giant skeletons, curious and valuable anatomical subjects, collected by the celebrated John Hunter, which were bought by Government, and given to the college. Ladies are not admitted.

EAST INDIA COMPANY'S, East India House, Leadenhall street. Admission on Tuesday and Thursday, by tickets, from 11 to 3, signed by an E. I. Director ; on Saturday, free. Eastern curiosities of a highly interesting character; trophies, paintings, manuscripts, ivory carvings, stuffed birds, library (in which is Tippoo Saib's splendid copy of the Koran), and many beautiful specimens of Indian ingenuity.

GEOLOGICAL, Craig's court, Charing cross. Admission to the public daily, free, from 10 o'clock to 4. This museum is attractive to those who take an interest in the structure of the earth, its strata, minerals, &c. All the specimens are British, except the ores.

MISSIONARIES', Bloomfield street, Moorfields. Open Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, from March 25th to September 29th, from 10 o'clock to 4; rest of the year, 10 to 3, free. A judicious collection of objects of Natural History: also ornaments of feathers, idols, &c., from countries which have been benefited by the exertions of missionaries.

ROYAL INSTITUTION, Albemarle street, Piccadilly. Open daily from 10 o'clock to 4, by a member's order. It has an extensive library, reading rooms, laboratories, an excellent theatre for lectures, apartments for philosophical purposes, and some specimens of minerals, chiefly British.

ROYAL MILITARY REPOSITORY, Woolwich. Open daily from 9 o'clock to 11, and I to 4, admission free. This museum has a very fine collection of models, also some curious old artillery, relics of fires, weapons, &c.

Sir JOHN SOANE'S, 13, Lincoln's Inn Fields. Open only in April, May, and June, on Thursdays and Fridays, from 10 o'clock to 4; gratuitous admission by tickets, to be obtained of the trustees; or of the curator at the museum, a day or two before-hand. It consists of statuary, paintings, models, antique relics, &c., and amongst other valuable curiosities is an Egyptian coffin of alabaster, covered with

hieroglyphics, and considered to be upwards of 3,000 years old.

UNITED SERVICE, Scotland yard, Whitehall. Open daily from April to September, from 11 to 5; rest of the year, 11 to 4; admission by a member's order. Beside a room exclusively devoted to articles from China, here are models of ships, statues, images, paintings, and many highly interesting foreign curiosities collected by British officers.

PAINTINGS. ANCIENT MASTERS, 53, Pall Mall. Open daily rom 10 to 4 o'clock, admittance, ls. Among these paintings are some highly valued pictures by the Corracci, Reubens, Murillo, Raphael, Correggio, &c.

BRITISH INSTITUTION, 52, Pall Mall. Open daily, from 10 to 4, admittance ls. Open all February, March, and April, with the works of British Artists; open again June, July, and August, with works of ancient masters. Devoted to the use of students from September. Founded in 1805, for the purpose of encouraging British Artists.

DULWICH GALLERY, Dulwich College. Open daily, except Friday and Sunday, from April to November, from 10 to 5; and from November to April, from 11 to 3; admission free. Nearly 400 exquisite paintings, chiefly of the old school, bequeathed to the College in 1810 by Sir Francis Bourgeois. For admission cards, apply to Mr. Moon, Finch lane, Cornhill; Graves, Pall Mall; or Colnaghi, Cockspur street. No cards of admission can be procured at Dulwich.

NATIONAL GALLERY, Trafalgar Square. Open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from the 1st of November to the 30th of April, from 10 to 4, and from the 1st of May to Sept. from 10 to 6, free. Established in 1823, when £40,000. of the public money was laid out in paintings; many more have since been added. In the entrance is the marble Waterloo Vase, intended by Napoleon to celebrate his own victories, but afterwards converted by the Prince Regent into a memorial of the Battle of Waterloo. Closed for six weeks from the middle of September.

ROYAL ACADEMY OF ARTS, Trafalgar square. Open only in May, June, and July, from 8 o'clock to 7, admission 1s. Established in 1768 to promote the Fine Arts. Admits New paintings only. The Academy contains 26 members and 40 associates.

ST. JAMES'S GALLERY, 58, Pall Mall. Open daily from 9 to 4, admittance 1s. A collection of the English, Flemish, Italian, and Dutch schools, including Titian's Venus.

SOCIETY OF BRITISH ARTISTS, Suffolk street, Pall Mall. Open in April, May, June, and July, daily, from 9 to 7, admission ls. The paintings are the works of British Artists in oil and water colours. Founded in 1824.

