 1782, upon principles of public utility. The promptitude and cheerfulness with which the most important losses have been made good by the Company are well known;~a large Capital in Government Securities is at all times held in readiness for that purpose;--and in addition to that indemnity which ipsurers are bound to supply, the Company has constantly attended to the convenience and accommodation of the public in tho mode of transacting the business of the Office.

No person insured by this Office is liable for the Losses of others, as in Contribution Societies.

Reasonable expenses attending the removal of goods insured in this Office, in time of danger, will be cheerfully repaid.

CHELTENHAM-Messrs. Andrew and | NEWENT-

Charles Paul, Builders, 397, High St.; NEWNHAM-Simon R. Strode, Esa..
John Cox, Esq. Manager of a Local Bank Manager.
Bank; Robert Tregoze Tanner, Esq. | NORTHLEACH-

PAINSWICK--Mr. R. Wight, Jun. Gent. GLOUCESTER-Mr Charles Weaver, ROSS-Edward Prichard, Esq. Banker ;

Pin Manufacturer; Josiah Castree, Esq. Mr. Joseph Edwards, Solicitor.

Surveyor; Thos. Smith, Esq. Solicitor. STOW-ON-THE-WOLD-Mr. Richard BERKELEY-Mr. T. Tratman, Mercer. W. Lane, Printer. CIRENCESTER-Mr. Richard Bowley, STROUD-Thomas E. Saunders, Esq.,

Draper; 8. Lediard, Esq. Solicitor; Casbier in Bank.

Messrs. Sewell & Newmarch, Solicitors. TETBURY-William Maskelyne. Esa.. COLEFORD-W. Roberts, Esq. Solicitor, Solicitor; Mr. G. Cole, Bankers' Clerk. DURSLEY-Thomas Woods, Esq. Bank TEWKESBURY - John Horne, Esq., Manager.

Clerk in Bank; Messrs. Moore and FRAMPTON

Weaver, Auctioneers. MINCHINHAMPTON – Mr. William WINCHCOMB-George Timbrell, Esq., Davis, Spirit Merchant.



Cogswell, Postmaster.


AND GENERAL FIRE, LIFE, & HAIL INSURANCE INSTITUTION, Empowered by Special Act of Parliament.--Capital, £500,000.


Chairman-Joseph Rogerson, Esq.

Managing Director—W. Shaw, Esq.
J. Blackstone, Esq.

R. M. Jaques, Esq.
S. Boydell, Esq.

Wm. Smeddle, Esq.
Wm. Clutton, Esq.

G. P. Tuxford, Esq.
J. R. Cooper, Esq.

John Hudson, Esq.
Secretary-John Hanson, Esq.
Bankers--The London and Westminster Bank.

FARMING STOCK insured in England, Wales, and Ireland, at 3s. per Cent. without the average clause. Growing Crops included. Losses by Lightning made good. COMMON INSURANCE at the usual moderate Rates.

No Charge for Policies on Farming Stock or any other description of Property at or above £300. No Charge for Policies removed from other Offices.

HAIL INSURANCE. Prospectuses, containing the Rates of Premium to be charged, and all other particulars, may be obtained on application at the Office, or by Letter, post paid.

LIFE INSURANCE. Every kind of LIFE INSURANCE, of Deferred and Immediate Annuities, and of Endowments for Children, may be accomplished on terms as low as is consistent with security.

One HALF of the PREMIUMS only may be paid for the first five years after the date of the Policy; the other half to remain subject to the payment of Interest annually, to be deducted from the amount assured.

ENDOWMENTS EFFECTED. Half-Rate Annual Premiums on Life Assurance for £100. Age 20.. £0 17 6 | Age 30..£1 2 1 1 Age 40.. £l 9 5

Age 50.. £2 2 3 | Age 60., £3 5 7

The usual Commission to Solicitors. Agents are wanted in places where none are at present appointed.

WILLIAM SHAW, Managing Director,

Mutual Life Assurance Society,


James Copland, M.D., F.R.S.

'John Romilly, Esq., Q.C. M.P. Vere Fane, Esq.

James Russell, Esq., Q.C. J. B. Parry, Esq., Q.C.


G. H. Barlow, M.D. Richard Jebb, Esq.

R. Quain, Esq., F.R.S.
D. Cornthwaite, Esq. John C. W. Lever, M . Robert Smith, Esq.
F. J. Farre, M.D., F.L.S. W. J. Little, M.D.

F. T. White, Esq.
Thos. Webb Greene, Esq. John Parrott, Esq.

J. H. Whiteway, Esq. (R. Partridge, Esq., F.R.S. |

AUDITORS, T. Bartlett, Esq.-John Brown, Esq.-George Carew, Esq.-F. W. Remnant, Esq.

BANKERS, STANDING COUNSEL, SOLICITORS, Messrs. Praed, Fane,& Co.-T.Webb Greene, Esq.-Messrs. Gem, Pooley, & Beisly.


Richard Wilsdon Morris, Esq. This is the only Society in connection with either the Medical or Legal Profession, founded on the principle of Mutual Assurance. This principle is the most beneficial to the Assured, amongst whom alone the whole net profits are divisible.

The Society has a Subscription Capital, to guarantee the prompt settlement of claims; but it will be paid off as soon as replaced by a reserved Profit Fund.

The business of the Society includes Assurances, Annuities, and Endowments of every description.

ADVANTAGES OFFERED BY THE SOCIETY. The Rates of Premium are as moderate as is consistent with due Security.

Premiums may be paid Yearly, Half-yearly, or Quarterly, in a Single payment, or in a limited number of payments, or by an increasing or decreasing scale, or half the Premiums may remain unpaid at Simple Interest for the first Seven years, and may be then paid off, or remain as a Debt upon the Policy, at the option of the Assured.

The Profits will be ascertained and apportioned after the year 1851,
and thenceforward annually ; and those Members who shall have
Assured within the first Five years, or who shall have paid Five
Annual Premiums, will be entitled to participate therein.
There is no Entrance or Admission Fee.

Premiums for Assuring £100 at Death.
| Age | Premium | Age | Premium | Age | Premium | Age | Premium

15 T 1 10 10 | 30 1 2 6 2 45 13 12 3 160 1 6 19 0

201 15 0 352 13 0 50 4 7 8 65 817 6 1 252 0 40 3 1 2 555 91 70 11 10 6 Prospectuses, Forms of proposal, and every further information may be obtained, on application, either personally or by letter, to

R. WILSDON MORRIS, Actuary. Or of any of the following Agents : CHELTENHAM.. MR. R. E. PROCKTER, Chemist, High Street. BATH .......... G. D. Hill, Esq., Solicitor. FAIRFORD...... ALBERT ISLES, Esq., Surgeon. MITCHELDEAN MR. JAMES KATURO, Druggist.

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