SOCIETY OF PAINTERS IN WATER COLOURS, 53, Pall Mall. Open in April, May, June and July, daily, from 9 o'clock to dusk, admission 18.

SOCIETY OF PAINTERS IN WATER COLOURS, (NEW) Pall Mall East. Open daily from 10 to 7 o'clock, admittance 1s. Open in May, June and July. Both these are for drawings in water colours exclusively.

SCIENTIFIC EXHIBITIONS. ADELAIDE GALLERY, Lowther Arcade, West Strand. Open daily from 11 to 5, and 7 to half-past 10; admission ls. Here are lectures, experiments, and evening concerts. The gallery contains more than 4000 models, sculptures and paintings, specimens of natural history, foreign curiosities, trophies from China, articles from the South Sea Isles, &c.

POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTION, Regent street. Open daily from 11 to half-past 5, and 7 to half-past 10; admission ls. Experiments are exhibited in coining, diving, chemistry, electricity, &c.; and among its innumerable objects of interest are models of ship-building and launching, the method of blowing-up sunken vessels, illustrations of photogenic drawing, clocks regulated by galvanism, optical illusions, and lectures by talented professors are given two or three times in the course of the day. Music in the afternoons and evenings. Closed on Saturday evenings. This establishment for the illustration of practical science, in connection with agriculture, the arts, mines, manufactures, &c. is incorporated by royal charter, and was opened in 1838.

SOCIETY OF ARTS, John street, Adelphi. Open daily (except Wednesday) from 10 to 2, admission free, by a member's order. It contains models, machines, paintings, &c. and will well repay a visit. This institution was founded in 1753, for the purpose of exciting emulation and industry in the ingenious and commercial arts, agriculture, &c. by honorary and pecuniary rewards.


COLOSSEUM, Regent's Park. Open from 10 to 5 daily. Admittance to the Glyptotheca, or Museum of Sculpture, the Gothic Aviary, the Conservatories, the Grand Promenade of the Classic Ruins of the Temples of Theseus, Vesta, and the Arch of Titus, &c.; to Mont Blanc, the Mer de Glace and Alpine Torrent; and to the Panorama of London, which covers a surface of 46,000 square feet, and an exterior view of the surrounding Country : 2s.-children under twelve, half-price. Admittance to the Stalactite Caverns, ls, extra. Open in the evening from 7 to past 10, when the above is brilliantly illuminated, exhibiting the mountain torrent, and panorama of London by moonlight, admittance 2s. 6d.

COSMORAMA, 209, Regent street. Open daily from 10 till dusk, admission ls. Eight scenic Views in Italy, Switzerland, and Greece, represented so as to give them the appearance of reality. Established in 1820.

DIORAMA, Regent's Park. Open daily from 10 to 6 in summer, and from 10 till 5 in winter; stalls 2s. saloon ls. The spectator sits on a platform, which turns on a pivot, bringing him alternately opposite each of the two Pictures exhibiting, which are changed annually. The Pictures exhibit various and novel effects of light and shade.

PANORAMA ROYAL, Leicester square. This fashionable exhibition is the oldest of the kind in London, having been originally opened in 1790; and has been continually increasing in merit and attraction, until it has attained its present high celebrity, under the proprietorship of the eminent and indefatigable artist, Mr. R. Burford. The Panoramic views are so well known to the public generally, that it is almost, as Mr. G. Robins would say, “ a work of supererogation” to expatiate on their merits. To the youthful mind, these views form a continual source of varied instruction and amusement, whilst their intense interest is equally felt by the adult, of whatever calling. Economy too here presides; for instead of having the trouble to wade through a mass of books or charts, the spectator has the object entire before him at one glance, and for “ One Shilling.” The Panorama Royal is open during the entire year, from 10 o'clock till dusk; and we cannot suggest a higher treat to the man of travel, science, literature, or art, than a visit to Mr. Burford's rapid succession of splendid Panoramic Illustrations,


MADAME TUSSAUD and SON'S, Bazaar, Baker street, Portman square, established in 1834. Open in Summer from 11 in the morning till 10 at night. In Winter from 11 till 5, and again in the evening from 7 till 10, when it is brilliantly illuminated. Admission 1s.-second room 6d. It consists of life-like representations of illustrious and public personages, in their various costumes, including those who have been rendered conspicuous by their heroic, tragic, comic, political or moral acts; Napoleon relics, &c. &c. In short it is almost impossible for our country friends to visit a more interesting and amusing sight than this unique and unrivalled Exhibition. Vide Times: “ It is one of the best Exhibitions in the metropolis.”

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